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BeSafe iZi Modular A X1 i-Size Reboarder

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  Why should you choose the iZi Modular A? Loose or loose belts occur... more


Why should you choose the iZi Modular A?


Loose or loose belts occur more often in the day-to-day buckling process than we can imagine. If the belt is not tightened sufficiently, the child is not buckled up securely and has too much freedom of movement in the event of an accident because the belt, which is too loose, cannot hold the child sufficiently. The iZi Modular A X1 i-Size is the first car seat for children from around 6 months or 61 cm, with which you can rule out this source of error. The innovative belt tensioner construction inside the seat, the Active Retract Harness ™ actively supports the correct buckling by continuously tightening the straps. You then only have to push up the straps inside the shoulder pads so that the belt pulls tight. The iZi Modular A X1 i-Size is therefore at the highest level of safety that a car seat can offer. In addition to the unique belt tensioner system, the Modular A also has the Dynamic Force Absorber ™, which has already been tried and tested in other BeSafe models to optimally cushion the forces of a side impact, the ergonomically adapted belt shoulder pads and the attachable side impact protection. A well thought-out and consistently further developed seat, which is also part of the BeSafe modular system with Isofix base and iZi Go Modular as the Modular A X1 i-Size. The iZi Modular is approved according to the new i-Size standard UN R129.

The iZi Modular A in detail

The iZi Modular A is a seat that combines innovative technology, growing comfort for the child and easy handling by the parents. The new belt system (Active Retract Harness ™) actively supports buckling up, the shoulder belts and 10-way adjustable headrest can be adjusted with one hand and magnets ensure that the belts are not in the way when getting in and out of the seat (Magnetic Belt Assistants ™). The iZi Modular A is simply clicked on the iZi Modular base station and can still be changed in the sitting position after installation. The comfort for the children is created by the good ventilation system in the back area and the high-quality materials that are pleasantly soft and yet durable. Thanks to the narrow, ergonomically shaped shoulder pads (Ergo-Move Shoulder Pads ™, based on the knowledge of Aktion Gesunder Rück), which give the child's arms more freedom of movement and the Two-Fit Cushions ™, the seat can always be optimally adapted to the growing child become. On the Isofix station, the legroom can be adjusted 3-fold so that even larger children can still sit backwards comfortably. The (side) impact protection is guaranteed by the built-in side impact protection (SIP) and by the additional side impact protection (Slide-on SIP +) that can be attached to the outside of the car and reinforced by the technology of the Dynamic Force Absorber ™. These are flex zones in the head area which, thanks to a special construction, gently cushion the sensitive head of the child in the event of a side impact and keep the impact forces away from the child.

All features at a glance


Ergo-Move Shoulder Pads ™

The shoulder strap is guided by ergonomically shaped and softly padded shoulder pads, for a comfortable belt feeling and more arm room.


Active Retract Harness™

A belt tensioner system that actively helps buckle up the child thanks to an innovative belt retractor construction and continuously tightens the belts.


3-way adjustable legroom

More legroom (3-way adjustable) contributes to the comfortable driving experience for children with longer legs or on longer car journeys.


Dynamic Force Absorber™

The latest technology for side impact protection is hidden under the fabric cover and enables the child to be intercepted in a controlled manner. in the event of a side impact.


Slide-On SIP+

The additional side impact protection (SIP +) also absorbs up to 20% of the forces and is always pushed to the outside on the guide rail.


One click installation

Clicking on the base station is quick and easy, and acoustic and optical signals help to correctly install the Isofix station.

The iZi Modular A in contrast to other iZi Modular seats


The iZi Modular A X1 i-Size has so far only been available in the Premium Car Interior Black color and with the unique belt retractor system that helps parents to buckle up. The “A” in the name illustrates the difference and indicates the innovative Active Retract Harness ™ belt construction. This belt actively helps buckle up the child by pulling itself tight. As soon as the belt buckles have been brought together in the belt buckle, the belts are rolled up inside the seat and thereby continuously tensioned. Then you just have to grab the belt in the middle of the shoulder pads and push it up to tighten it completely. This revolutionary Active Retract Harness ™ belt system makes it easier for the child to buckle up and makes driving safer because it can fix one of the most common operating errors, namely loosening of the seat belt. Like the other iZi Modular seats, the useful life of approx.3.5 years is distributed over a body size of 61 cm to 105 cm and a maximum weight of 18 kg. Depending on the individual growth, this corresponds to an age range of approx. 6 months to approx. 4 years in which the children can drive backwards up to five times safer in the car.

Operation of the Active Retract Harness ™



The crotch with the lock is folded down into the "open position" and then the shoulder straps can be pulled out and the child can be put in.


Merge - collect

The shoulder straps are pulled further so that the child's arms can be passed through before the two lock tongues are brought together.



