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Joie Schonbezug für i-Trillo  Trillo Shield

Joie slipcover for i-Trillo / Trillo Shield

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Tree for your child

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Joie slipcover for i-Trillo lx / Trillo Shield If the child likes to eat or drink in the car,... more

Joie slipcover for i-Trillo lx / Trillo Shield

If the child likes to eat or drink in the car, unwanted stains can occur and leftover food can fall onto the seat or into the seat folds. But if you add the protective cover to your Trillo by Joie, you protect the seat from such signs of wear on the one hand. What if the seat cover gets dirty? No problem! You can remove the hard-wearing and robust protective cover quickly and easily from the seat, put it in the washing machine and pull it back over the seat for the next car trip.

The material dries relatively quickly after washing - faster than the actual seat cover from the Joie seat. This moisture-absorbing property also allows the slipcover to be used as a summer cover. Although the fabric is hard-wearing, it is also comfortable and soft for the child, who can sit in it even in hot temperatures. Because the moisture absorption also regulates the temperature, so that you can sit comfortably and dry even in summer.


An overview

  • This cover fits the Trillo models i-Trillo lx and Trillo Shield, whereby the cover is not pulled over the impact shield.

  • The material is made of a fiber that can absorb moisture and thereby regulate the temperature.
  • The cover can be removed or put on quickly and easily, regardless of whether the seat is built into the car or not.
  • The slipcover is hard-wearing and still feels pleasantly soft for the child.
  • The protective / summer cover is machine washable and dries quickly.
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