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Britax Römer Swingfix M i-size Reboarder - Blue Marble
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Britax Römer Swingfix M i-size Reboarder

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Tree for your child

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The Britax Römer SWINGFIX M i-SIZE is a flexible follow-on seat that replaces the infant carrier... more

The Britax Römer SWINGFIX M i-SIZE is a flexible follow-on seat that replaces the infant carrier and is suitable for children between 61 and 105 cm tall.

Rotate the child seat 90 degrees to the open car door, to put your child in easy and comfortable to put on and buckle. The SWINGFIX M i-SIZE impresses not only with its versatile functions, but also with its excellent design. So that you are always safe and stylish on the go.

3 months - 4 years | 61 - 105 cm | 18 kg

Product features

  • 90-degree rotation: Thanks to 90-degree rotation, you can turn the child seat in the parked car to the open door, for easy insertion and buckling of your child. Then simply turn the seat back until it clicks into place and you're ready to go.
  • Adjustable support bar: The support bar helps not only that the child seat does not tilt in an accident, but is also adjustable by a full 8 degrees. This allows you to easily adjust the support bar to the back of the vehicle seat, giving your child 10% more legroom.
  • Integrated side impact protection technology (SICT inside): In the event of a side impact, your child is optimally protected thanks to our side impact protection technology (SICT inside) - even twice. On the one hand, SICT inside guides the forces that your child is exposed to in the event of a side impact and, on the other hand, dampens them. You do not have to adjust or adjust anything - so SICT inside is always ready when you need it.
  •  Long backward driving: In a frontal collision - the most common type of traffic accident - rear-facing child car seats offer the best protection. Because it absorbs the force of the impact over the back of the seat, where it - heavily dampened - evenly distributed on the head, the neck and the upper body. In a forward-facing seat, however, the impact force is distributed differently across the seat structure and the restraint system. This may increase the impact on your child's body. Therefore, we recommend that you transport your offspring as long as possible backwards in the car.
  •  Multi-adjustable resting positions: driving should be as comfortable as possible for your little one. That's why this seat has been designed with several rest positions that you can easily adjust - for a stress-free trip with a squeaky happy child.
  • V-shaped headrest: The V-shaped headrest has been specially designed to keep the delicate head of the child moving in the event of a side impact. This provides optimal protection. But of course a lot of comfort. In addition, you can easily adjust the headrest and the belt system from the front of the seat so that they both fit perfectly to the size of your scion.
  •  5-point harness: Britax Römer believes that a 5-point harness is best for protecting your child in a car seat. Because it optimally secures your offspring in the protective shell of the seat. In the event of a collision, the harness distributes and mitigates the impact forces to 5 points: at the shoulders, hips, and buckle between the legs. This protects your child from all sides in the event of an accident. :: Shoulder Pads: The new, soft neoprene special shoulder pads nestle comfortably against your child's body. In a crash, they not only reduce the forward displacement of your child, but they make the 5-point belt even more comfortable. In addition, they can easily be removed for washing without having to intervene in the belt system.
  •  Height-adjustable support leg: The support leg gives the child car seat extra stability over the vehicle floor. At the same time it minimizes the tilting and rotating movement and absorbs the forces that act on your little one in an accident - so it is better protected. For a safe installation, the support leg can be adjusted in height so that it fits perfectly in your vehicle. Also helpful: a color indicator shows you when the support leg is stably positioned on the floor of your vehicle.
  •  Quick removable cover: Sometimes things get pretty chaotic on the street. It's easy to spill a drink or your child may be sick of driving. With foresight, we have developed a machine washable seat cover that is easy to remove. Without having to remove the belt. So you get the seat quickly clean again - and it can go on.

Measurements and weight

  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 48 x 44 x 74 cm
  • Weight 15 kg
  • Backward installation 61 - 105 cm
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