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Cybex Snogga footmuff

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Tree for your child

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  Why should I choose the Snøgga footmuff? The Snøgga footmuff from... more


Why should I choose the Snøgga footmuff?


The Snøgga footmuff from Cybex is the ideal addition to the stroller if you want to be prepared for cooler temperatures at all times. Because it can be folded up very compactly and finds space in every lower basket so that it is always within reach. The footmuff is available in various monochrome and bright colors and thus offers the possibility of giving the stroller a colored eye-catcher and the child a warm and cozy feeling on walks and excursions when the temperatures are around freezing point. The Thinsulate ™ filling keeps the child warm even when it has gotten wet and is therefore more efficient than down, because the moisture cannot penetrate to the child. With the Snøggas you can personalize and individualize your stroller without compromising the comfort for the child. On the contrary, no matter which color combination of Snøgga and stroller you choose, the child will always sit cuddly, soft and warm, whatever the season. In combination with an additional rain cover, the light and compact Snøgga is the ideal companion for every stroll through town, every walk or every trip and for every weather condition.

Features and functions


The Snøgga footmuff is not only an eye-catcher for your stroller, but it also has a number of very good properties and practical functions. When folded, the Snøgga can be stowed in a cylindrical pannier with the dimensions 23 x 14 cm and weighs only approx. 400 g. The Snøgga fits into every lower basket, diaper bag or backpack. When opened, it is 90 cm long and 50 cm wide and offers enough space and cozy comfort for the child. The innovative Thinsulate ™ filling is water-repellent and keeps the child warmer than a comparable down filling that has gotten wet, even in wet weather. Overall, the warming performance of the Snøgga is best suited for a temperature range from minus 10 degrees to plus 10 degrees Celsius. The advantage over a down footmuff lies in the moisture-repellent properties of the Thinsulate ™ lining. A little rain, snowfall or thick fog is no problem even without extra rain protection. You can wash the Snøgga in the washing machine at 30 degrees on a gentle cycle or on a delicate cycle. It becomes loose, soft and fluffy after washing if you dry it in the dryer at low temperatures.

What is Thinsulate ™ and how warm does the Snøgga keep?


The Snøgga footmuff is filled with a Thinsulate ™ filling. This innovative material made of synthetic fibers has many advantages over conventional filling. It is moisture repellent and dries quickly. Even if the footmuff has gotten wet, the Thinsulate ™ fibers keep the heat in the footmuff better and more effectively than, for example, with a down filling. The Thinsulate ™ material is very light and can be compressed very small, so the footmuff is compressible and can be stowed away to save space. The Snøgga is particularly suitable for the low temperatures in winter. Please make sure that the child wears the right clothing for the respective season in the footmuff. Due to the thermal insulation of the Snøgga through the Thinsulate ™ filling, this footmuff is classified in TOG 4 (classification of thermal insulation) and keeps the child warm in a temperature range of 10 ° C to -10 ° C.

Colors and other useful information

  • Nine colors: Deep Black, Soho Gray, Nautical Blue, Autumn Gold, River Blue, Magnolia Pink, Classical Beige, Khaki Green, Mustard Yellow
  • Weight: 0.4kg
  • Dimensions: 90 x 50 x 2 cm
  • Compact: fits in a small cylindrical bag (length approx. 23 cm, diameter approx. 14 cm)
  • Filling: breathable ThinsulateTM filling
  • Suitable: for a temperature range between 10 ° C to - 10 ° C
  • Washable: gentle cycle at 30 ° C
  • Scope of delivery: 1 Snøgga footmuff incl. Storage bag
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