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Nuna ARRA Next baby seat

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Nuna ARRA Next - the new generation of infant car seats The Nuna ARRA infant car... more

Nuna ARRA Next - the new generation of infant car seats


The Nuna ARRA infant car seat is ringing in a new generation. Its innovative functions and features make this car seat really special. It is i-Size-certified. For the i-Size-standardisation the car seat has to pass not only the frontal impact test but also the lateral impact test. Also the ARRA Next allows you to travel comfortably. Previous infant car sets allow baby to lay in a recline position but not in the car. This changes with the Nuna ARRA Next. With this car seat your baby can lie comfortably in a recline position even during long car journeys. In conventional infant car seats the baby’s spine is forced to be arched. That way the whole weight of baby weighs on its back which is not fully developed yet. That can lead to damage to the spine. You can get around this problem by using the recline position of the Nuna ARRA Next.

Compatibility with the BASE Next


The Nuna ARRA Next is a component of the modular system by Nuna. You will need the Nuna BASE Next to use the infant car seat ARRA Next. The BASE Next is not included in the delivery but it is available separately on our website. The advantages are breathtaking: You can re-use your BASE Next if your child grows out of the infant car seat, if you buy another car seat by Nuna or if you expect another child that will also use a Nuna-car seat.

You can also rotate your infant car seat on the Base. This makes buckling up and unbuckling so easy because that way you don’t have to lean into the car. If you want to use the ARRA Next on a Nuna-push chair you can just take the car seat off of the Base.

On our website you will find three more Nuna car seats that are compatible with the BASE Next. Even if your needs change - with the BASE Next you are prepared.

Special safety of the ARRA Next


High-strength handle

The high-strength handle transfers a large portion of the incoming forces during a crash into the shell of the seat and therefore away from the baby's head. This handle out of aluminium is a rare feature and can not be found on many other car seats.


Headrest is made of memory-foam

Another safety-aspect is the headrest, which consists of memory-foam. On the one hand this guarantees a comfortable position for the baby's head. On the other hand the foam secures the head of the baby during a crash, catches the head softly and guides it back into the normal position.


All over side impact protection

Nuna ARRA Next amazes with its all over side impact protection. The intelligent SIP-System includes memory-foam, the so-called EPP-foam, that absorbs the emerging energies during a crash and therefore reduces them for more safety of your child.


BASE Next protects with its stability leg

Another aspect of the safety is the stability leg. It includes a crumple zone that absorbs shocks and therefore reduces even more energy.

Nuna supports mobility


Lightweight infant car seat

The Nuna ARRA Next supports your and your baby’s mobility. Without the canopy and the newborn insert it only weighs 3,5 kilograms which makes it easy to carry it from your home to the car or from the car to the doctors office.


Compatible with push chairs

If you do not want to carry the seat you can easily transfer it to the Nuna push chair of your choice. For that you just take it off the Base in your car and install it on the Nuna push chair.


Adjustable headrest

You can adjust the removable headrest into 10 different positions. You will only need one hand. Also, the three-point-harness adjusts simultaneously with every position. The headrest supports your baby’s child with the included memory foam.


Flexibility with the modular system

If your baby grows out of the ARRA Next, you can re-use your BASE Next for the next Nuna car seat for example the TODL Next. This car seat is available on our website and it grows with your child until it is about four years old.

Nuna ARRA Next - even the details make a difference

  • The covers are made of Merino wool and Lyocell. These fabrics regulate moisture and are nice and soft so that your child has a cozy environment.
  • The carry handle delights with leatherette - this material makes it easy to grab and durable.
  • The canopy is removable. It comes with a peek-a-boo window and UPF 50+.
  • The newborn insert is removable. When your child is big enough, you simply take it off and it fits again.

The Nuna ARRA Next in short form

  • length/width/height: 64-77 x 43 x 59 cm
  • weight: 3,5 kg (does not include inserts or canopy)
  • recommended height of the baby: 40 - 85 cm
  • recommended use: rear facing only
  • necessary for use: ISOFIX-connectors and Nuna BASE Next (for the car) or Nuna push chair
  • newborn insert is removable
  • soft covers are removable and washable

  • Note: Hazelwood color differs from manufacturer's images. We have photographed the fabric for you.


Included in delivery:

  • Nuna ARRA Next with removable headrest, removable newborn insert made of Merino wool, removable canopy
  • Not included in delivery: Nuna BASE Next (sold separately on our website or in our store)
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