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Bugaboo Donkey3 Twin stroller set offer 8 in 1

Bugaboo Donkey 3 Twin Setangebote

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  Why buy the Bugaboo Donkey 3 in a set? The Bugaboo Donkey 3 Twin... more


Why buy the Bugaboo Donkey 3 in a set?

The Bugaboo Donkey 3 Twin 8-in-1 set includes everything you need for a relaxed start to your life as a twin parent. You get everything you need for travel, walks, excursions or just for everyday life with your children.

With the Donkey 3 Twin from Bugaboo, you choose a twin car that will not let you down, both in the city and off-road. The tubs, which can later be converted into the ergonomic seating units, offer your children sufficient protection, above all thanks to the XXL sunroof, which enables contact and air circulation through the new Peek-a-Boo viewing and ventilation window including mosquito net.

The Donkey 3 Twin is the flagship among the twin cars. Extra narrow and agile, so that nothing stands in your way in the city and when shopping. But even off-road, the Donkey 3 is a real performer and cannot be stopped.

Of course, the Donkey 3 Twin can also be used in the mono version. Simply attach the additional side pocket instead of the second tub or seat unit.

You will also receive two Bugaboo footmuffs, the diaper bag and a cup holder to match the model. Three really important accessories that make everyday life easier with two children. The footmuff keeps your children warm and protects them from the weather. Everything about the baby can be stowed in the diaper bag and you have everything at hand for a short break or for changing. The cup holder is also a must-have and offers enough space for your coffee to-go or the bottle.

The set also includes the Cybex Aton 5 baby car seats including the matching stroller adapter. With this bowl you get a test winner that is not only light in weight but also easy to handle. With the appropriate adapters, you have the option of simply attaching the shells to your Bugaboo Donkey 3 stroller.



This 8 in 1 set includes two Cybex Aton 5 baby seats, a Donkey Adapter Twin, two Bugaboo footmuffs, a Bugaboo changing bag and a Bugaboo cup holder.

The scope of delivery of the Donkey3 Twin includes everything you need to set it up for use with two siblings of the same age: a Donkey3 frame, a complete set of wheels, an underlay rack, a side luggage bag, two carrying / belly bars, two tub / seat frames, two sunroofs with Peekaboo window, two seat covers with belt system, two bathtub covers with wind cover, two rain covers. The assembly elements included in the scope of delivery, such as the struts for the cradle unit, the tub bottoms or the convertible top struts and clamps, must be installed yourself, others, such as the fastening clips for the underframe shelf or the front wheel forks, are already pre-assembled.


Bugaboo Donkey3 twin stroller

The practical companion for your twins


2 Cybex Aton 5 auto seat

Best safety for your child in a double pack


Twin adapter for baby seats

To always switch flexibly


2 Bugaboo footmuffs

Optimally equipped for cold days


Bugaboo 1 changing bag

Always have everything ready for changing


Cup holder for stroller

Coffee or soda always at hand

Individual complet

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Delivery colors according to the manufacturer

  Alu- Grau Meliert- Rot Schwarz- Schwarz- Schwarz Alu- Grau Meliert- Grau Meliert
   Twin frame Twin cot, seat Sun cap  Twin frame Twin cot, seat Sun cap  Twin frame Twin cot, seat Sun cap
Donkey3 mono stroller in a complete set Alu Grey melange Rot Black Black Black Alu Grey melange Grey melange
Complete seat set with extension Alu Grey melange Rot Black Black Black Alu Grey melange Grey melange
Complete cot cover - Grey melange - - Black - - Grey melange -
2 Aton 5 auto baby seat Soho Grey Deep Black Soho Grey
Twin Donkey 3 stroller adapter Black Black Black
2  x footmuff Grey melange Black Grey melange
Changing bag Bugaboo Grey melange Black Grey melange
Matching cup holder Black Black Black

The Bugaboo Donkey 3 Twin stroller in detail

The Bugaboo Donkey 3 Twin is the successor of the Donkey 2. It has a lot of new features to offer and convinces us as an all-rounder in town and country.

You get the Donkey 3 Twin with frame and the two tubs, which will later be converted to the seat units. If your family planning has not yet been completed, you can later reduce the size of the twin to the mono version. For this you simply need the retrofittable side pocket, which you attach instead of the second tub / seat unit.

With its large wheels and central and all-wheel suspension, you are safe and easy on any terrain. You can also use the lockable swivel wheels in the city and in tight bends, such as in supermarkets. It is also worth noting that the Donkey 3 Twin, despite its width, fits through every standard door, so nothing can stop you in everyday life.

The XXL sunroof with the new Peek-a-Boo viewing and ventilation window protects your children from the sun and strong weather, and at the same time enables eye contact. The window also ensures optimal air circulation. The soft top is available in many beautiful colors and can be reordered at any time if you choose a different color or are tired of your color. 

Many small, well-designed details make the Donkey 3 Twin a high-end twin car. The pockets for the keys or the mobile phone hidden on the tubs, the new rotating carrying handle, which makes lifting in and out of the tub easier, and the height-adjustable leather push handle are really practical. The modern, clear design of the Donkey 3 is also a real eye-catcher.


Donkey3  Twin

At just 74 cm wide, it fits through any door


Donkey 3 twin stroller sun canopy

Extendable with Peek-a Boo window and ventilation option


Compact folding mechanism


One-step brake Donkey3 Twin

For easy storage and transportation


Telescopic push handle

Customizable to your size


2 seating positions optimal

In the direction of travel or in the opposite direction


Ergonomics of the seat

Drive not only comfortably but also healthily


Rotatable handle

Take your child out quickly and easily

The Cybex Aton 5 baby car seat in detail

With the Cybex Aton 5 baby car seats you acquire the perfect travel companion for on the go. The belted shell can be used in the car with or without a base (Cybex Aton Base 2). The belt guide integrated in the height-adjustable headrest, in combination with the energy-absorbing shell and the linear side impact protection, aims to give your children maximum protection.

The flat adjustable reclining angle, which prevents compression of the neck spine, is particularly practical. It also minimizes the tilting of the head forward and thus the risk of suffocation. The XXL convertible sunroof provides extra protection against the sun and the weather.

The bowl can be used from birth with the newborn insert included in the price up to approx. 18 months (approx. 13 kg).


Removable child's insert

If the child grows up, there is still space


Inserted XXL convertible sunroof

So it is optimally protected even on hot days


Baby car seat is energy absorbing

Excellent protection in the event of an impact


Linear side impact protection

Protected and protected in the event of an impact

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