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TFK mono combi set offer 7 in 1 (air wheel)

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Tree for your child

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  Why is the 7 in 1 set offer with the air wheels recommended? The... more


Why is the 7 in 1 set offer with the air wheels recommended?


The TFK Mono is a stroller for an enterprising, sporty and active family. But also a reliable companion for everyday life in the first years of your baby's life. With the 7 in 1 set you have everything you need for walks, excursions or jogging. The TFK Mono consists of a combination unit, which is first used as a carrycot and then converted step by step into a seat unit when the child grows up. With the infant carrier adapter and the Aton5, the TFK Mono has been a travel system from the start. The footmuff is needed in winter so that it is always pleasantly warm for the child when walking. In spring, summer and autumn, depending on the weather, the footmuff can also be used without the fleece or only as a seat cover. The rain and sun protection also protects the wet and hot days so that the TFK Mono does not stand in the way of a shopping spree, a walk, an excursion or a jogging tour in any weather. The set is rounded off with the cup holder. Not only can small items such as pacifiers or cell phones be stored within easy reach, there is also space for drinks for young and old. The pneumatic tire with jacket and tube is particularly pleasant for sporty use and off-road, as it supports the already very good suspension of the TFK Mono particularly well at higher speeds or on uneven roads. The tire pressure can be set individually within a certain range.



For newborns

Babies sleep safely and comfortably in the spacious carrycot.


For sedentary children

Piece by piece, the cyrrycot becomes a seating unit for children up to approx. 36 months.


Cybex Aton 5

The simple, but fine and safe baby seat from Cybex for safe car journeys.


TFK adapter

With the right adapter and a baby seat, the TFK quickly becomes a travel system.


TFK universal footmuff

The child always sits dry and comfortable in the footmuff with removable fleece.


TFK Cup holder

The practical cup holder with space for 2 cups or small bottles and small items.


Mono - rain protection

A walk is also possible with the rain cover, in rain, wind and weather.


Mono - sun protection

The child can look out through the sun's net, 60% of the UV radiation is reflected.

Individual complet set

We have combined common colors for you with our set offers. If you want a different color scheme, that's no problem. Please create a customer account and add the desired individual products to the shopping cart. You can then request an offer using this combination. Please let us know which set you are referring to when preparing your offer. Please note that the price can also be adjusted by different products.

Delivery colors according to the manufacturer

All TFK strollers have a dark gray, anthracite matt glossy frame with black wheels and gray functional parts. The adapter and the cup holder are always in black. The rain protection is transparent and the sun protection is silvery. The details of the patterns and colors (e.g. decorative seams) cannot always be clearly shown on the pictures. Please write to [email protected] if you have any questions about the color and pattern.

  Schwarz Grau Marine Olive Premium Anthrazit Premium Grau
TFK mono fabric color  Black Grey Blue Olive  Mottled anthracite Grey melange
Aton 5 fabric color Deep Black Soho grey Navy Blue Granit black Granit black Soho Grey
TFK Fleece footmuff  Black Grey Blue Olive  Mottled anthracite Grey melange

The TFK Mono with air wheels


The TFK Mono combi stroller is the further development of the trail and adventure models. It combines the best advantages of its predecessors and is the result of decades of development and experience. TFK has created an innovative pram in the proven TFK tradition and quality. TÜV test and certified materials are just as much a matter of course as the functionality and long service life. The TFK Mono can be used from birth to approx. 3 years and, if necessary, can be upgraded with an even larger seating unit for an additional 2-3 years. Right from the start, the child lies and sits in a combination unit, which is only used as a large, spacious carrycot with a comfort mattress and which can then be gradually converted into a seat unit. First you just tilt the backrest so that the child lying down can see a little more of the world and when they can sit, the sitting position is added and later an extended footrest so that even the larger children can sit comfortably. The pneumatic wheel tires made of jacket and tube  can be individually adjusted in terms of air pressure and supports the suspension especially on bumpy and uneven paths. Please note that although Schwalbe coats are shown, we have no influence on whether Schwalbe coats or Hota coats or coats from other manufacturers are actually used. With the seating position, the TFK Mono has been tested and approved for sporting use. The pneumatic wheels make pushing or jogging, as well as sitting or lying in them, a pleasant driving experience. Everything you need for the first 36 months is included in the TFK Mono combi stroller with pneumatic tires.


