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Joolz Buggy Sicherheisbügel Brown carbon

Joolz Aer Buggy safety bar

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Tree for your child

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  Security bonus In the Joolz Aer there is a belt to fasten the child,... more


Security bonus

In the Joolz Aer there is a belt to fasten the child, but an additional safety plus is the Joolz Aer safety bar, which is available in the color-coordinated synthetic leather for every Joolz Aer design. The belly bar can be removed with one hand and can be opened from both sides for easier entry and exit.


Practical bracket

The safety bar does not replace the belt system, but the child has a palm rest and blankets or cuddly toys do not slip out of the seat as quickly. There is also the option of attaching smaller toys, a pacifier chain or the like to the bracket so that the child always has the most important companions at hand.

Delivery colors

The safety bar for the Joolz Aer is available in the same colors with the carbon look as the synthetic leather handles on the push bar.


Black carbon

This safety bar fits the Joolz Aer Designs Refined Black, Absolute Pink, Splendid Blue and Fantastic Red.


Brown carbon

Brown synthetic leather was used for the Delightful Gray and Elegant Blue colors.


Mid brown carbon

This belly bar for the Joolz Aer corresponds to the color concept of Mighty Green and Lovely Taupe.

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