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Besafe iZi Turn i-Size

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Tree for your child

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The BeSafe iZi Turn i-Size is a swivel child car seat equipped with 2 safety layers:... more

The BeSafe iZi Turn i-Size is a swivel child car seat equipped with 2 safety layers:

  • built-in side impact protection (SIP) in the seat shell
  • Additional Side Impact Protection (SIP +), which additionally accommodates up to 20% of the crumples and is attached to the side of the seat facing the car

The iZi Turn i-Size is approved according to the latest safety standard UN R129 (i-Size) and allows children up to the age of about 4 years to ride 5 times more safely backwards. It also offers maximum flexibility and, if desired, allows for forward-looking use from 88 cm to 15 months.


The easy-to-use design of the BeSafe iZi Turn i-Size enables stress-free travel.

  • The comfortable and easy to use in any position of rest 360 °. Rotary function makes it possible to rotate the seat to get in and out of the car. Even buckling is child's play.
  • The headrests and shoulder straps are adjustable and can be adjusted to the child with just one touch.
  • BeSafe's Magnetic Belt Assistants & trade; Keep the straps aside when getting in and out.
  • Visual and audible indicators provide instant feedback during installation, helping to install the child seat correctly and step by step in the vehicle.
  • For added convenience, the rest positions can also be adjusted after installation.


  • The BeSafe iZi Turn i-Size is equipped with a special built-in method: the Universal Level Technology ™. This is a special design of the base and the child seat, which always allows a horizontal installation in the car - regardless of the inclination of the car seat. This provides an effective solution to the widespread problem of a too upright sitting position of the child in rear-facing child seats on steep vehicle seats.
  • The iZi Turn i-Size is equipped with the BeSafe Two-Fit Cushions ™ to optimally adapt the fit of the seat to the respective child's body structure. Consisting of two separate parts, the two cushions can be taken separately from the seat to optimally adapt the seating position and belt to the growing child.
  • To grow with the child, the Heads in 10 levels can easily be adjusted with just one touch, and by removing the Two-Fit Cushions & trade; wins the iZi Turn i-Size with.
  • The 4 rest positions can also be adjusted after installation and can be retained while turning.
  • An open structure as a lighting system in the back area is pleasant on hot days.


  • Approved for: UN R129 (i-Size)
  • Size of the child: rg: 61 - 105 cm, total 88-105 cm Max.
  • Weight: 18 kg
  • Age: about 6 months - 4 years
  • Driving direction: Reverse or Forward facing
  • Installation: ISOfix
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