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TFK mono combi set offer + Aton 5 (air chamber)

TFK Mono Setangebot mit Aton 5

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Tree for your child

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  Why choose the combination Aton 5 and TFK Mono with eco wheels?... more


Why choose the combination Aton 5 and TFK Mono with eco wheels?


With the baby car seat Aton 5 by Cybex and the TFK Mono with the air chamber wheels you have two reliable companions for everyday life with the child and on the go. The TFK Mono is a flexible combination stroller for every family. The air chamber wheel set consists of flat tires, which nevertheless support the good suspension of the stroller frame. With the TKF Mono and the locked front wheel you can jog quietly and stably or go for a walk in the field. With the front wheel locked and the child in the seat unit, the TFK Mono is approved for sporting use. With the moveable front wheel, the TFK Mono is agile and easy to maneuver, whether in the city, in narrow streets and alleys or fully loaded. Because the lower basket offers enough space for everything you need around the child or still want to shop. The combi unit, which is used first as a bathtub with a breathable comfort mattress and later as a seat unit with a large, ergonomically padded seat-lying area, is well equipped for the first three years of the child's life. As a seat, the combination unit can be placed in both directions of travel. The Aton5 by Cybex is for children from birth up to 13 kg or approx. 18 months and can also be placed on the TFK Mono with an adapter if it has just fallen asleep in the car or if you have left the combination unit at home for space reasons . The adjustable top of the baby seat can protect the child from the sun or prying eyes in the car or on the stroller. Thanks to the reinforced side impact protection, the Aton5 is a safe baby seat for driving with the child and the TFK Mono with air chamber wheels is a versatile combi stroller for everything you want to do - sports, walks, excursions, trips or shopping trips.



Carrycot for newborns

The child lies comfortably on the breathable mattress from birth.


Seat unit for babies from approx. 6 months

The ergonomically padded seat for children who can already sit.


Cybex baby car seat Aton 5

The simple and safe group 0 seat for babies from birth up to 13 kg or approx. 18 months.


Adapter for baby car seat

With a few simple steps and the adapters, the Aton5 can be placed on the TFK Mono.

Individual complet set

We have combined common colors for you with our set offers. If you want a different color scheme, that's no problem. Please create a customer account and add the desired individual products to the shopping cart. You can then request an offer using this combination. Please let us know which set you are referring to when preparing your offer. Please note that the price can also be adjusted by different products.

Delivery colors according to the manufacturer

A gray, anthracite, matt glossy frame with black wheels and gray functional elements characterize the current TFK models, including the TFK Mono. A black adapter set is included in the set. If you have questions about the pattern and the color, please write to us at [email protected], because details such as e.g. Colors, patterns or decorative seams are not always clearly shown.

  Schwarz Grau Olive Premium Anthrazit
Premium Grau
TFK Mono design Black Grey Olive Mottled anthracite  Grey melange
Aton5 design Deep Black Soho Grey Granit Black Granit Black  Soho Grey

The TFK Mono with air chamber wheel set

The TFK Mono combi stroller has a stable, yet light aluminum frame. The maneuverability in the city and smooth driving behavior on any terrain make the TFK Mono a stroller that is easy to maneuver. With the hand brake lever on the push handle you can easily apply the parking brake or with the disc brake downhill or higher speeds, e.g. while jogging, regulate. The easily accessible lower basket and the two small side pockets offer plenty of storage space for toys, shopping, provisions and other useful and beautiful things for on the go. Reflective seams are incorporated in the lower basket and in the hood, which make the TFK Mono more visible in poor light conditions or when it is dark. A fold-out sun visor and a hidden UV net are also integrated in the cover of the combi unit to protect the child from the sun's rays, to provide shade and to allow optimal air circulation under the cover on hot days. All fabrics from TFK are dirt and water repellent, easy to clean and have 50+ UV protection. The backrest is infinitely adjustable so that larger children can lie and sleep as flat as possible in the seat unit. The ergonomic sitting and lying area is spacious and can be extended for the longer legs of the larger children with the footrest, which is simply clicked into the seat frame. With the articulated joint, the push handle can always be placed at the appropriate height, regardless of whether an adult or a sibling pushes the stroller.


The TFK Mono is a consistent further development of the TFK models. Starting from the jogger to the trail and adventure models, the TFK Mono is a bundle of all practical experience, the best properties and the further developed technology. In addition, the mono stroller is in the TFK tradition of functionality, quality and sustainability. Regular TÜV tests, all materials used are certified and a long service life is a matter of course. The children can sit in the combination unit up to approx. 3 years and then in the optional XL sports seat up to approx. 5-6 years, or 34 kg. The combi unit is first used as a large and spacious carrycot with a breathable mattress without a belt system and then converted step by step into an ergonomically upholstered seat unit. First you only adjust the backrest so that the child lying down can also see beyond the edge of the tub. Later you take out the mattress and install the belt system and the footrest to make enough space for the older ones. The air chamber wheel set consists of wheels with a non-flattened foam plastic, which comes very close to the handling of shell-tube wheels. The wheels support the suspension of the TFK Mono on flat or uneven routes. With the front wheel locked and a child in the seat unit, the TFK Mono is approved for sporting use. But also for non-joggers, the TFK Mono is a stroller that has everything to have a reliable companion for walks, trips, excursions or other activities in any terrain in the first years of the child's life. Everything about dimensions and weights can be found under “TFK Mono Kombi stroller with air chamber wheel set”.

Details of the infant carrier Cybex Aton5

The baby seat Aton5 from Cybex is approved for newborns and children up to 13 kg or approx. 18 months. This baby seat is the simplest of the Cybex family, but it can easily keep up with the more sophisticated Cybex Group 0 seats in terms of functionality, quality and safety. This is also confirmed by the usual consumer tests. The Aton5 shell has everything you need for a comfortable and safe drive with the child. You can either buckle the baby seat with the car's 3-point belt or click on an additional (Isofix) base, which then always remains installed in the car. With the 8-way adjustable headrest, the size is automatically adjusted to the growing child. Both the newborn / seat cover and the Y-shaped straps are connected to the headrest for optimal size adjustment. With the head inside the headrest, the shoulder straps are always at the correct height. The seat cover is first laid twice and used as a padded newborn insert so that the little baby can lie as flat as possible in the shell and is then pulled longer with the adjustment of the headrest. For even more space, a white styrofoam wedge can be removed from the cover fabric, which enables the newborn to lie flat and without which the larger child has more back height because it can then sit deeper in the baby seat. With the energy-absorbing plastic shell and the L.S.P. System (linear side impact protection), the Aton5 has very good safety properties that protect the child lying in it. The shell and the fold-out protector can reduce the impact of a rear-end collision (especially from the side) by about 25% by absorbing the energy and distracting you from the child. The cover of the baby seat is removable and washable. The hood can be placed in four different positions and protects against UV radiation (SPF 50+) or against prying eyes when the child is supposed to sleep in the Cybex Aton5.

Characteristics in detail


Carry cot absorbs energy

The plastic cover of the Aton5 is made of an energy-absorbing material, which together with the L.S.P. System picks up and directs away from the child.


XXL hood

The large 4-way convertible sunroof can not only offer shade and UV protection, it can also protect against prying eyes if you pull it all the way forward.


Removable styrofoam insert

More space for larger babies is created when you remove the white styrofoam seat insert under the cover and the child can then slide deeper into the shell.


Impact protection for opening

When opened to the outside, the Protekto is part of the linear side impact protection (L.S.P.) and helps to deflect and reduce the forces of a side crash.

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