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Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus Complete Set stroller

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  Why should I choose the Cameleon 3 Plus? The Cameleon is the... more


Why should I choose the Cameleon 3 Plus?


The Cameleon is the “classic Bugaboo stroller”. With the Cameleon models, Bugaboo has created and continuously developed a convertible and very flexible pushchair. The result is the Cameleon 3 Plus, which is basically a city stroller, but can also be converted for off-road driving in a few simple steps. There are two ways to do this: either move the push handle to the other side, lock the front wheels and the large rear wheels have become all-terrain front wheels, or move the stroller into the two-wheel position and pull it behind you. The Cameleon 3 Plus is a stroller that can be used from birth up to approx. 3 years and is light, manoeuvrable and compact. Thanks to the improved access options, the large lower basket with a capacity of 22 liters can also be optimally used. The seat can be used in both directions and can be moved from a sitting to a lying position. With the swiveling handlebar, the direction of travel can also be changed at any time and if you don't need the pram, the frame can be folded up very flat and the seat or bed unit can be used standing individually.

General information about the Cameleon 3 Plus


Bugaboo has been offering the Cameleon since 2005. Thanks to its versatility, the functional and proven design and the continuous improvements up to the current Cameleon 3 Plus, this stroller is timeless and a Bugaboo classic. The latest improvements are the one-sided detachable and rotating handle and the improved accessibility to the underframe shelf. At 9.6 kg, this Cameleon is one of the lightest multi-purpose strollers that can be quickly disassembled into two parts and carried or stowed in the car or apartment to save space. The seat unit has a 5-point safety belt so that the child can sit or lie down safely. The belly bar is also a carrying handle for the seat / bath unit and can be replaced by the Bugaboo Tray, a drink and food holder for the child. In the Cameleon 3 Plus, the child can be pushed safely from birth up to around three years and can participate in all family activities. With the right adapter, you can also put numerous baby seats directly from the car on the stroller. The design of the Cameleon is timeless and classic. For over 15 years, the car has been built from high-quality materials and machine-washable fabrics, which are subject to strict and constant safety and quality checks at Bugaboo, so that the next sibling can still enjoy the same Cameleon. One feature of the Cameleon range has not changed in the latest model: the handbrake. The brake lever is located on the side of the frame and can be easily operated by hand. With the Cameleon 3 Plus you have a stroller that fits into any everyday situation, be it by repositioning the child to change the direction of view of the child or by repositioning the push handle to cross bumpy cobblestones. The Cameleon makes everyday life easier and offers comfort for the child, e.g. by suspension and breathable cover fabrics, and the pushers, e.g. thanks to the height-adjustable push handle.

Product features


The Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus has a rotating handle. This is completely movable and allows the handle to be opened with one hand and turned to the side so that you have the other hand free for the child, for example. Like the push handle, the handle has a black leather-look cover. The undercarriage shelf has been redesigned and access to everything you want to store in it is now easier than on the previous model. The handlebar can be folded down so that you can drive on different surfaces - on the terrain it is best to push the large wheels in front or you pull the Cameleon 3 Plus behind you in two-wheel mode. Thanks to the small, movable but lockable front wheels, the stroller is manoeuvrable and easy to control, even with just one hand. The suspension of the swivel wheels can be adjusted to the increasing weight of the child. The pram can be folded up compactly in two parts and fits into almost every car. Simply remove and fold the seat or bathtub and fold up the frame - it becomes even flatter if you also remove the wheels. The ergonomic seat unit can be placed in any direction of travel and adjusted to different sitting and lying positions. The telescopic push handle can be quickly and individually adjusted to the required pushing height. All fabrics are breathable and therefore comfortable for the sitting or lying child and also water-repellent, durable and easy to care for thanks to their machine washability. The large, expandable XXL sun canopy has a UV 50+ protection factor and a practical Peek-a-Boo window, through which you can not only observe the child, but also allow optimal air circulation on hot days.

