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Bugaboo Fox2 Complete-Set Combi-Stroller

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Why should you choose the Fox 2 complete set of prams? Are you looking for a... more

Why should you choose the Fox 2 complete set of prams?


Are you looking for a stroller that you can put together according to your taste and that integrates perfectly into your everyday life? The Bugaboo Fox 2 combi stroller in a complete set offers you these options. You can put it together as you wish without losing the outstanding driving characteristics or sacrificing comfort.

The “Core” collection from the Bugaboo Style by you range enables you to create an individual design with color combinations that have been specially put together for you. The accessories can also be purchased in a color-coordinated way for your stroller. Warm footmuffs, cup holders, diaper bags and much more fit nicely into the round overall look of the Bugaboo Fox 2. 

Of course, it is also possible to order the right spare parts for every model.

Why is the Fox 2 Complete Set an excellent choice?

The Fox 2 is a functional and robust all-rounder that demonstrates its strengths in town and country. The combi stroller is suitable for children from birth to the age of four. Thanks to its many functions and practical features, the Fox 2 is an enrichment for your everyday life with children. The large and flat front wheels in combination with the all-wheel and central suspension make every trip a carefree experience, even when it comes to uneven ground. The lockable swivel wheels make it easier to drive around tight curves in supermarkets or in the city. Another noteworthy feature is the 2-wheel driving mode, which is particularly suitable for driving on sand or on muddy ground. The flip-flop brake makes fixing and releasing the brake child's play and can be operated by simply tapping with the foot.

In the spacious tub, your child will find plenty of space to develop and also get the feeling of security and security. The sporty, ergonomic seat unit lets your child enjoy walks in or against the direction of travel. The direction of travel can be changed quickly and with one hand thanks to the memory buttons. The new Peek-a-Boo viewing and ventilation window integrated in the sunroof enables optimal air circulation and also the option to look after your child without opening the large XXL sunroof completely. This way, your child will be protected from strong sun, wind and weather throughout. In bad weather, it is advisable to stretch the included rain cover over the tub / seat unit in order to best protect the car and your child from cold and wet. The fabrics of the Fox 2 are machine washable at 30 ° C and also easy to replace, should a fabric no longer please. The materials are also water-repellent, durable and have 50+ UV protection.

With a weight of only 10.2 kg, the Fox 2 is a particularly light stroller. This benefits you in everyday life and especially when traveling by plane, bus or train. The small and easy-to-use folding dimension allows the Fox 2 to be placed in almost every car trunk and also does not take up any extra space in the apartment or the stairwell. With one hand, by using memory heads, you have the option of detaching the tub or seat unit from the frame very easily and with one hand. The wheels can also be removed at the push of a button, making the overall pack size even smaller. At home you also have the option of storing the Fox 2 upright. With a load capacity of 10 kg, the lower basket is a real packhorse and is therefore perfect for trips or small purchases. Numerous beautiful accessories can be mounted on the pre-installed fastening buttons on the frame. Suitable adapters for baby car seats can also be purchased. As it shows the optimal high chair height, the Fox 2 can also be used as a high chair replacement in the restaurant.

What are the differences to the previous model?


The Bugaboo Fox 2 is the successor to the Fox. A lot has changed and many improvements have been made. Of course, the comfort and functionality have remained at a consistently high Bugaboo quality. 

The Fox 2 has got some new functions and loving details on the way. The new Peek-a-Boo viewing and ventilation window has become an integral part of the XXL sun canopy and is an absolute must-have in everyday life. The folding mechanism, which is now even easier to use, is a great help, especially when things have to be done quickly. The combination of the new and improved wheels and the revised central and all-wheel suspension take driving comfort to a new level. 

A lot has also happened in the area of design and optics. The color of small screws and details have been better adapted to the frame. The new bright colors of the sun canopies are real eye-catchers and can be replaced at any time. 

In summary, the Fox 2 has received a great upgrade and now convinces with the usual high quality with additional new features.

The particularities

Height-adjustable push handle

The Fox 2 is suitable for both large and small parents. Its height-adjustable push handle adapts optimally to every body size.

The 2-wheel driving mode

If you are often on the beach or in muddy terrain, then the 2-wheel drive mode is a real asset for you. The rear wheels can be folded forward quickly and effortlessly and you can easily pull the entire stroller on two wheels behind you.

Foldable and self-standing in one part

If you are already using the seat unit, you have the option of folding the carriage and seat together. This saves you space and time. Folded in one part, the Fox 2 can stand alone and does not have to be leaned or put down.

Folding in two parts and folding the tub and seat

If you have particularly little space in the car or in your apartment, then you have the option of folding the stroller extra small. Not only the frame, but also the tub and seat unit can be further reduced.

The rotating handle and the five-point belt system

The five-point belt system not only offers safety but is also easy to use. The new rotating function of the handle makes it easier to lift in and out of the carrycot / seat unit and is easy to operate by pressing small buttons.

The new Peek-a-Boo viewing and ventilation window in the XXL sunroof

The XXL sunroof provides your child with protection from the wind, strong sunlight or weather. In order to avoid heat accumulation under the closed convertible top, you have the option of opening the new ventilation window integrated in the convertible top and thus ensuring optimal air circulation in the interior of the tub and seat unit.

