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Bugaboo Lynx Complete Stroller

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Is the Bugaboo Lynx a stroller for me? If you are looking for a stroller with a seat... more

Is the Bugaboo Lynx a stroller for me?


If you are looking for a stroller with a seat and a carrycot, which can also be used for different terrains and which is small, light and manoeuvrable, then the Lynx pram from Bugaboo might be the right one for you. Compact everyday hero, light multi-terrain stroller, top maneuverability, effective two-wheel suspension, easy to steer ... these are the keywords with which Bugaboo describes the Lynx itself. The Lynx has everything you need for an active day with children and family in the city and also in the country. The spacious lower basket, the compact folding size, the low weight and the slim design make this stroller a flexible all-rounder that can be used from birth to 48 months. Even with a child and a fully loaded lower basket, the Lynx can be easily pushed. The one-handed steering, the large, extendable sun canopy with a view and ventilation window that can be opened and the option of folding the stroller with or without a seat and carrycot in several ways are functions and features that keep the Bugaboo Lynx always ready for every excursion, adventure and everyday family life .

The Lynx characteristics


Easy handling, easy maneuverability and easy integration into everyday life - this is how you could sum up the properties and features of the Lynx.

The low weight of around 10 kg, in conjunction with the spring-loaded front wheels, the height-adjustable and wide push bar and the large rear wheels, makes it easy to steer, regardless of whether the stroller is fully loaded or can only be pushed with one hand. Getting on and off buses and trains or driving in parks, shopping streets or narrow alleys is also no problem thanks to its light weight. Driving comfort is also given when driving over cobblestones and other bumpy roads. And when there is no space in the hallway, the Lynx is light enough to carry it up or down stairs.

Folding is also easy. Folded in one piece, the Lynx can stand on its own or one part can be placed in the trunk and is therefore always ready to go. In two parts, it can be stowed in a very compact and space-saving manner. The functions of the stroller fit seamlessly into your everyday life. The seat height of 56 cm is ideal for bringing the child to the table and integrating it into family life while eating or playing. Everything you need on the go can be found in the spacious underframe shelf - toys, purchases, provisions - provided you do not exceed the 10 kg load limit.

On the go, you can quickly and easily open the peek-a-boo window in the hood to watch the child or to improve the air circulation under the large sun canopy if it has been extended by a segment. The seat unit can be placed in or against the direction of travel and can be adjusted to 3 sitting / resting positions. Regardless of whether you are currently using the seat or the carrycot, it is always the same frame; i.e. the parts and covers that are not required can simply be stowed in drawers at home and do not take up much space. In addition, numerous accessories from Bugaboo, such as cup holders, footmuffs and ride-on boards, make everyday life easier for children and families.

What can the Bugaboo Lynx do?


The Bugaboo Lynx has a so-called peek-a-boo window in the large XL sun canopy, through which you can watch the child while driving forward or with which you can ensure adequate ventilation under the extended sun canopy in summer. The ergonomic seat unit has a 5-point comfort safety belt, the belts of which can be buckled on and off individually and which, together with the safety bar that can be rotated through 360 degrees, results in a safe and easy-to-use restraint system for your child.

With its approx. 10 kg, the Lynx is a lightweight among the combi strollers, its compact design is reflected in its folding size and maneuverability. In addition, the Lynx can easily be steered and pushed with one hand - even when the child is sitting in it and the lower basket is fully loaded. The under-seat pocket is easily accessible and with a volume of 36 l can carry a possible load of 10 kg. The movable 7 inch front wheels are spring-loaded and lockable and, together with the 11.4 inch rear wheels, support the easy maneuverability of the Lynx. And if you put the wheels in the 2-wheel position, you can pull the stroller over snow and sand.

The push bar can be adjusted telescopically to the height of the person pushing the stroller. The Bugaboo Lynx can be folded up in one or two parts, depending on whether you want the stroller to be ready for use again sooner or whether you want to fold it up and stow it away to save space. Folded in one piece, the Lynx can be placed in an upright position in all configurations. When folded in two parts, the Lynx also fits into small car trunks or apartments.

This pram can be used from birth up to approx. 4 years and can be used for children in the seat unit up to 22 kg. The seat unit can be removed with one hand, can also be placed on the floor as a seat and has a comfortable height on the frame so that the Lynx can also be used as a high chair for the child when on the move. Numerous Bugaboo accessories can be combined with the Lynx. There are already integrated attachment points on the frame for the ride-on board or the cup holder, but other Bugaboo accessories are also compatible and interchangeable, for example if you want to change the top color.

Functions and properties in detail

Foot brake

You operate the brake with your foot by pressing the brake lever - and the Bugaboo Lynx is already there. The brake is released when you push the lever up again.

Telescopic sliding handle

The push handle is adjustable in height. By extending the telescopic push handle, it is set higher and wider at the same time and thus adapts optimally to any body size.

Seat unit

The ergonomic seat unit can be placed in or against the direction of travel on the Lynx frame and can be adjusted in three positions from sitting to lying.

Foldable on its own

The Bugaboo Lynx can be folded up in one piece and stowed independently standing in the trunk or at home. With a flowing movement it can be made ready for use again.

Compact folding size

The most compact way to fold the Lynx is to remove the wheels and the seat or bathtub unit. The seat and carrycot can both be folded flat.

Belt and belly strap

Each belt of the 5-point belt system can be individually buckled and sizes can be adjusted. The belly bar can be opened on one side and rotated 360 degrees out of the way.

Ventilation window in the hood

A net-like ventilation window is hidden in the hood. You can watch the child through the Peekaboo window or ensure optimal air circulation on warm days.

Extendable sun canopy

Regardless of whether the sun is shining or it is raining, the canopy, which can be expanded with a zipper, offers extensive shade and, together with the rain cover, also provides protection from wind and weather.

Technical specifications

  • Weight frame, wheels, seat frame: 9.4 kg
  • Weight fully assembled: 10.8 kg
  • Load capacity of the seat unit: 22 kg
  • Load capacity of the underframe shelf: 10 kg / 36 l
  • Duration of use: from birth to 48 months
  • Dimensions folded in two parts / compactly: 87.5 x 53 x 31 cm
  • Dimensions folded in one piece / freestanding: 60 x 60 x 88 cm
  • Push handle height: adjustable up to 110 cm
  • Width built up: 60 cm
  • Sitting height: 56 cm above the floor
  • Front wheels: 7 inches / 17.8 cm
  • Rear wheels: 11.4 inches / 28.9 cm
  • Front suspensionIntegrated attachment points for Bugaboo accessoriesFabrics are machine washable



The partially pre-assembled scope of delivery of the Lynx Complete contains everything you need for a stroller.

  • Frame with wheels (including hubcaps)
  • Grip covers for stomach / safety bar and push handle
  • Underframe basketSeat / tub frame
  • Safety bar: rotatable, use as a carrying handle and belly bar
  • Canopy: expandable sun canopy with Peekaboo window, canopy struts and clamps
  • Seat unit equipment: seat cover, hardware (tensioning elements / footrest), comfort belt system
  • Equipment bed unit: bed cover, bed base, mattress (including breathable inlay and a mattress cover)
  • Rain cover

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