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KIDFIX III S - Cosmos Black

Britax Römer KIDFIX III S Car seat

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Tree for your child

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The  KIDFIX III S  is known from the award-winning KIDFIX product row .  It... more

The KIDFIX III S is known from the award-winning KIDFIX product rowIt focuses on safety, security and a lot of comfort. You will have an unique child seat with the KIDFIX III S. The combination of different saving functions, the large backrest and the special seat unites perfectly between comfort and safety. No matter if long journeys or short trips - the examind safety-functions SICT and SecureGuard, do not only make the usage of the seat for children between 3,5 to 12 years comfortable but secure.

Product features

V-formed backrest: more moving capacities fot the child and especially supportive during his growth. The backrest adapts in an optimal manner to your childs body and aligns the seat to the angle of your car seat. Your child will sit comfortably and be adapted optimal to the seat itself. 

Ergonomic seat: the about 20 % bigger seat then other child seats makes free movement possible. Long journeys are more comfortable and bearable with this seat. The optimized form and the extra soft padding let it become ergonomic also.

Security and safety: the SecureGuard positions the hip belt perfectly above the hip bones of your child. The SICT-technology helps in case of an accident with the side-impact-protection. The sidewalls protect the child additonally against all sides.

High backrest: through the high backrest your child will stay protected in three ways: espially in case of an side-impact. The sitting bowl protects from the head to the hip.The belt guides up and down put the car-belt on the right place and the padded, stable headrest comfortably safes the neck of your child.

The side-impact-protection (SICT): The side-impact-protection safes your child very effective. The forces your child would be hit by in case of an accident will be directed away from your child and reduced to a very low level. The best way to protect your child is to direct the SICT-Technology towards the side of the door.

Adjustable headrest: The headrest protects even older children, if they are strapped with the 3-point-safetybelt in the child seat. Only one hand is needed to adjust it very easily in the right poisition (exactly above the shoulders of the child)  even if your child already sits in the seat. The headrest supports the head of the child with the help of its own ergonomics, espiaclly when it sleeps.

Neck- and breast-protection: You never know, a collision couldt alsways happen. But to prevent your child from following damages in the sensitive parts of the neck and the breast, the KIDFIX has a perfect protection-device - the impact dampening XP-PAD foampillow. The chin will be prevented from hitting the breast because the impacting forces will be reduced about 30%. The neck wont be strained and the swing of the head to the front wont be strong. In addition to all that a comfortable padding protects against the edges of the safetybelt.

Removable coverage: The durable and simple to wash material of the coverage, makes the maintenance and its cleaning very easy. Sometimes it gets dirty with a child in the back or something dumpes out and a moveable coverage like this is the perfect solution for that.

SecureGuard: The sensitive stomach of your child is additionally protected through the SecureGuard. The other 4th attachement point of the 3-point-carbelt, the optimizied position of the hip belt above the hip bones of your child and the SecureGuard reduce the power, a frontal collision would release and leaves although enough freedom for the movement of the child during the ride.


Measures and weights

  • dimensions: (H x B x T): 67 – 85 x 54 x 43 cm
  • weight: 7,5 kg
  • loading capacity: 15 -36 kg



Seat with belt and ISOFIX-attachment:

The Kidfix III seat has not only to be installed with the 3-point-belt in your car but with the ISOFIX-anchoring-points either. That way you will get sure, that the car seat is anchored tight in the car. Even if your child isnt sitting in it. Please look into the typelist to check if your car is compatible.

Only with the belt 

With the belt alone, the car seat can be installed too, only with the 3-point-belt of the car. That makes ist possible for the car seat to suite also for cars that do not have those ISOFIX-attachment-points. Orientate on the belt guids in seat of the car to install the car seat right.

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