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TFK Schlauch 16" Schwalbe für Joggster Trail

TFK Spare Part Tube 16" Schwalbe Joggster Sport

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  • 004.004.305
  • J18-3-160-Sch
  • Carbo Schwarz

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TFK Spare Part Tube 16" Schwalbe Joggster Sport This 16 inch inner tube is a spare part... more

TFK Spare Part Tube 16" Schwalbe Joggster Sport

This 16 inch inner tube is a spare part from TFK and Schwalbe with bent/angled valve.

Manufacturer's information: 16 inch inner tube - Schwalbe AV3 (47/62-305) "16

In general, this 16 inch tube also fits other pneumatic tyre wheels with a 16 inch rim.

Manufacturer's assembly note: To change the inner tube on a rear wheel, it is best to remove the wheel from the frame first. To do this, unhook the small axle brake cable on the rear axle. (Push the black plastic hook towards the centre of the axle and then pull it upwards). Then press the centre of the wheel from the outside (large round button) and pull the entire wheel at the same time. To change the tube on the front wheel, loosen the quick-release. The best way to lever the tyre off the rim is to use a plastic lever/tyre lever (available separately). Please do not use a screwdriver, knife or similar objects, as this could scratch the rim or damage the inner tube and tyre. It is sufficient to lever down only one side of the casing. Then you can pull out the old tube. The easiest way to do this is to inflate the new inner tube very slightly and insert it again. Then press the casing back onto the rim and reinsert the wheel. Make sure the brake pad is back in the guide.

Compatible with

Joggster Sport

Joggster Sport 2

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