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Cybex Sirona Zi i-Size Plus Reboarder incl.SENSORSAFE

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Tree for your child

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  Why should you buy this product? The Sirona Zi i-Size Plus with... more


Why should you buy this product?


The Sirona Zi i-Size Plus with SensorSafe has everything security-conscious and tech-savvy parents want. A high-quality fabric cover, a seat for the first three to four years of life and state-of-the-art in terms of safety. With the SensorSafe clip and the appropriate app, you can always keep an eye on your child in the car seat even without direct eye contact. The Sirona Zi i-Size Plus SensorSafe is a rotating reorder that grows with your child from birth until it reaches 105cm or 18kg. Safety is guaranteed by the linear side impact protection, the energy absorbing shell and the energy reduction technology. The plus fabric consists of a durable and high-quality material in which your child will feel comfortable. The Sirona Zi i-Size Plus SensorSafe is the ideal car seat for parents who want to do without a single portable baby seat but do not want to leave the sleeping child unattended.

SensorSafe for more security


SensorSafe describes a clip that is attached to the 5-point belt. This ensures that critical situations can be identified and avoided at an early stage. The innovative system detects when the child opens the belt and slips out of the seat while driving. It also sounds the alarm if it gets too hot or cold in the car or your child has been sitting in the seat for too long and it is time for a change of position. The device forwards all information to a smartphone connected via Bluetooth. If desired, emergency contacts can be informed directly about the location of the vehicle. The required app also provides information about the installation and has other useful information for you.

Safe on the go


The Sirona Zi i-Size Plus SensorSafe offers the latest security standard according to the i-Size guidelines. The linear side impact protection (L.S.P.) and the energy absorbing shell reduce approx. 25% of the impact forces in a side collision. The energy reduction technology (ER-Tech) reduces the forces of a frontal impact, which act on the neck of the child when driving forward, by approx. 20% compared to other 5-point belt systems. The rearward-facing seating position is recommended by Cybex, since only in this position can the energy-absorbing shell optimally absorb the forces of a rear-end collision and direct them away from the child, who is then completely protected by the formwork. The rearward position offers a much higher level of safety for the child than driving forward.

Durable cover


There are two types of fabric for Cybex car seats, the 'normal' fabric and the plus fabric. The “Plus” fabric of the Sirona Zi i-Size Plus is more resistant to wear and signs of wear. The coloring is mottled and a little darker than the normal fabrics of the Sirona family. All fabrics are machine washable at 30 °. An additional summer cover is a practical accessory because it is easier to remove and wash. There are seven different fabric colors made from the high-quality plus fabric material.

Relief through rotation


In the Sirona Zi i-Size Plus SensorSafe, the child can sit in or against the direction of travel. The travel direction control ensures that the seat can only be brought into the forward-facing position from the permitted 76cm and 15 months. Thanks to the rotating mechanism through 360 °, the position can be changed quickly and easily. This means that children of different ages and sizes can use the seat without major modifications. An optimal entry and exit position for inserting and removing the baby or the independent entry and exit of a toddler is made possible by turning to the side and by the magnetic belt holder. The size-adjustable 5-point harness can be individually adjusted and ensures maximum safety in every child's age.

Many seating positions possible


Children sometimes want to sleep in the car and sometimes look out of the window. With the adjustment options of the Sirona Zi i-Size Plus SensorSafe, it is no problem to set the correct sitting or lying position for the child. In the forward-facing sitting position there are three inclination levels, in the rear-facing position there are five levels so that the optimal lying position can also be set here. The padded and ergonomic newborn insert offers support and comfort for the baby from birth (45cm) in the lying position. The headrest has a 12-fold height adjustment and ensures that the Sirona Zi i-Size Plus SensorSafe can grow up to a body length of 105 cm.

All settings of the headrest, the sitting / lying position and the rotating mechanism can be made with one hand.

The functions in detail

The Sirona Zi i-Size Plus SensorSafe fulfills all functions and safety standards of the Sirona models according to the i-Size regulations. The seat is anchored to the base and is safely installed in the car with Isofix. The support foot and the roll bar protect the child in the event of a front or rear impact and the respective recoil. The built-in directional control ensures that you look in the right direction, as forward-facing driving is only permitted from 76cm and at least 15 months. Below are further details of the Sirona Zi i-Size Plus SensorSafe at a glance.


With app and SensorSafe

Technology for additional safety when the child is unobserved.


The belt with 5 safety points

A growing 5-point belt system with ER-Tech.


The shell that absorbs energy

The child sits surrounded by the energy-absorbing shell, which reduces the impact forces.


Magnets for the belt

When the straps are attached to the magnetic belt holder, getting in and out is easy.


The position adjustment

The rotating mechanism makes it easy to get on and off, regardless of whether the seat is used forwards or backwards.


Against the driving direction

A rear-facing child seat is approx. 80% safer than a forward-facing child seat.


Linear side-impact protection

Side impact protection through linear side impact protection (L.S.P.)


Energy reduction on impact

Energy reduction technology (ER-Tech) increases safety in the event of a frontal impact in a forward-facing position.


Growing headrest

Every child grows and the Sirona can be adjusted thanks to the 12-stage adjustable headrest.


Easy seat adjustment

The headrest, driving direction or sitting / lying position can be adjusted with one hand.


Newborn use

The padded and ergonomic newborn insert provides extra support and comfort for newborns.

Technical data and scope of delivery

        Length / width / height: 71 x 44 x 64 cm

        Weight: 14 kg

        For children up to 18 kg

        For children from 45 - 105 cm

        Fabrics are machine washable at 30 °

        The scope of delivery includes the complete seat including the ergonomic newborn insert, the SensorSafe clip and a pair of ISOFIX installation aids

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