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Joolz Geo 2 stroller set offer 4in1 - Epic Maroon

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Why you should choose the 4 in 1 set offer with the Geo 2 stroller? The Geo 2 is... more

Why you should choose the 4 in 1 set offer with the Geo 2 stroller?


The Geo 2 is a flexible pram with which you are prepared for every adventure that everyday life offers. Its greatest advantage is that, with the appropriate extension, you can also use it as a sibling stroller. Even heavily loaded, with two children and luggage in the lower basket, the Geo 2 is still smooth and easy to push and maneuver.

Thanks to its lockable swivel wheels, it can be easily pushed both in the city and in the country on uneven terrain. The large lower basket offers plenty of space so that everything is always ready to hand and small purchases can also be easily transported. The high position of the seat unit allows you to use the Geo 2 as a high chair replacement in restaurants. 

The Geo 2 can be easily folded up and stowed away with a single movement. Due to its small folding size, it fits in many trunk and can also be found in the hallway.

In the set offer together with a footmuff and the diaper bag you are perfectly prepared for the first time as parents. The footmuff keeps your child nice and warm even on cold days and protects against moisture and wind. In the diaper bag you will find plenty of space for everything that no longer finds space in the lower basket and the daily changing utensils.

This set is a limited offer while stocks last. In addition, this set is only available in the color “Epic Maroon”.

The Geo 2 combi stroller in detail


The Geo 2 impresses above all with its maneuverability and great driving characteristics. All four wheels of the car are individually sprung and in combination with the swiveling front wheels, the Geo 2 achieves a great driving experience. Tight bends are easy to drive around, but the Geo 2 is always safe on the move even on uneven terrain and with locked wheels. The large XL lower basket offers plenty of space for everything you need in everyday life. The Geo 2 can be easily folded up with one smooth movement and stowed away in the trunk. The car can be set up again just as quickly. The transport lock prevents the trolley from opening by itself during transport. 

The large bathtub with the soft and breathable mattress creates a protected space for your child in which they can develop freely and safely. The high backrest of the seat unit also enables the model to be used for a particularly long time. In addition, due to its height, it can also be used as a high chair replacement on vacation and in restaurants. Secured with the 5-point belt system in the seat unit, you can always know that your child is safe.

If your family planning has not yet been completed, the Geo 2 offers you the great option of converting the pram from a mono stroller into a sibling stroller. All you have to do is purchase the appropriate extension set and fix the second tub / seat unit on the frame. Both children sit and lie in the car in an optimal ergonomic position.

With the Geo 2 you acquire a loyal companion in everyday life with which you are optimally prepared for everything the future brings.

Included delivery

In addition to the Geo 2 pram (consisting of the frame, the tub and the seat unit), this set also includes a diaper bag and a footmuff. All parts of the set are color-coordinated. The footmuff always keeps your child cozy and warm on cold days when they are sitting in the seat unit and also protects them from moisture and wind. You can attach the diaper bag to the push handle. In it you will find a lot of space for changing utensils and everything you need in everyday life with your child.


The Joolz Geo 2 combi stroller

The pram included in the set is the Joolz Geo 2. It includes the frame with tub and seat unit.


The footmuff

The set also includes the matching footmuff for use on cold days in the seat unit to go with the stroller.


The diaper bag

The changing bag also included is color-matched to the whole set. It is large and offers additional storage space.

Further information


Dear customers,

Of course, you can also order all the products contained in the set individually from us. To do this, simply search for all products and place them in the shopping cart in the color you have chosen. 

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  • If you do not have the opportunity to come to Kiel for advice, we will of course be happy to advise you by phone or email. You can reach us during the usual opening times on 04307 / 372 90 71.

We look forward to your visit to Kiel and hope you enjoy browsing our homepage.

Your Baby Garage team

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Click here and discover the Geo2 and the matching accessories from Joolz.


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