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Britax Roemer SMILE III Comfort Plus set

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Tree for your child

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The Stroller SET   Britax-Römer SMILE III   Comfort Plus Combi Stroller contains the... more

The Stroller SET Britax-Römer SMILE III Comfort Plus Combi Stroller contains the stroller itself, the attachment, a baby seat and the car fixture for the baby seat - each one in different colors


Combi Stroller

The Britax-Römer SMILE III really is a allrounder. His useful functions and the elegant design make it to a sporty stroller. A helpful, mobile companion for your daily life and that of your child. Not only comfort, secutiry and easy handling, this stroller offers more than that - it gives you flexibility and a lot of storage space.

With the help of the suspension you have a soft and easy feeling when driving, while your child is secured and backed through all the extras. Without being disturbed by bumby ground. In the big storage basket you can put all your stuff. If you don't want to use the stroller anymore you can fold it immediatly very simple. The Stroller offers a lot of storage space but itselfs does not demand much because of its narrow width.

It doesn't matter if you want to go shopping or out for having a walk, the SMILE III is suitable for every ride.

Product features

Central- and frontwheel suspension: The frame and front wheel suspension take care of a soft and comfortable driving. On bumby ground and other difficult roads you will drive withut problems or disturbing your child when it sleeps for example.

Pivotable front wheels: Its pivotable and lockable front wheels can be switched easily to the needed setting. Navigating will get slightly even in narrow gangways with this stroller.

High backrest: Even when your child grows it will still have enough space, security and comfort because of the 48cm high backrest.

Air-filled wheels: The big air-filled wheels facilitate pushing and driving extremely. No matter if you drive on tracks or over cobblestoned ways for shopping.

Big protection cover: The big protection cover with UPF 50+ sun protection ensures that the air circulates in the seat even on very hot days and of course the child is protecded against harmful sun rays.

Big storage basket: Up to 7 kg weight of your things the basket can bear with its storage space comfortably.

Security in the dark:  Even when you have bad light conditions the 3M™ reflectors, that are fixed on the basket, on the cover and on the wheels, will make sure that the stroller is seen clearly in the darkness.

Comfort grip: The leather-like style of the grip and the hanger make the stroller look elegant and modern. And its not a problem who drives, mum or dad,  because the grip can can be adjusted to the suiting height. The grip is very soft and haptical.

Foldable: The SMILE III can be folded immediatly and very fast to a small size that fits in a car trunk. With the help of the automatical flap locking it stays in this size until you unfold it. It is also self-supporting und prevents the grip from getting dirty because of the integrated grip protection.

Footrest and lying position: Not only that the backrest can be adjusted in many lying and sitting positions, the stroller protects with his side protection in every position. You can even use the sitting unit because of the adjustable footrest for soft bags too. 

Reversible sitting unit: One hand is only needed for having the child lying forward looking or backwards looking up to you. Very easy.

Secure clipbrake: Stopping the stroller is very simple with the clipbrake. It fixes the back wheels strongly. To know if the brake is locked you just have to look on the indicators. Your shoes will also stay clean, because the brake can be released from above.

Very narrow: Driving through narrow gangways and big crowds wont be stressing and difficult anymore with its width of only 57cm. Moreover it just looks modern and elegant with such a small width.


Measures and weights: 

  • Weight of frame and wheels: 9 kg
  • Maximum weight of the child: 22 kg
  • Total weight with cover: 13 kg
  • folded stroller with sitting unit and wheels (H x W x D): 90 x 40 x 57 cm
  • Grip adjustment height: 80 – 113 cm
  • Sitting surface (B x D): 30 x 23 cm
  • Length of the footrest: 23 cm
  • folded frame with wheels (H x W x D): 84 x 27 x 57 cm
  • Length of the backrest: 48 cm



The attachment that you can use, for the Britax-Römer SMILE III Stroller is perfect for the fast and practical usage.If you want to do the shopping or just take a walk - the attachment can be set up very quick and easy so that your little child companions you. It is very soft, handy and perfectly fitting to the stroller. The complete horizontal lying position is healthy and optimal for resting or sleep.