The Cameleon 3 Plus in everyday life

The Cameleon 3 Plus can be easily integrated into everyday family life. Folding it up and putting it back together is quick and easy. When folded in two parts, the Cameleon 3 Plus does not take up much space in the car. The bathtub can be folded up in a few simple steps and then takes up just as much space as the seat. The frame itself is folded so flat that it can be placed behind a door or hung on the cloakroom. The seat and bassinet frame can be placed in both directions of travel. As long as you are using the bed unit, you usually want to be able to look at the child. Depending on the wishes of the child or the parents, the seat unit can be used facing forward or towards the person pushing. The ergonomic seat can be adjusted from sitting to lying in three positions in every direction of view. When walking, it can happen that the path becomes more impassable and bumpy. You can now move the push handle to the side of the small front wheels so that the large rear wheels become off-road front wheels. If the small wheels are also found, the journey can continue over meadows or cobblestones. If the child is already sitting in the seat unit, we recommend the two-wheeler mode on the beach, in the snow or on any other loose surface, with which you can simply pull the Cameleon 3 Plus behind you. With the appropriate additional adapter, many car seats can be placed on the stroller if the way from the parking lot to home or to the doctor is too far to carry the baby seat. The brakes can easily be adjusted by hand and the suspension of the front wheels can be adjusted gradually harder depending on the weight of the child or the driving experience of the adult. The push handle can also be adjusted to the appropriate height for the person pushing it and, if necessary, the Cameleon 3 Plus can also be maneuvered with just one hand. The rotating handle can also be operated with one hand so that the other hand is free for the child.

The functions of the Cameleon in detail

The video clips were created for the Cameleon 3. However, the functions of the Cameleon 3 Plus have remained the same, the fabric design and the lower basket (omitted from the functional explanations in the Bugaboo videos) have changed.

Folding the carrycot

The carrycot can also be folded up to save space and compact.

Brake and suspension

One-handed operation of the brakes and changing the suspension on the front wheels.

Fold up and set up

The Cameleon 3 can be folded up in two parts and used again in just a few simple steps.

Two wheel mode

The Cameleon 3 is easy to pull on uneven paths and off-road on two wheels.

Height adjustment, belt and rotating handle

The height of the push handle and the position of the shoulder straps can be adjusted individually.

Seating positions

The seat can be put on in both directions and adjusted to 3 sitting / lying positions.

Adapter for baby seats

With an additional adapter, baby car seats can also be placed on the Cameleon 3.

Terrain position

Suitable for off-road use with the handlebar over the fixed front wheels and the large front wheels.

Delivery colors Bugaboo Cameleon 3 

PlusThe Cameleon 3 Plus with the aluminum-colored frame and the fabric colors black-black and gray-mottled-gray mottled is running out and can no longer be reordered if our inventory runs out. The aluminum combinations aluminum / black-black and aluminum / gray mottled-gray mottled correspond to the respective version with the black frame - the only difference in the design is the frame color.In the 2021 model year, the Cameleon 3 Plus will only be available with the stylish black frame with white functional elements. The most popular fabric colors from Bugaboo are combined. Since the Cameleon 3 Plus is delivered as a complete package, no color changes are possible, but tops of different colors can be purchased individually, for example. The design selection of the fabric parts remains in the classic Cameleon style: all in black, elegant gray or the sportier-looking combinations black-red or black-white. 

  Schwarz / Schwarz - Rot Schwarz / Schwarz - Reinweiß Alu / Schwarz - Schwarz Alu / Grau Meliert - Grau Meliert
Schwarz / Schwarz - Schwarz Schwarz/ Grau Meliert - Grau Meliert
Frame Black Black Aluminum colored Aluminum colored Black Black
Seat / carrycot frame Black Black Aluminum colored Aluminum colored Black  Black
Cover seat Black Black Black Grey melange  Black Grey melange 
Cover carrycot Black Black Black Grey melange Black Grey melange
Cover sun canopy Red Fresh white Black Grey melange Black Grey melange

Scope of delivery and technical data Cameleon 3 Plus

  • Width of Cameleon 3 Plus assembled: 59 cm
  • Weight Cameleon 3 Plus with seat: 9.6 kg
  • Weight frame and wheels only: 6.7 kg
  • Folded in two parts and compactly folded: 90 x 59 x 31 cm
  • Handlebar height: up to 140 cm
  • Front wheels: 6 inches / diameter 15 cm
  • Rear wheels: 12 inches / diameter 30 cm
  • Carrycot load: up to 9 kg
  • Load seat unit: up to 17 kg
  • Load carrying handle: max. 9 kg
  • Underframe shelf: 22 l / 4 kg
  • All covers are machine washable
  • Seat cover: 100% polyester & polyamide (on the front / back)
  • Carrycot cover: 100% polyester
  • Canopy: 100% canvas
  • The Cameleon 3 Plus complete set contains the entire stroller: frame with wheels, seat / bassinet frame, seat cover (including belt system), bassinet cover with wind cover (including mattress), carrying handle, sun canopy (including canopy struts and canopy clips), rain cover, underframe shelf.

