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Joolz Day+ Combi Stroller

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Why should you buy this product? The new Day + was “perfectly thought through” by Joolz.... more

Why should you buy this product?

The new Day + was “perfectly thought through” by Joolz. This is the slogan with which Joolz presents the latest day. Numerous innovations make the Day + in conjunction with the tried and tested a stylish, functional and high-quality stroller that grows with you from birth and grows with the child through numerous adjustment and adjustment options. The Day + combines maximum comfort for the child with quick and easy handling by the parents. The spacious tub with (ventilation) windows in the head area, the ergonomic seat with adjustable footrest and the safety bar form the comfort zone for the child. The height-adjustable push handle, the steerability, the suspension of the wheels, the easy operation of the seat back adjustment or the seat belt adjustment and the additional storage space contribute to the pleasant driving experience for those who push the Day +. Thanks to the integrated LED lights, the new day is also clearly visible in the dark. The rotatable safety bar now makes it easier for the child to get in and out and the simplified folding enables quick and uncomplicated storage in the trunk or standing upright in the hallway. The stroller is versatile, not only for walking, but e.g. also as a high chair replacement or for an afternoon nap in the tub and thus easily adapts to the respective lifestyle of the entire family. The Joolz Day + draws everyone's attention with its elegant and beautiful design.


Comfort for parents and children

The new wheel design of the Joolz Day + and the improved suspension support a pleasant push and ride feeling. The brake is easy to operate with one foot and the convertible top can be folded in completely or extended with the fold-out sun visor. The push handle can be adjusted to different heights and adapts to every pusher. The Joolz Day + also grows with the child. First, it lies comfortably and comfortably in the large tub on a breathable mattress with a head cushion. Later, the child sits just as comfortably in the ergonomic seat, with which the straps and footrest can be adjusted to the size of the child in just a few simple steps. The seat unit can be attached with a view to the front or to the slide. The seat cover offers an integrated back and neck support for an optimal sitting experience. The straps are infinitely adjustable in shoulder height and belt length and the belt buckle enables the child to be buckled in smoothly using a Click & Go closure. To insert or remove the child, the safety bar can be opened with one hand and turned away on all sides. And if a high chair is needed for a family outing, the Day + seat has the ideal table height.

Everything with one hand

The safety bar on the Day + is rotatable compared to its predecessors and can be opened with one hand. One end of the bracket can be turned to the side to make it easier for the child to be inserted or removed. Pushing and steering with one hand is also possible and makes maneuvering easier e.g. in narrow shops or by public transport. The child's seating position can be easily and quickly adjusted in both directions with only one hand at three different angles.

Style and function cleverly combined

An important innovation are the two built-in LED lights on the front and back of the frame. These are battery operated and make the Day + visible even at dusk and at night. Like the brakes, the two lockable front wheels can be operated with a light foot tap. The now larger shopping basket is easier to see thanks to the mesh look, and flat compartments on the back of the seat back and the top of the trough cover provide more storage space for small items. The folding mechanism has been revised and simplified. Folded with the front wheels locked, the Day + has a compact pack size and can stand upright. When the seat has been folded in, the stroller can be set up quickly and easily at hand at all times. The carrycot has four feet and can also be placed on the floor. Like the predecessor, the bathtub has a mesh window in the head area and on the hood, which gives the child a view outside and allows the air to circulate well even on hot days. For the child lying down, the upholstery at the head end with the window open can also be turned with the mattress at the foot end, so that the child has a better all-round view outside and the air can circulate even better. The fold-out sun visor in the hood offers more shade. The mesh window in the convertible top also provides ventilation and shade for the sitting child at the same time.

