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Bugaboo Donkey3Duo Complete Set Minderal Siblings Stroller

Gratis Donkey 3 Erweiterungsset

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The versatile Sibling Stroller The Bugaboo Donkey3 in the duo configuration can be converted... more

The versatile Sibling Stroller

The Bugaboo Donkey3 in the duo configuration can be converted to the twin buggy Twin with an extension or you can replace the second seat with the side basket and build back to the mono version. The Duo stroller can be adapted to any family situation with a few simple steps. You can travel with the Donkey3 Duo and the whole family; a third child can stand or sit on the additional carrycot and the luggage for travelling or shopping can be stored in the undercarriage shelf, which can be loaded up to 10 kg. The Donkey3 seat units are suitable for children up to 22 kg and can be placed facing the pushchair or facing the direction of travel. The seated child can thus, for example, better observe the lying child or communicate with him/her. Contrary to the direction of travel, you can observe your child through the Peek-a-boo viewing and ventilation window and allow better air circulation through this mesh window on sunny days. In wind and rain, pull the rain covers over the canopies and the seat/cot frame individually.

The fabrics are hard-wearing, water-repellent and machine washable and the sun canopy has a UV protection of 50+. The driving experience for your children is enhanced by the ergonomic and upholstered covers of the seats and sunbeds. The driving experience for you is enhanced by the non-flattable, foam-filled wheels (EVA foam) and the easy manoeuvrability over uneven paths and even in tight spaces. The Donkey3 Duo can be pushed and steered with one hand even when fully loaded. The push bar is height adjustable and adapts to every pushing person. If your path leads you over sand, snow or similar, then pull the Donkey3 behind you in the two-wheel position. If you don't need the stroller but want to put it away within easy reach, fold it in one part to an independent standing position. When transporting in a car or the Bugaboo Comfort Carrycot we recommend that you at least remove the seat/cot unit before folding it up and, if necessary, the wheels if you want to stow Donkey3 even more compactly.

By the way, you can also fold up the frame to Mono width. The functions and advantages of the Donkey2 have been adopted and improved. Mobile phone, house keys or other flat objects can now be stored in one of the outer pockets on the cot and a rotating carrying handle is no longer limited to the Fox or Cameleon. Although the side basket can only be used in the mono version, it can be extended upwards and closed opaquely with a zipper. The clear lines in style and design support the fresh look of the Donkey3. For the Mineral-Linieder Refined collection ("styled by bugaboo") Bugaboo has been inspired by colours of nature and presents these colour combinations in combination with a black frame.

Product features

  • rotating carrying handle
  • height-adjustable handlebar
  • one-handed pushing and steering
  • for children from birth to approx. 3 years or 22 kg
  • in one part foldable into independent standing position
  • can be folded compactly in several parts
  • cot has storage pockets for small, flat objects
  • underframe shelf (30 l / 10 kg)
  • design elements are interchangeable (seat/bath covers/sunroof/grips/wheel caps)
  • cot, seat and sunroof covers are machine washable
  • sun canopy, seat and sunbed 100% polyester
  • expandable sunroof with Peek-a-boo viewing and ventilation window
  • sun canopy cover has a UV protection factor of 50+
  • optional Bugaboo accessories (ride along board, adapter for group 0 car seat, ...)
  • foldable in every width (no matter if mono or duo/twin)
  • side basket (10 kg) that can be extended to the top and closed with a zipper, can be used in mono configuration
  • 2-wheel position (beach mode)
  • wheels with puncture-proof EVA foam
  • also fits through standard doors when pulled out (in Duo/Twin configuration)
  • adapts to the family situation: travelling as a mono with one child or as a duo/twin with several children
  • each seat and each couchette can be used in or against the direction of travel
  • seat/ cot frame can be removed with one hand (memory buttons)
  • backrest adjustable with one hand

Size and weights

  • load capacity per seat: up to 22 kg
  • side luggage bag: 10 kg
  • underframe shelf: 30 litres / 10 kg
  • width (Duo/Twin): 74 cm
  • width of seat: 27 cm
  • folded in one piece (Duo/Twin): 67 x 74 x 87 cm
  • compact folded: 89 x 60 x 35 cm
  • length (rear wheel to head end frame): 75 cm
  • maximum height (top edge of hood): 108 cm
  • push bar height: 84 - 104 cm
  • seat height: 54 cm
  • bath bottom height: 47 cm
  • frame height (horizontal): 70 cm
  • front wheel: 10 inch
  • rear wheel: 12 inch
  • weight Duo/Twin: 15,9 kg

after reduction to mono

  • folded in one piece (mono): 67 x 60 x 87 cm
  • Weight mono: 13,9 kg
  • width mono: 60 cm

Scope of delivery

For logistical reasons, individual boxes can be repackaged for shipping.

  • Mono Complete Mineral / Box 1: Frame with push handle and carrying handle, wheels, seat frame, sun canopy struts, sun canopy clamps, rain cover, seat cover with comfort safety belt system, cot struts, cot base, cot cover with mattress, wind cover, sun canopy cover, side luggage basket and underframe storage
  • Complete Mineral / Box 2 extension set: seat/cot frame, complete seat cover, carrying handle, sunroof braces, sunroof clamps,

Colour variants

In the Mineral line of the Refined collection the frames are always black, with matt black hubcaps and black handles. The underframe shelf is colour-coordinated with the fabric parts.

  • Seats taupe / tub, sun canopies taupe with blue-grey lining
  • Seats faded black / tub, sun canopies faded black with grey lining

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Gratis Donkey 3 Erweiterungsset
Gratis Donkey 3 Erweiterungsset
Bugaboo Donkey 3 Geschwister Setangebot
Bugaboo Donkey 3 Twin Setangebote
Bugaboo Donkey 3 Twin Setangebote
Bugaboo Donkey 3 Twin Setangebote
Bugaboo Donkey 3 Geschwister Setangebot
Gratis Donkey 3 Erweiterungsset
Gratis Donkey 3 Erweiterungsset
Bugaboo Donkey 3 Geschwister Setangebot
Gratis Donkey 3 Erweiterungsset
Gratis Donkey 3 Erweiterungsset
Gratis Donkey 3 Erweiterungsset
Free Donkey 3 extension set
Free Donkey 3 extension set
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