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Cybex Priam set offer with Cloud Z i-Size

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Seat pack + carrycot + baby seat

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Tree for your child

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Why is this set suitable for you? In addition to the Cybex Priam stroller with... more

Why is this set suitable for you?

In addition to the Cybex Priam stroller with carrycot and ergonomic sports seat, this set, which we have put together for you, also includes the Cybex Cloud Z i-Size baby seat. A practical set with which you are perfectly prepared for your new everyday life as expectant parents. Since you can fix the Cloud Z baby car seat on your Priam stroller, trips and travel are much easier, because you don't always have to carry the baby car seat and carrycot with you.

The Priam is a high quality and chic stroller. A modern companion with practical details. The Cloud Z focuses on maximum safety and comfort for both you and your child, thanks to the flat lying position and 180 ° rotation mechanism, for example.




4 different frames to choose from

With toy bar and shopping basket


Rotatable seat unit

The child can look at the driver or in the wide world


Spacious and panoramic window

Practical tub with 15% more space


Ergonomically flat lying position

Great security and optimal protection

Individual complet set

We have combined common colors for you with our set offers. If you want a different color scheme, that's no problem. Please create a customer account and add the desired individual products to the shopping cart. You can then request an offer using this combination. Please let us know which set you are referring to when preparing your offer. Please note that the price can also be adjusted by different products.

Delivery colors according to the manufacturer

The set includes the current Priam in the colors indigo blue (dark blue), Manhattan gray (gray) and a combination of premium black and deep black (black). The blue and gray fabric design of the tub and seat, as well as the Seat Pack in Premium Black are from the 2019 collection and the Deep Black Lux tub from the 2020 collection, because there is currently no Lux Bathtub in Premium Black available. Therefore, the black color combination has a different total price. The 2019 and 2020 colors only differ in design, not in features and functions.

  Frame Seat unit Carrycot Cloud Z i-Size baby seat  
Rose Gold, Black- Deep Black Rose Gold Premium Black Deep Black Deep Black
Rose Gold, Grey Rose Gold Manhattan Grey Manhattan Grey Soho Grey
Rose Gold, Blue Rose Gold Indigo Blue Indigo Blue Deep Black
Chrome, Black- Deep Black Chrome Brown Premium Black Deep Black Deep Black
Chrome, Grey Chrome Brown Manhattan Grey Manhattan Grey Soho Grey
Chrome, Blue Chrome Brown Indigo Blue Indigo Blue Deep Black
Matt Black, Black- Deep Black Matt Black Premium Black Deep Black Deep Black
Matt Black, Grey Matt Black Manhattan Grey Manhattan Grey Soho Grey
Matt Black, Blue Matt Black Indigo Blue Indigo Blue Deep Black
Chrome Black, Black- Deep Black Chrome Black Premium Black Deep Black Deep Black
Chrome Black, Grey Chrome Black Manhattan Grey Manhattan Grey Soho Grey
Chrome Black, Blue Chrome Black Indigo Blue Indigo Blue Deep Black

Lux carrycot 2019 and 2020


There are no functional differences between the Lux baths from 2020 and 2019. Cybex has only changed the design and added some new fabric colors. The usual 2019 colors are offered in this set, with the exception of the black Lux tub. Here the 2020 deep black tub was combined. To be able to describe the difference in design, it is best to compare the two designs with the dark blue color. The 2020 Nautical Blue has a light blue, shiny inner fabric with matching decorative seams on the wind cover and once around the body of the tub. The 2019 Indigo Blue has a dark blue, shiny lining and no decorative seams or the like. These decorative seams around the tub body and on the wind cover are the main distinguishing feature of the collections. The 2019 fabrics look rather “smooth” without such decorative seams. Both designs have water-repellent fabrics and also water-repellent and wind-protected zippers and e.g. to be able to open the large viewing window in the head area and still know that the child is well protected in the tub, regardless of wind and weather.

Details of the Cybex Priam combi stroller

The Cybex Priam is a chic everyday companion that adapts ideally to all kinds of different needs. Its modern chic design and the noble colors of the frame and fabrics distinguish it from other strollers. In addition to the frame and carrycot, this set also includes the matching ergonomic sports seat.

The light weight of the Cybex Priam makes it the ideal travel companion. Its folding mechanism can be used with one hand and can be found in almost every trunk.

Its all-wheel suspension and XXL sunroof enable your child to have optimal and protected sleep, even on the go.

Its lockable swivel wheels enable smooth driving even through tight bends and its light weight makes it easier to lift in public transport or over curbs.


Panoramic window and very spacious

Carrycot with 15% more space offers plenty of freedom of movement


Rotatable seat unit

The child's viewing direction can be freely selected


Flat lying position

Healthy and ergonomic for the child


One-hand folding mechanism 

Always compact and easy to stow away

Details of the Cybex Cloud Z i-Size baby car seat

The Cybex Cloud Z i-Size baby seat enables you and your child to travel safely and comfortably. The optimized linear side impact protection, in combination with the energy absorbing shell, increases the protection of your child in the event of a side impact. The renowned 180 ° rotation mechanism makes it easier for you to lift your child in and out of the seat by turning it quickly and easily towards the door.

The ergonomically extra flat lying position, which can be adjusted outside the vehicle and enables your child to lie in an ergonomically correct position, is also one of the advantages of the Cloud Z.

The fabric of the baby seat is particularly soft and cuddly on the inside and extra robust on the outside. The high-quality fabrics fit perfectly into the interior of modern vehicles.


Removable newborn insert

The shell grows with the child


Flat lying position is ergonomic

Comfortable and healthy on the go


XXl convertible sun protection USF50 +

Travel comfortably in the heat


Shell with additional protection

Energy is absorbed by the shell


Energy absorption through the baby seat

Reduction of impact forces


L.P.S system integrated in the baby seat

All around protected and secured


Rotating mechanism

Exclusively with the Base Z from Cybex (not included in the offer)


Modular system with Z-line

Modular, practical and simple

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