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Cybex Pallas G i-Size child seat 2021

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Cybex Pallas G i-Size The Pallas G i-Size is the consistent further development of the... more

Cybex Pallas G i-Size

The Pallas G i-Size is the consistent further development of the Pallas model series according to the latest i-Size standards. With its predecessors and the Pallas S models that are still available, the Pallas G i-Size has the impact body principle and flexible adaptation to the growing child in common. The innovations lie in the requirements that apply to the i-Size standard.
The result is a Pallas G i-Size model with refined impact shield technology, easier handling and greater safety for children from 15 months to approx. 4 years of age, or for children from 76 to 150 cm in height. The Pallas G i-Size is a car seat that is only installed in the car facing forward and is therefore not approved for children under 15 months according to the new i-Size standard.
Optimal safety in the car can be achieved through the prescribed installation with Isofix and Top Tether. Installation without Isofix is ​​only permitted for children over 100 cm and when using without an impact shield if the child is buckled in the Pallas with the three-point belt of the car. But also when using the Pallas G i-Size with the 3-point belt of the car, securing the seat with Isofix is ​​recommended.
The impact shield of the Pallas G i-Size is no longer attached to the vehicle belt, but has its own integrated belt system that allows the impact shield to fit precisely on the child. With the impact protection system, the risk of neck injuries in a frontal collision is reduced by 40 percent, as the child is “caught” and can roll over with the upper body.
After the baby seat, or from a child size of 76 cm, the Pallas can be used with an impact shield. The impact shield can be used until the child is 105 cm tall or 21 kg. From a body height of 100 cm, the Pallas G i-Size can be converted for use with the car's three-point seat belt. From 105 cm or 21 kg, the Pallas must be converted for use with the seat belt and can then be used up to a height of 150 cm, a weight of 50 kg and an age of approx. 12 years.
Overall, the Pallas G i-Size has a long service life of approx. 10 years. Safety that grows with the child does not only apply to the adjustable belt of the fall arrester, but also to the height-adjustable headrest, the integrated side impact protection and the other features and functions of the Pallas G i-Size.

Properties, features and functions

Fewer neck injuries due to the impact shield technology
The risk of neck injuries in a frontal crash is reduced by more than 40% when using impact shields compared to a 5-point belt system when driving forward. In the event of an impact, the child can use the momentum to automatically roll the upper body and head together over the impact body and is stopped by it. The impact body has a function comparable to that of an airbag. The forces of the impact are distributed over the surface of the impact body, thus reducing the strain on the child's neck and protecting the head.

Long service life as the child seat grows with the child
The Pallas G i-Size is for children from 15 months to 12 years, so it can theoretically be used for 10 years and 9 months. Provided that he is not involved in an accident, a child seat should always be replaced. From 15 months and 76 cm, the child in the Pallas is only secured with an impact shield. From a body height of 1 m, a transition period begins and it is possible to convert the seat for use with the vehicle's own 3-point belt. From 21 kg or 105 cm, the Pallas G i-Size must be converted and can then be used for children up to 12 years, 150 cm or 50 kg. The conversion is carried out simply by completely removing the impactor. Nevertheless, please note the instructions and information in the operating instructions for the Pallas G i-Size.

Easy securing of the child in the car seat
Impact protection systems have a lower operator error rate. The new impact shield of the G i-Size has an integrated belt system and the child is no longer secured with the impact shield via the vehicle belt. For those wearing a seat belt, this means that you no longer have to lean into the car to lock the seat belt. But you can now click the belt on the impact shield from the respective outside of the car and loosen it again. The impact shield is tightened according to the child's height using this built-in belt system. As with the previous models, it is still important that the belt is not too loose. The catcher has comfortable and breathable padding on the inside and can be applied to the child with a perfect fit.

Rest position for the child's head
Children also tend to fall asleep in the car. Mostly then the head falls forward and is then outside the safety zone. Special neck pillows from different manufacturers could help here, as could the inclination-adjustable headrest of the Pallas G i-Size. In the inner area of the headrest there is a support that can be adjusted by 3 levels. For normal driving (sitting, looking outside, talking to parents / siblings) this inner support should be in the foremost position. When it is evening or the child gets tired, this support can be brought into the inclined position and thus enables the child's head to be placed safely in the resulting niche. This inclination adjustment can prevent the head from tilting forward while sleeping and leaving the safety area.

Integrated side impact protection
Side impact protection is an important criterion for the i-Size standard. So far, almost all Cybex child car seats have had integrated impact protection on the sides, but this has been improved again for the Pallas G i-Size. The linear side impact protection System Plus (L.S.P. = Linear Side-impact Protection) reduces the impact energy by more than 20% compared to a child seat without L.S.P. and offers additional safety in the event of a side crash. If you install more than one child seat on the back seat in the car or if an adult needs more space next to the Pallas G i-Size, the L.S.P can also be removed on this side. On the seat side facing the outside of the car, however, the L.S.P.protectors must always remain attached to the Pallas so that side impact protection is guaranteed.

Inclined sleeping position
Forward-facing child seats usually have no sleeping position compared to rear-facing child seats. But with some models, including the Pallas G i-Size, the seat angle can be adjusted. With one-handed adjustment of the seat, you can slide it into an inclined position, regardless of whether the child is already sitting in it and is about to fall asleep or not. The adjustment lever for this is located on the front of the seat.

Air circulation under the seat pad
The Pallas G i-Size is comfortably padded for the best driving comfort for the child. But under the breathable upholstery there is an air circulation system that allows the air to circulate under the fabric and ensures constant ventilation so that there is no heat build-up in the seat on hot days in summer. Thanks to the air-permeable substructure, the temperature of the upholstery always remains pleasantly constant.

Safe installation in the car
The installation of the Pallas G i-Size is intuitive and easy. The Isofix connectors are clicked into the Isofix device of the car and the top tether is attached. Then the Pallas G i-Size is ready for use when driving. The Isofix ensures correct installation and the top tether also anchors the seat. An i-Size seat must always be attached to three points in the car. Two of them form the Isofix connectors and the third point is the top tether, which serves as the upper pivot point for the child seat and which is usually located on the back of the back seat in the trunk. Whether Isofix and Top Tether have been installed correctly are indicated by optical indicators - green for “everything is ok” and red, you should check the installation again. The Pallas G i-Size is only approved for the i-Size seats with the Isofix device in the car. You can find information on this in the vehicle list for the child seat and in the operating instructions for your car. Without Isofix, the Pallas G i-Size cannot be installed in the car, at least not as long as you are using the Pallas with an impact shield. Isofix and Top Tether can only be dispensed with when used with buckles through the vehicle belt from 1 m child size. Please also read the operating instructions for this.

Numbers and further information on the Pallas G i-Size

• UN R129 / 03, i-Size standard
• Weight of the child: approx. 9 - 50 kg
• Height of the child: 76 - 150 cm
• Age of the child: from 15 months - approx. 12 years
• Service life igs .: approx. 10 years
• Use with impact body: 76 - 105 cm, from 15 months, max. 21 kg
• Use with a three-point automatic belt: 100 - 150 cm
• Dimensions of the Pallas G i-Size: depth 40.5 cm, width 59.5 cm, height 59-81 cm
• Weight of the Pallas G i-Size: 8.90 kg
• Fabrics are easy to care for and are machine washable at 30 degrees
• Scope of delivery: seat including impact shield, operating instructions
• Accessories (not included) from Cybex for the Palls G i-Size: Isofix installation aids, summer cover, cup holder

The Pallas G i-Size is presented and explained in detail in this video

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