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Opening hours and directions Camp Flintbek

Dear customer, 

We offer you a special advantage with our large warehouse in Flintbek. In many cases, your desired item is immediately available and you do not have to wait long. You have the opportunity, after consultation and purchase in Store Kiel, the goods in the Abhollager Flintbek directly take. The journey to Flintbek from Kiel takes about 10 minutes. If you currently find no space in the trunk and want a delivery, we will also send the goods for you to your desired address in Germany. Please take into account that a payment and advice in the depot is unfortunately not possible. Our opening times are:

Abhhollager Flintbek 

Monday - Friday 09.00 - 15.00

Arrival depot warehouse 

We provide sufficient parking directly in front of our depot warehouse. Please remember to keep your pickup receipt ready.


 Lager Flintbek