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Cybex Sensor Safe 4 in 1 safety kit for toddlers

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Tree for your child

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Cybex Sensor Safe 4 in 1 safety kit for toddlers SensorSafe describes a clip that is attached... more

Cybex Sensor Safe 4 in 1 safety kit for toddlers

SensorSafe describes a clip that is attached to the two shoulder straps of the 5-point belt system. This ensures that critical situations can be identified and remedied at an early stage. With the introduction of SensorSafe, CYBEX combines smart technology with smart design and thus ensures that the safety and health of your child always comes first.

The innovative system detects when the child opens the seat belt and slips out of the seat while driving. It also sounds an alarm if it gets too hot or cold in the car or if your child has been sitting in the seat for too long and it is time to change position. The device forwards all information to a smartphone connected via Bluetooth. If desired, emergency contacts can be informed directly about the location of the vehicle.

The required app also provides information about the installation and has other useful information ready for you.

4 functions

  • Alarm function when the child opens the clip or strap
  • Warning function if it gets too cold or too warm in the car
  • Reminder function if the child has been sitting in the car seat for too long
  • Information function that not only informs you, but also other contact persons via the app
  • All warnings and information are sent to the connected smartphone via Bluetooth and received via the user-friendly app.

SensorSafe for more security
The Cybex "SensorSafe 4-in-1 Safety Kit Toddler" fits all Cybex models with 5-point belt systems and is suitable for children in group 0 + / 1 car seats up to approx. 18 kg.

It is a smart way to monitor the child's wellbeing and safety when you are unable to directly supervise the child in the car seat.

Approved for

  • Cybex Sirona Z i-Size
  • Cybex Sirona S i-Size
  • Cybex Sirona M2 i-Size

The "SensorSafe 4-in-1 Safety Kit Infant" is available for the Cloud Z baby seat with the Y-belt system.

In the following video, Cybex shows what the Sensor Safe can do and how it works:

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