Lifetime guarantee from Joolz

If you register your Joolz stroller with Joolz within six months of purchase, you will receive a lifelong guarantee for all material and manufacturing defects. Of course, this also applies to the new Day +. Exchanges and money back are excluded from the guarantee if you do not like or complain about incorrect use or wear. To guarantee, you only have to register with the proof of purchase at Joolz and keep the original proof of purchase. Further information on the modalities of Joolz's lifelong guarantee can be found in the Day + operating instructions or at


Delivery colors according to the manufacturer

The Joolz Day + is available in different colors. The different colors are combined by Joolz with a frame in a light aluminum silver, a dark anthracite gray or black. These design combinations cannot be changed. The look is rounded off by small details matched to the respective color and matching handle covers and artificial leather accents in black or various shades of brown. The Joolz logo can be found in black or silver on the fabric and in contrasting colors on the frame. The colors of the belt straps are either color-matched or neutral black. Overall, every Day + has a harmonious design and at the same time has a classic and modern look. In the case of Brilliant Black, reflective elements have also been incorporated so that the all-black stroller can also be seen clearly at dusk or at night. In the following, the color variants of the individual parts are assigned to the respective design.

  Frame Wheels Fabric color Handle / bracket
Classic Blue  Silver  Black Dark blue (sustainably produced fabric)  Brown, smooth synthetic leather 
Gorgeous Grey  Silver  Black Grey   Brown synthetic leather in carbon look
Marvellous Green  Silver  Black with white ring Dark green   Medium brown synthetic leather in carbon look
Radiant Grey  Silver Black   Grey melange  Brown synthetic leather with double cross seam
Brilliant Black Black  Black with white ring  Deep black with reflective stitching in the hood  Black synthetic leather in carbon look 
Awesome Anthracite Grey  Black with white ring   Mottled dark gray  Black synthetic leather in carbon look
Premium Pink  Grey Black with white ring   Dusty pink  Black synthetic leather in carbon look
Modern Blue  Grey Black with white ring   Blue-gray  Black synthetic leather in carbon look
Timeless Taupe  Grey Black with white ring   Taupe Medium brown synthetic leather in carbon look 

Technical data and delivery

  • Length / width / height built up: 84 x 59.5 x 100-111 cm
  • Length / width / height folded without seat: 68.5 x 59.5 x 30.5 cm
  • Length / width / height folded with seat, self-standing: 94 x 59.5 x 35 cm
  • Depth / width of seat: 22.5 x 33 cm
  • Height / width of backrest: 54 x 33 cm
  • External dimensions of the tub: 85.5 x 44 x 29 cm
  • Mattress dimensions: 76 x 34 x 3 cm
  • Front wheel: 7 inches
  • Rear wheel: 12 inches
  • Weight stroller with seat: 13.3 kg
  • Weight frame without wheels: 5.7 kg
  • Weight seat: 4.3 kg
  • Weight carrycot: 5.2 kg
  • Load capacity / capacity basket: 5 kg / 24 l
  • Total load stroller (with child and lower basket): 22 kg
  • The scope of delivery includes the frame with front and rear wheels, the tub and seat frame, the seat cover, the tub cover, the sun canopy, the XL basket and the safety bar.

The first construction

Setting up the Joolz Day + is not difficult and is described either in the operating instructions or in this video. Unpack, unfold, click in the wheels, tension the tub, attach the sun visor to the convertible top and click in the safety bar. Finished. Everything you need for this is delivered in a large outer packaging. By the way, this packaging is reusable - on the box of the Day + you will find everything you need to craft a toy sailboat. If you have any questions about the structure, we are happy to help you Write to us by email or visit us in the shop in Kiel.

From the carrycot to the seat

With the Day +, the same frame is used first for the bath unit and later for the seat unit. So you have to remove and reassemble the fabric parts. The XL sun canopy remains unchanged and is used all the time. The conversion from the bed unit to the seat unit is described in the operating instructions. This video shows the practice. The convertible top can remain attached to the frame during the conversion, but the carrycot should be removed from the stroller before the fabric parts are removed step by step and the seat parts are attached. The seat consists of the padded ergonomic seat and the foot insert. If you have any questions or problems with the conversion, please write to us or bring all parts to us in the shop in Küterstraße, then we will be happy to help with the conversion.

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