Product features

The Memorybuttonsystem:  The Memorybuttons are perfect, to take the child out of the troller very fast without disturbing it. You only need one hand to push the buttons alternately, so that the locking device gets unlocked and the attachement can be lifted up. To get sure if the attachment is fixed rightly to the troller you just need to look at the indicators. Then you can drive safely.

Protection cover: The protection cover with the UPF50+ sun protection offers enough shadow and at the same time enough security to let the air circulate and for your child to admire his enviroment you can open the ventilation window.

Transportable: The attachment can be folded up flat, so that it does not take away a lot of space; you can easily put many other things next to it. It can be set up again if you are on the way wihtout problems.


Measures and weights:

  • Inner dimension:(H x W x D) 20 x 73 x 33 cm
  • Dimension attachment: (H x W x D) 20 x 82 x 39.5 cm
  • Weight: 3,5 kg


Baby Turtle

The turtle BABY-SAFE i-Size by Britax-Römer meets the ECE R129 standard and its suitable for kids up to 15 months. Your baby is safe through the newborn insert that ensures extra support and comfort. When your child grows the newborn insert just can be taken out ,and the backrest can be adjusted optimal. Each one is available in 9 beautiful colors.

Product features

Space to grow - Suitable from birth to 15 months: The BABY-SAFE i-SIZE meets the ECE R129-standard (i-Size) and suits for newborn baby up to 15 months (resp. a size of 83 cm). The newborn insert gives the baby support, comfort and security. In case of an accident it conducts the energy away from the baby so that it would be secured. When your child grows you are able to take the newborn insert out and adjust the headrest - your child will always have still enough space.
Side-impact-protection technology (SICT): Your child will be protected with the side-impact-protection technology against side impacts of accidents – even twice. On the one hand, all the forces your child would be hit by, will be derived away from it and on the other hand the forces will be reduced. The SICT-Technology always should be positioned to the door facing side, to protect your child perfectly.
Flat lying posotion: Your newborn baby will drive the most secure if it lies comfortable and ergomically. The integrated and patented technology for the flat lying position that makes it possible to adjust the position differentlyy flat and to suite it optimal to the size of your child. Immediatly when you adjust the headrest, the position changes. – so that your child has more space while growing. The same with the shoulder belt.
Headrest and belt: You can adjust the shoulder belts and the padded headrest only with one hand to make them fit to your childs size. You have to check if the headrest is adjusted properly in the right position before you put on the belts - directly above the shoulders of your child. 
Sun canopy: The sun canopy with UPF 50+ sun protection protects your child against damaging sun rays and wind. In the car and in the stroller likewise. The attachment points are ideally on the sides of the carrying hanger, so that the turtle can be carried easily even when the canopy is fixed to it.
5-point-beltsystem: The 5-point beltsystem offers your child optimal protection in the shell of the seat. In case of an accident the belt system distributes all the forces that would hit your child to 5 points and reduces them: to both shoulders, to the hips and to the beltlock between the legs.
Unlocked easily: CLICK & GO® Adapters: They are not only healthy for the back, they make it very easy to separate the turtle from the base or from the stroller with the help of the grip on the back of the turtle. So you as parents can stand upright while taking off the turtle.
Adjustable handle: The handle can be adjusted backwards easily, to be able to put your child comfortably in the turtle. You only need to unlock the buttons on every side of the carrying handle. And when you put down the turtle on the floor the carrying handle has to be put back so that the turtle does not swing.
Colour indicators for correct installation: The colour indicators signalize if the turtle is rightly installed on the base or in the stroller. When the adapter snaps into place the indicators change their color from red to green.
Moveable coverage: The washable coverage can be removed easily without the need for taking off the belt. Therefore you are able to use the seat very fast after it gets dirty. .

Measures and weights

Total measures (HxWxD): 58 x 44 x 67 cm
Weight: 4,8 kg


BABY-SAFE I-Size Carbracket

The Flex Base carbracket by Britax Römer helps your child travelling in the Baby-Safe i-Size turtle ergonomically and in the most fitting position because it adapts optimal to the car angle.


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