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Cybex Aton Base 2 - gegurtete Basis
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Cybex Aton Base 2 – belted base

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Tree for your child

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Cybex Base 2 The belted Aton Base 2 from Cybex offers maximum comfort thanks to its simple... more

Cybex Base 2

The belted Aton Base 2 from Cybex offers maximum comfort thanks to its simple and safe installation. The baby seats are always locked backwards on the Base 2. When installing an Aton model correctly, a green indicator appears above the support leg on the gray lever. This gray lever is the unlocking mechanism to remove the group 0 shell from the base.

The Base 2 is firmly installed in the car thanks to the quick release device. The Aton 5 baby seat, for example, can then simply be clicked onto the base, eliminating the need to buckle up the seat. The correct installation of the baby seat on the base is confirmed by the indicator.

The base cannot be installed in every place in the car. For information on this, please refer to the operating instructions for your car and the Aton Base 2 car list. Regardless of which seat the base with baby seat is to be used on, the front airbag must always be deactivated.

Installation with belt
The Base 2 will be installed in the car with the three-point belt. Unfold the support feet and push the base station with the twisted isofix connectors up to the backrest of the seat. The car's 3-point belt is tensioned in the rail provided in a quick-release device. First the waist belt is pulled through under the tensioning flap and the belt lock clicked in, then the shoulder belt is passed through together with the waist belt under the flap. When this is closed and cocked, there are clicks that indicate that the quick release device is properly engaged. When installing with the vehicle belt, please note that it must be tensioned very tightly in order to ensure optimal stability and safety dBase. If the belt is tensioned too loosely, the Base 2 could slip.


  • Aton 5
  • Aton 4
  • Aton 3

Note: The baby seat shown is no more part of the offer than the Isofix connectors shown. The base offered here is only attached using a belt system.

Car seat method of installation: Car seat belt
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