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Have you seen your desired item cheaper from a competitor? Get your personal best price offer now.

What are the conditions of the BEST PRICE offer?

  • The BEST PRICE offer must be applied for before making a purchase request
  • The offer must come from a commercial provider based in Germany
  • Ebay, Amazon and other platform offers are not taken into account
  • The article must be immediately available from the comparison dealer
  • EAN code, manufacturer number, color and model year must be identical
  • The difference to the competitor product must be at least € 2
  • The BEST PRICE offer cannot be combined with other promotional discounts
  • The shipping costs of the competitor are included in the calculation
  • The BEST PRICE offer only applies to products that we have in stock or can still be ordered from the manufacturer
  • The BEST PRICE offer has no effect on other legal rights of the customer

How do you get the BEST PRICE offer?

1. Register at


2. Place all desired items in the shopping cart

3. Request an offer in the shopping cart


4. Fill out the form with link and price and send us the request

What happens after the BEST PRICE request?

After receiving the BEST PRICE request, we will check whether all conditions are met. If everything is ok, we will activate the customized offer and you can find the BEST PRICE offer in your account. Check your billing and delivery address and choose your preferred payment and shipping method.