The TFK Mono has a height-adjustable handle that can be adjusted with the articulated joint to any pushchair, even to the little ones, if you want to push the TFK yourself. A fold-out sun visor is incorporated in the hood and a UV net that can be uncovered, which ensures sun protection and good ventilation. The fabrics of the TFK Mono also have UV protection 50+ and are easy to clean and dirt and water repellent. The combi unit has a large and ergonomic seating and lying surface with a removable belt system, so that space can be made for the mattress in the first few months. The fold-out footrest is simply clicked into the foot area when the child's legs get longer. With the steplessly adjustable backrest and the leg rest, you can set an almost flat lying position, even if the larger children still want to sleep in the combi unit. The frame of the TFK Mono is a light but resistant aluminum frame, which makes the stroller an all-rounder for every terrain. The disc brake is conveniently operated using a handbrake with a locking function on the push handle. Side pockets and a large lower basket offer plenty of storage space for everything you need for a walk or a trip, or for what you want to shop or collect the child on the go. At night or when visibility is poor, the TFK Mono is easier to see thanks to the reflective bands that are incorporated on the soft top and lower basket. The exact dimensions and weights of the TFK Mono can be found under “TFK Mono combi stroller with air wheel set”.

How does the TFK Mono work

This video shows the special features of the TFK Mono with air chamber wheels. The features are the same on both models, regardless of which wheels the TFK Mono has. The only difference between the two models is the tires.

In this video everything to assemble and use is explained using the example of a TFK Mono with air chamber wheels. The only difference to the TFK Mono with pneumatic wheels is that they may have to be inflated, which is not shown in the video.

The TFK accessories in detail


Numerous useful TFK accessories are offered in this set. Starting with the universal footmuff with removable fleece. This footmuff warms in winter, has a water-repellent surface and a cozy, soft fleece on the inside. When it gets warmer, the footmuff without the fleece offers a comfortable ride for the child and in summer you can use the footmuff as a seat pad without the top cover. The footmuff warms on cold days. On wet and windy days, the rain cover protects the child in the bath or seat, because the rain cover can be pulled completely over the combi unit and it stays dry and comfortable underneath. Sun protection, on the other hand, protects the child, regardless of whether they are sitting or lying against UVA and UVB rays, which are 60% reflected by the air-permeable silver network structure. With the adapter for Maxi Cosi and TFK Mono strollers, the Aton5 can be easily placed on the frame. Other baby car seats also fit here, but these are not part of the set offer. For the small thirst in between, the wide cup holder is helpful. It has two recesses for mugs or small bottles, i.e. space for the bottle for the child and the water bottle or coffee mug for the adult, and a zipped compartment for smaller parts such as pacifiers, keys, telephone, handkerchiefs - for everything you want to have at hand. The accessories are all original from TFK and fit perfectly with the TFK Mono.

Details of the baby seat Cybex Aton5

With the Aton5 baby car seat from Cybex, the baby can travel safely in the car from birth to approx. 18 months or 13 kg. This baby seat is a simple, but safe and high quality car seat for the youngest, which is also confirmed and emphasized by consumer tests by ADAC and Stiftung Warentest. The design of the Aton5 differs from the other Group 0 seats from Cybex because it is rather simple and simple. Everything necessary for the comfort and safety of the baby is integrated in the design. When the headrest is adjusted, the padded newborn insert becomes a seat insert for growing babies. The belt system with the Y-belts is coupled to the 8-way adjustable headrest, so the seat cover and the correct height of the shoulder straps always grow with the child. If the upper body grows faster than the legs or if the highest headrest position is reached, then the child can be given more space by removing the styrofoam insert under the seat cover. The baby slides deeper into the shell and has more space in the back area. The Aton5 also has everything that distinguishes it in terms of safety. The L.S.P. system (linear side protection) and the energy-absorbing shell absorb the forces from (side) rear-end collisions, reduce them by up to 25% and guide them away from the child. The cover is removable and washable. The extra large sun canopy protects the child from sun rays with a sun protection factor of 50+ and also from prying eyes or external stimuli when they want to sleep. The Aton5 can be strapped in with the 3-point belt in the car or clicked onto a base station (Base 2 or Base 2-fix) installed in the car.



Extra seat insert under the cover

The removable seat insert (white polystyrene insert) under the fabric cover enables the child to slide deeper into the shell and use the Aton5 up to 18 months and 13 kg.


Telescopic side impact protection

If you open the protector of the linear side impact protection system (L.S.P. system) towards the car door, the forces of a side impact can be weakened and deflected.


Energy absorbing plastic shell

The material of the Aton5 outer shell is energy absorbing and together with the L.S.P. System the forces of a rear-end collision to distract them from the child.


Large convertible roof

The large sunroof can be adjusted in four stages and offers both UV protection (SPF 50+) and shade, as well as protection against external stimuli or outside glances.

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