As soon as you fold the crotch back up into the "closed position", the straps tighten continuously and can no longer be extended.


Close - Connect

When the crotch is back up, the mated lock tongues can be clicked into the buckle and the belt system takes over the tightening.



Now check whether the belt is tightened properly. To do this, pull the hip straps above the buckle upwards - the belt system then tightens automatically, and then you hold the belt straps inside the shoulder pads and push them upwards for additional tightening. The Active Retract Harness ™ tightens the belt. At the end, just check again whether the belt is properly tensioned - if you can no longer fold it (“belt fold test”), the safe journey can begin.

Technical specifications

  • Rear-facing driving for children from 61 to 105 cm.
  • Forward-facing driving for children from 88 to 105 cm.
  • For children up to a maximum of 18 kg.
  • For children from approx. 6 months to approx. 4 years, depending on body size and body weight.
  • Approved according to UN R129 (i-Size) for driving direction backwards and forwards with Isofix.
  • Isofix base station “BeSafe iZi Modular ISOfix Basis” is necessary, but not included in the scope of delivery.
  • Automatic belt tensioner technology (Active Retract Harness ™).
  • Safety through Dynamic Force Absorber ™ in the head area and integrated side impact protection shell (SIP) and additional side impact protection for the respective car door side (SIP +).
  • Ergonomic shoulder pads for more freedom of movement for the child's arms (Ergo-Move Shoulder Pads ™).


The most important accessory for the iZi Modular A is the appropriate Isofix base. If you already have the iZi Go Modular baby car seat, then you probably already have the BeSafe iZi Modular ISOfix base. These three parts form the BeSafe Modular System. Even if the baby seat could only be attached with the 3-point seat belt, you need the iZi Modular ISOfix base for the iZi Modular seats at the latest, because these are only installed in the car with this base and Isofix. To protect the car seats, BeSafe offers various protective covers that offer seat and kick protection and have pocket compartments for storing toys, drinking bottles or for a tablet. These car seat protectors are available in different versions - padded or in leather look, with or without compartments, divisible or not. the padded protective cover, the baby-on-board shield - which is also available individually, simple sun protection and the belt collector form the reboard package and the kick protection with pockets, the belt collector and the baby-on-board shield form the forward package. To protect the child seat and also for a more comfortable sitting experience in summer, there is the BeSafe car seat cover made of bamboo for iZi Modular i-Size. For the easy transfer of the baby from the car seat into the stroller or vice versa, there is the BeSafe iZi transfer sling and for observation and to establish eye contact between the child driving backwards and the adults sitting in front, there is the BeSafe XL2 baby mirror with LED light & remote control. The BeSafe belt monitor is useful for very agile and agile children, with which you can hold the shoulder straps together so that the child always remains optimally buckled up. In summer, the self-adhesive sun protection in a set of 2 not only protects the window next to the child seat, you can then stick this BeSafe self-adhesive sun protection to every other window in the car and remove it again when the sun comes from the other side.


BeSafe iZi Modular ISOfix Basis

The Isofix station for the BeSafe modular system with the iZi Go Modular from birth and the iZi Modular seats up to 105 cm or 18 kg.


BeSafe 2-phase seat protection including tablet holder

The growing and divisible seat protection to protect your seat upholstery and covers in the car is suitable for all child seats.


BeSafe XL2 baby mirror with LED light & remote control

With the large, illuminated mirror and your rear view mirror in the car, you and the child can make eye contact at any time.


BeSafe car seat cover made of bamboo for iZi Modular i-Size

A summer or protective cover that is easy to remove and wash and always feels pleasantly soft.

About us


Dear customers,

we have put together an overview of the BeSafe iZi Modular A X1 i-Size. We are happy to advise and inform you about alternatives or further questions.

  • If you have any questions, please call us at 0431/64083184 or send us an email to [email protected], gladly in German or English - other languages such as Russian, Latvian or French are also possible depending on the employee.
  • In our specialist shop in Kiel you can view the different BeSafe car seats, touch them and test them in your car. We would be happy to advise you on the various possible uses and the special features of the individual car seats.
  • In our BeSafe brand shop here in the online shop you will find many other BeSafe products with descriptions and accessories.
  • On behalf of BeSafe, we carry out minor repairs in our BeSafe Service Center. For this we have a workshop in the shop, which is usually staffed on Wednesdays and Fridays. In the case of upcoming repairs, we recommend prior consultation and an appointment, if spare parts still need to be procured or you need a rental child seat.

Thank you for looking around our online site and we wish you a safe drive.

The Baby Garage team

Car seat registration: Reboarder (61 cm to 105cm)
Child seat direction of travel: Rearfaceing and forwardfaceing
Car seat method of installation: with base station
Car seat special features: Magnetic belt holders
Car seat scope of delivery: car seat, Seat insert, Side impact protection
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