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TFK Mono combi set offer + Cloud Z i-Size (air wheel)

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  Why the TFK Mono with air wheels and the Cloud Z are a great combination!... more


Why the TFK Mono with air wheels and the Cloud Z are a great combination!


The TFK Mono is a multi-purpose stroller that meets all your needs when it comes to relaxed driving on any surface and larger adventures such as hiking, jogging and outdoor activities with your baby. Why should you choose the TFK Mono with pneumatic wheel set?

Compared to air-chamber tires, pneumatic wheels offer even greater driving comfort. This is particularly important on uneven ground (for all outdoor activities). Since the TFK Mono is approved for jogging, pneumatic wheels are also recommended to absorb strong vibrations while running. 

Cybex's Cloud Z is an outstanding baby seat. It is an i-size tested shell and thus meets the highest safety standards. Outside of the car, the shell can be adjusted to a lying position, so you can let your child sleep in a relaxed, ergonomically correct position. 

With the right adapter, the Cloud Z baby seat can be easily attached to the TFK Mono pram and can therefore also be used outside the car. 

With this set offer you choose products that are not only convincing in terms of quality and safety, but can also be combined with one another.



The TFK Mono pram with carrycot

The delivery includes the TFK Mono frame and the combination tub.


TFK Mono sports seat unit

The combination tub can be converted into a seat unit. All necessary parts are included.


The Cybex Cloud Z baby seat

Also included is the Cloud Z. An i-Size tested baby seat with a reclining function.


The right adapters

Thanks to the right adapter, you can attach the Cloud Z to the frame of the TFK Mono.

Individual complet set

In this set offer you will find all products in the most common color combinations. If you decide on a different color combination, we have the option of adapting the set for you. Of course, the prices of the set can change according to the color. In addition, certain products are excluded from set offers. 

If you would like to create an individual set, please first create a customer account on our website. Then put all the products contained in the set in the color of your choice with reference to the set offer in the shopping cart. Now you can request an offer from us for the set you have created. 

If you have any further questions, please contact us by phone or email.

Delivery colors according to the manufacturer

The TFK models convince with elegant, simple color patterns that can be easily integrated into everyday life and leave room for individual stroller decoration. You can see the colors of the current collection in the table below. The frame comes as standard in a matt, glossy anthracite gray with black wheels and gray contrasting functional elements. The adapters included in the scope of delivery for attaching the baby seat to the stroller frame are made of black plastic. The Cloud Z baby seat can also be purchased in different colors. 

Please note that the attached photos cannot always accurately reproduce the colors, patterns and details of the fabrics.

The information Premium (TFK Mono) and Plus (Cloud Z) are fabrics of higher quality and durability. If you have any further questions about the products, please contact us personally.

  Schwarz Grau Braun Olive Premium Anthrazit Premium Grau
TFK Mono  Black Grey Brown Olive Anthracite mottled Grey melange
Cloud Z  Deep Black Soho Grey Khaki Green Plus  Khaki Green Plus Deep Black Plus  Soho Grey Plus

The TFK Mono with air wheel set


The TFK Mono pram was developed as a further development of the Trail and Adventure models. Years of experience and constant research have gone into the new TFK model, which also combines the best features of its predecessors. The Mono is a new and innovative pram in the usual high TFK quality. Practical functions and a long service life are just as impressive as its usability in the city but also outdoors and in the field. TÜV-tested and using certified materials, a new class of strollers has been created that puts its predecessors in the shade.

You can use the TFK Mono from birth to around the age of three. The combination tub attached to the frame is used as a tub from birth. Later and as required, it can be expanded into a seat unit in just a few simple steps. All you have to do is tilt the tub and install a few additional parts included in the delivery, such as the foot section. Now you can let your child explore the world facing in or against the direction of travel. If required, the large seat unit can also be purchased (this can only be used facing forward). This offers your child extra space and can be used for an additional 2-3 years.

The Mono is particularly convincing due to its off-road suitability and jogging approval (only after the seat unit has been used). The 3 large wheels with the Schwalbe hoses and jackets enable an incredibly smooth and smooth ride. By adjusting the air pressure, the car can be adapted to the different surfaces. The disc brakes, which can be operated with a handle, are also used here. They enable gentle braking of the journey and a safe stand at the traffic lights or in other unsafe situations.


