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BeSafe iZi Transfer baby wrap

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Tree for your child

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From the stroller to the car seat The BeSafe iZi Transfer wrap adapts to the child... more

From the stroller to the car seat


The BeSafe iZi Transfer wrap adapts to the child like a cocoon and yet leaves enough leeway to move the baby from home or from the carrycot in the iZi Transfer directly into the baby seat or the reboarder permanently installed in the car from birth (e.g. iZi Twist or iZi Turn). Small babies in particular like a tight fit and feel secure in it. This means that the child can be placed in the iZi Transfer at home and with the seat belt closed in the iZi Transfer, the child can then be placed in the stroller or carried to the car. Padding in the head / upper body area ensures comfort and support for the head, neck and back region. The iZi Transfer extends to the baby's legs, for example, so that the child can also be buckled in the popular baby car seats with a 5-point harness or Y harness. The iZi Transfer is made of a robust and stable, but thin and breathable fabric, which is not bulky in the baby seat or does not hinder the buckling up with the baby seat belt. When carrying, the child is held in a stable, natural position and the handles are soft and comfortable to hold, even with the weight of the baby. With the iZi Transfer, the child is carried more easily and safely than without aids and only with supportive hands under the head and body. "From the car home in just one nap" is a fitting and comprehensive description by the manufacturer.

Implementation made easy

The iZi Transfer was developed in cooperation with test families and physiotherapists and has been subjected to crash tests at accident speeds of 64 km / h, material tests and load tests for baby carrier bags. The result is a safety assessment by the TÜV, a GS certification and a baby carrier, which adapts to the natural shape of the baby and provides comfort and ergonomic support thanks to the padding in the head area. The upholstery and the material are based on the requirements for breathable mattresses. So you can easily move the child from the bath or at home into the car seat - or vice versa - without disturbing his sleep. The fabric fits easily into the baby seat or surrounds the baby in the bath. The child is fastened in the iZi Transfer using an X-shaped belt system that is not in the way of the seat belts in the baby car seats. The iZi Transfer is a useful helper for many everyday situations in the first six months with your baby.With this baby wrap, the child is always in the right position to put it in the car seat, without changing position in the arm when lifting it out of the bath and the change to the car seat. BeSafe therefore describes the iZi Transfer as “perfect for short repositioning” and means not only the change between bath and car seat, but also the way from home to the car and back. Because the iZi Transfer's own weight of just a few grams allows the heavy baby seat to be left in the car and the child can be carried safely and comfortably over short distances in the iZi Transfer.

Technical data and information

        For babies from approx. 1-6 months, approx. 56-68 cm and max. 9 kg.

        Fits into any baby seat or reboarder with a newborn insert and carrycot of a stroller.

        The textiles comply with the strict REACH standards.

        The outer material consists of 47% cotton, 45% TENCEL ™, 7% linen and 1% elastane.

        The inner material is also made of 100% cotton mesh.

        The foam padding is made of 100% polyester.

        The fabric is breathable and machine washable.

        The stretcher has been subjected to comprehensive safety tests: TÜV tested according to EN 1466, GS, crash test, material resistance.

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