Additional noteworthy features are:

  • enlarged push bar protection
  • Simplified one-hand operation for adjusting the seating position
  • Central and all-wheel suspensionlarge wheels - particularly off-road
  • Attachment points for Bugaboo accessories
  • Flip-flop brake
  • Memory buttons for one-handed removal from the carrycot / seat unitnew outside pockets on the carrycot
  • Fabrics durable, water-repellent and machine washable (UV 50+)


Dimensions and weights Fox2 

  • up to max. 22 kg load capacity
  • Front wheel 8.5 inches
  • Rear wheel 12 inches
  • Height of push bar 88 - 108 cm
  • Width 60 cm
  • Length 104 cm (measured from rear wheel to frame head end)
  • folded in one piece 90 x 47 x 60 cm
  • Frame height in lying position 74 cm
  • Total weight with style set 10.2 kg
  • Seat height 59 cm
  • Carrycot floor height 48 cm
  • Lower basket 30 l volume and loadable up to 10 kg


Delivery colors according to the manufacturer

  Schwarz-Schwarz-Schwarz Schwarz-Schwarz-Nebelblau Schwarz-Grau Meliert-Grau Meliert Alu-Grau Meliert- Grau Meliert
Fox2 frame Black Black Black Silver
Fabric hood Black Misty blue Grey melange Grey melange
Fabric carrycot, seat cover Black Black Grey melange  Grey melange
Wheels cap Black Black Black  White
Handle Black Black Black  Black

What is included in the delivery?

1 x complete Fox2 in core design. The respective cover parts and the frame are delivered in the color corresponding to your order. 

The set includes:

  • frame
  • Wheels, caps
  • Seat / carrycot frame
  • Seat assembly parts, footrest, comfort seat belt system
  • rotatable handle
  • Handles (black)
  • Sunroof struts, sunroof clamps
  • Carrycot struts, cot floor
  • Carrycot cover set
  • Complete mattress
  • Seat cover
  • Canopy cover
  • Underframe storage
  • Rain cover


How to build the Fox 2?

If you have decided to buy the Fox 2 combi stroller, there is only one small hurdle to face: assembling.b Fortunately, assembling is very easy. Bugaboo itself has provided two short videos in which you can see step by step how to build the Fox 2 yourself at home. 

You can find the short construction videos here:

For use from birth

For use from approx. 6 months

Matching accessories for the Fox 2 complete set?

Bugaboo offers plenty of beautiful and suitable accessories to match the Fox 2 model. The pre-installed fastening points on the frame are particularly practical, as they facilitate the assembly of all parts.

For example, the cuddly warm and soft footmuff can be purchased in a matching color. This keeps your child nice and warm on cold and windy days and also protects against moisture. On warm days and against strong UV rays, you can attach a Bugaboo parasol or the mosquito net to your stroller. In summer, the sunroof with ventilation windows also provides shade and UV protection, and the mesh windows underneath are very well ventilated. A cup holder is a real must-have for every day and practical for both a coffee mug or the bottle. Modern parents also have the option of attaching a smartphone holder to the push bar. A diaper bag or organizer is indispensable in everyday life with a baby or toddler. They offer plenty of space for everything around the baby and additional storage space for small things such as keys, cell phones and wallets. 

For a sibling, running alongside the stroller is often too exhausting. The Bugaboo comfort ride-on board is available for this. It can be quickly attached to the frame and removed again. So you can take a little break on longer walks. The option of attaching the baby car seat to the stroller frame can also be an advantage. So you don't always have to transport the frame and carrycot in the car. Bugaboo offers 2 different adapters for the different manufacturers for the Fox. 

When traveling, everything has to be well packed and easy and safe to transport. The Fox 2 stroller has enough space in the Bugaboo comfort transport bag and can even be stowed together with the seat unit / carrycot.


Comfortable footmuff


Provides shade


Keeps insects away


Drinks at hand


Phone at a glance


Wrap on the go


The most important things with you


Travel system


Sitting or standing


For (air) travel


UV protection with air circulation

Interesting facts about us


Dear customers, 

This is an overview of the Fox 2 Complete set . In the following we have compiled further information about our online shop and our specialist shop in Kiel.

  • In our Bugaboo brand shop you will find more about the Fox and also about the Bugaboo Donkey twin buggy and the Bugaboo Ant buggy.
  • To make the selection of accessories for the Fox 2 easier, we offer some set offers with the most important and useful items such as diaper bags, footmuffs or car seats.
  • Write to us via email [email protected] or call us at 04307/3729071 if you still have any questions; You can best reach us by email in German or English, but some of our employees can also speak French, Russian or Latvian.
  • If you visit and directly in our specialty shop in Kiel on Küterstrasse, you have the opportunity to try out the Fox 2, take a closer look and put it in your trunk. We can advise you professionally and respond to your questions, wishes and requirements for a stroller.
  • In our workshop, we carry out minor repairs without having to send the stroller to the manufacturer straight away. As a Bugaboo Service Center, we also carry out repairs outside of the warranty on behalf of Bugaboo

Thank you for visiting our online shop and we wish you continued success browsing and all the best for your future family.

The Baby Garage team

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