The TFK Mono is packed with special functions and properties. The height-adjustable handle on the articulation joint can be adjusted to different body sizes and even enables our little ones to push their car in front of them. The cover has a fold-out sun visor that can be pulled out or folded away if necessary. The integrated ventilation windows always ensure optimal air circulation in the tub and seat unit. The fabrics of the Mono are robust, dirt-repellent and equipped with 50+ UV protection. They are easy to clean and water-repellent. The large lower basket offers plenty of storage space for small purchases or trips. Thanks to its integrated reflectors, the Mono is always easy to see, even in the dark.  

The combination tub, which will later be converted into a seat unit, has a large ergonomic seating and lying surface. The removable belt system takes the place of the mattress from around the sixth month. In addition, the fold-out footboard is installed; it simply has to be clicked onto the frame. The steplessly adjustable backrest and the long leg rest allow you to bring your child into an almost completely flat lying position.

The tough, robust but light aluminum frame supports the all-rounder qualities of the TFK Mono and allows it to perform in any terrain. A stroller for every day and every adventure.

How does the TFK Mono work

In this video you can find out more about the special features of the TFK Mono with air chamber tires. Both TFK Mono models (pneumatic tires, air chamber tires) have exactly the same functions and the same handling. They only differ in terms of the tires.

This video provides information on setting up and handling the TFK Mono with air chamber wheels. There is no difference to the handling of the model with pneumatic tires. However, you must note that the air wheels must be additionally inflated (not shown in the video).

Details about the Cybex Cloud Z baby seat

The Cloud Z baby seat from Cybex is a car seat with an integrated reclining function. It enables your child to travel in the most ergonomic and comfortable position possible and in accordance with the highest safety standards. Equipped with an optimized linear side impact protection (L.S.P. system), the energy-absorbing shell and tested according to i-Size standards, your child is maximally protected from all sides and you can know your child is safe every time you drive.

The modern and innovative 360 ° rotation mechanism, which comes into action in combination with the Base Z base station, allows you to turn the shell towards the door and thus facilitate lifting in and out of the shell. The ergonomically flat lying position, which can be adjusted outside of the vehicle, also makes your everyday life easier. You don't have to wake up your child to get them out of the shell and into a lying position. 

Thanks to the removable newborn inlay and the 11-way adjustable headrest, the seat grows with your child from birth and can be adapted to the individual growth of your child. The bowl can be used up to a body weight of 13 kg or a body height of 87 cm.

The Cloud Z baby seat combines two unique cover fabrics. Firstly, the fabric on the inside of the seat. This is cuddly soft and offers a comfortable sitting experience. Cybex distinguishes between two fabric qualities. The soft comfort fabric, which can be purchased in three colors (black, gray, red) and the slightly more robust Plus fabric, which is available in different colors (mountain blue, autum gold, mustard yellow etc.). On the other hand, the outer fabric of the body is made of a robust and hard-wearing twill fabric. This makes the seat durable and protects against heavy wear and tear. 

Additional safety elements such as the belt system, the height-adjustable headrest and the sun canopy with 50+ UV protection factor give your child additional security. The additional SensorSafe safety system cannot be purchased in the set offer. In addition, it cannot be retrofitted, but has to be installed when you buy it. 

In summary, it can be said that the Cloud Z is a modern and stylish baby seat that meets the highest safety requirements and gives both parents and children a feeling of security on the journey.

Features in detail


Height-adjustable headrest

The headrest can be adjusted in 11 steps and allows the seat to grow with your child.


The travel system

With the right adapters, the Cloud Z can be attached to many stroller models.


The flat lying position

Outside of the car, a flat lying position can be set without lifting the child out of the seat.


The 360 ° rotating mechanism

Turning on the Base Z base station makes it easier to lift it in and out of the shell.


The energy-absorbing shell

The body of the shell absorbs the energies generated in the accident and protects your child all around.


XXL convertible sun canopy

Offers protection from wind and sun thanks to the 50+ UV protection.


The removable newborn insert

Reduces the size of the seat for your newborn and can easily be removed as it grows.


The linear side impact protection (L.S.P. system)

Reduces impact forces in the event of a side accident.

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