Bugaboo and the Cameleon 3 Plus

The Cameleon has been an integral part of the Bugaboo range for over 10 years. With pneumatic tires, later with foam-filled rubber tires and other improvements - but always with functionality, safety and design in mind. Bugaboo attaches great importance to the best driving characteristics in all of its stroller models. These vary from the city-suitable Bee to the all-terrain Fox and are always adapted to the respective stroller and its usage radius in order to always enable a smooth, smooth ride. The Cameleon models are a good example of the sustainability and longevity of Bugaboo products. With its high-quality materials and various spare parts, a Bugaboo stroller can also be used for a second, third, ... child. The Bugaboo design adapts to everyday life and combines form and function. There is something suitable for every family situation among the different stroller models from Bugaboo. Be it the Ant for families who love to travel or the Fox for adventurous families who like to go off-road or the Cameleon for city dwellers who like to go on excursions into the countryside. Numerous accessories such as the high performance footmuff, the Turtle baby seat or other useful accessories round off the Bugaboo range and can make everyday family life much easier.

Accessories for the Cameleon 3 Plus

The same accessories are available for the Cameleon 3 Plus as for the other strollers. Most of the accessories are universally adapted to all Bugaboo models. Especially for the Cameleon and Fox models there is a version of the sun canopy with ventilation window and a high-performance rain cover that can be used instead of the rain cover included in the scope of delivery. There are various adapters for the Cameleon 3 Plus, both for baby seats from different manufacturers and for attaching the comfort wheelchair. The mosquito net, the parasol, the various seat covers (normal or breezy) and footmuffs are useful universal accessories from Bugaboo for the different seasons. Various diaper bag variants, the cup holder, the snack tray, the comfort transport bag, the Turtle Air by Nuna baby seat or the smartphone holder are useful everyday helpers.


Bugaboo sun canopy with ventilation windows

A sun canopy that protects against UV rays and allows good air circulation.


Bugaboo High Performance Footmuff Plus

Protected against wind and weather, with an extra down comforter for particularly cold days.


Bugaboo Breezy seat cover

Breathable and comfortable for the child and a color accent for the Cameleon 3 Plus.


Bugaboo cup holder

For the coffee to go, the small mineral water bottle or the little bottle for the child.


Bugaboo changing bag

Everything you need for nappy changing on the go has its place here.


Bugaboo comfort transport bag

The complete Cameleon 3 Plus can be stored in this transport bag.


Bugaboo comfort wheeled board 

For siblings up to 20kg who want to be pushed along.


Bugaboo adapter for baby seat

With the adapter, the Cameleon 3 Plus becomes a travel system.

About the Baby Garage


Dear customers,

We have presented an overview of the advantages and benefits of the Cameleon 3 Plus here. Now we would like to provide you with some information about us.

  • We are a specialist shop and online shop in Kiel and are happy to answer any further questions and information you may have. The easiest thing is when you come to the store and have a look at the Cameleon - or other models - and let us advise you so that we can find the right stroller for you. But if you can't come by, write to us at [email protected] by email or call us at 04307 / 372907 during the opening times.
  • We also have a workshop in our shop so that we can solve the small problems immediately. Since we are a Bugaboo Service Center, we mainly have for the older Cameleon models there are many spare parts in stock and can also make older models usable again. Call us and, if necessary, arrange a repair appointment. If the repair time is longer, we can also provide a rental stroller.
  • The advantages of buying online are e.g. the discount for bank transfers or free shipping within Germany from a value of 50 euros. In the case of a shop purchase, we can advise you in detail and individually beforehand and you also have the option of pushing the stroller yourself or packing it into the car for a test.

Regardless of whether you decide to visit our specialist shop in Kiel or want to continue browsing our shop pages, we hope you enjoy it!

Your Baby Garage team

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