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Cybex Sirona Zi i-Size Reboarder

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Tree for your child

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  Why should you buy this product? The Sirona Zi i-Size is the further... more


Why should you buy this product?

The Sirona Zi i-Size is the further development of the Sirona Z i-Size. Now your child can sit in a car seat from birth to approx. 4 years. The Sirona Zi has an improved newborn insert for babies from 45cm and can grow with the height of 105cm and 18kg thanks to the adjustable headrest. The rotating mechanism allows the seat to be installed both backwards and forwards and makes it easier to get in and out of the seat. In addition to these practical functions, the Sirona Zi i-Size also meets high safety requirements. In addition to the linear side impact protection, an energy-absorbing shell was installed so that your child can ride in the car. The Sirona Zi i-Size consists of one part and is ideal for parents who do not want to use a single baby seat for the first few months.


Security is very important

The Sirona Zi i-Size meets the latest and highest security standards of the i-Size standards. The linear side impact protection (L.S.P.) protects your child in the event of a side impact and together with the energy-absorbing plastic shell, around 25% of the forces of a side impact are redirected. When driving forward, the energy reduction technology (ER-Tech) in conjunction with the belt system reduces the negative forces that act on the child's neck by approx. 20% compared to conventional 5-point seat belt systems in the direction of travel. You can turn the Sirona Zi i-Size for children from 76cm and 15 months in the direction of travel, but Cybex recommends the rearward-facing position, since the impact forces in this position can best be distributed and deflected in a frontal impact, which increases safety.

Diverse seating positions

The Sirona Zi i-Size has a 12-way adjustable headrest. But not only the headrest can be individually adapted to the child, the angle of the seat also has five adjustment options in the rear-facing position and three adjustment levels when the child looks in the direction of travel. A comfortable sleeping position can be set in the reboarder. For the very little ones from birth, or from 45 cm, the ergonomic and padded newborn insert offers a lot of support and comfort. You take this insert out at some point and by adjusting the headrest, the angle of inclination and the 5-point belt, the Sirona Zi i-Size grows with your child.


360 degree rotation

The rotating mechanism by 360 ° allows the seat to be turned quickly and easily in and against the direction of travel, so that children of different ages or sizes can sit in it alternately. The built-in directional control always helps to find the correct line of sight, because the Sirona Zi i-Size can only be used with a view in the direction of travel for children from 76cm and 15 months. Depending on the age, the child can get in and out independently, or can be put in and out by turning the seat to the side.

The rotation mechanism, like the adjustment of the headrest or the sitting / lying position, is possible with just one hand.

The functions in detail

The Sirona Zi i-Size is far ahead in terms of function and safety and is a consistent further development within the Sirona range. What remains is the Isofix base with support foot and roll bar, which secure the seat in the event of an impact and cushion the respective recoil. What is new is the improved newborn insert and a different mechanism for checking the direction of travel setting, since driving at 76 cm and 15 months forward is only permitted according to the i-Size standard. All the important details are listed below.


Seat, lying and position adjustment

The tilt angle of the seat and the rotating mechanism can be operated with just one hand.


Comfortable for newborns

The ergonomic and padded newborn insert offers extra support and comfort for the little ones.


5 point harness

ER-Tech also includes the 5-point belt system and increases safety.


Shell absorbs the energy

Impact forces are absorbed by the energy-absorbing shell and held off by the child.


Belts are not in the way

The magnetic belt holder makes it easy to get on and off.


Rotate in all directions

With the rotating mechanism through 360 degrees you have the option to let the child sit in or against the direction of travel and getting in and out is easier.



The safety when driving in reverse is much higher and the risk of injury is lower compared to driving forwards.


Built-in L.S.P. system

In the event of a side collision, the linear side impact protection offers safety.


Technology for energy reduction

When the seat is facing forward, safety is increased by ER-Tech.


12-stage headrest

The seat grows with your child thanks to the 12-way height-adjustable headrest.

Technical data and scope of delivery

    Length / width / height: 71 x 44 x 64 cm

    Weight: 14 kgFor children up to 18 kg

    For children from 45 - 105 cm

    Fabrics are machine washable at 30 °

    The scope of delivery includes the complete seat including the ergonomic newborn insert and a pair of ISOFIX installation aids.

Car seat registration: Reboarder (40cm to105cm)
Child seat direction of travel: Rearfaceing and forwardfaceing
Car seat method of installation: Isofix
Car seat special features: 360 degrees rotation
Car seat scope of delivery: Car seat with integrated base station, Newborn inlay
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