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TFK Mono combi set offer + Cloud Z i-Size (air chamber)

TFK Mono Setangebot mit Cloud

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Tree for your child

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  Why should you choose the TFK Mono with air chamber wheels and the Cloud... more


Why should you choose the TFK Mono with air chamber wheels and the Cloud Z baby seat?


The TFK Mono is a real all-rounder. A pram that adapts to many different needs in everyday life. Whether on level ground or outdoors, off-road or jogging. The mono won't let you down. But why should you choose the TFK Mono variant with air chamber tires and the Cloud Z in the set offer?

In contrast to conventional pneumatic tires, the air chamber tires do not have to be inflated. The air chambers built into the tire absorb strong vibrations on uneven ground and enable a high level of driving comfort without the risk of a flat tire from broken pieces or sharp stones. The air chamber wheels are particularly useful when driving off-road and when you don't always have an air pump to hand. 

The baby seat Cloud Z from the manufacturer Cybex is convincing in every respect. Tested according to i-Size standards, it meets the highest demands in terms of safety and comfort. The advantage of the Cloud Z is clearly the reclining function that can be adjusted outside the car. This allows you to let your child sleep in an ergonomic position when you take a break from longer journeys. Functions such as the 360 ° rotating mechanism on the Base Z base station (not included in the set) and the XXL convertible sun canopy make it easier to use. 

Thanks to the matching adapter included in the set, the baby seat Cloud Z can be attached to the TFK Mono stroller frame without any effort. So you can use the shell outside of the car. This set offer impresses with its quality and safety and has the advantage that all parts can be combined with one another.



The TFK Mono frame with the combi carrycot

The delivery contains the TFK Mono frame with the combination tub.


The ergonomic seat unit

The combination tub can be converted into an ergonomic seat unit. All parts required for this are included.


The Cybex Cloud Z baby seat

A baby seat with a reclining function that meets the highest demands in terms of safety and quality.


The adapter

For attaching the baby seat Cloud Z to the TFK Mono stroller frame.

Individual complet set

You can find our set offers in the most common color combinations. If you do not like the color combinations given by us or if you prefer an individual combination, this is entirely possible. Please note, however, that the prices may vary depending on the colors. In addition, some products are excluded from the set offers. If you would like to put together a set yourself, please proceed as follows. 

If you do not already have one, open a customer account on our website. Put all the products contained in the set in the shopping cart in the colors you want. In the comment please state the set to which you are referring. You can now request an offer from us for the set you have put together. We will send you the offer as soon as possible by email.

Delivery colors according to the manufacturer

The colors of the TFK Mono are elegant and simple shades. They adapt well to everyday life and still leave space for your own decoration and accessories. You can find all color combinations of the trolley and shell in the table below. The aluminum frame of the Mono comes as standard in a matt-glossy anthracite-gray. The wheels are black and the functional elements attached to the frame are set off from the frame in a lighter gray. The adapters for attaching the Cloud Z baby seat to the stroller frame are made of black plastic. 

The Cloud Z baby seat itself can also be purchased in different colors.

Please note that the colors and patterns in the attached photos cannot always reflect the original.

The information Premium (TFK Mono) and Plus (Cloud Z) refer to the fabric quality. Fabrics with these names are of higher quality and longevity. If you have further questions about the products, please contact us.

  Schwarz Grau Braun Olive Premium Anthrazit Premium Grau
TFK Mono Design  Black Grey Brown Olive Anthracite mottled  Grey melange
Cloud Z i-Size Deep Black  Soho Grey  Khaki Green Plus Khaki Green Plus Deep Black Plus  Soho Grey Plus

The TFK Mono is a robust but lightweight everyday companion. It is the further development of its predecessors, the trail and adventure. It combines the best features of both cars and has one more thing new and special features. TÜV-tested and using certified materials, a stroller has been created that outshines its predecessors. Its incomparably good driving behavior in the city but also outdoors and off-road make it a real all-rounder that is ready for any adventure. With its three equally sized wheels, it can be easily maneuvered around curves. Thanks to the disc brakes, which are operated via the handbrake lever on the push handle, the trolley can be easily braked on slopes and brought to a quick and safe stop in unsafe situations. These functions in combination also enable jogging approval, which can be used after the seat unit has been used.

The reflectors built into the convertible top and combi tub are particularly helpful for outdoor use and in the dark. The large lower basket offers plenty of space for everything that is essential for excursions or even small purchases. The canopy of the combination tub includes a sun visor that can be folded out if necessary and a ventilation window with mosquito net. This ensures that there is always sufficient air circulation in the tub, even on warm days. The fabrics of the TFK Mono are dirt and water repellent. They are also very robust, have 50+ UV protection and are easy to clean. The push handle, which is adjustable at the articulation joint, can be adjusted to suit both large and small parents. In addition, it can be adjusted so low that our little ones have the opportunity to push their own car.


The combination tub can be converted into an ergonomic seat unit by installing the seat parts included in the scope of delivery. Now your child can sit down and enjoy the journey in or against the direction of travel and explore the world. The comfortable, ergonomic seating and lying surface offers your child plenty of space to develop healthily. When using the seat unit, the mattress makes room for the belt system. If required, the large seat curtain can also be purchased. This can be used for an additional 2-3 years. 

This set includes the Mono with the air chamber tires. The flat-less foam rubber plastic enables a smooth ride and comes very close to the ride behavior of pneumatic wheels. If the front wheel is locked, the car can also be used for sporting activities such as jogging and longboarding (with the Mama Board). But of course the TFK Mono is a loyal and reliable companion for every adventure even for parents who are not crazy about sports.

Details about the Cybex Cloud Z baby seat

The baby seat Cloud Z by the manufacturer Cybex is a seat with an integrated reclining function. Equipped with the linear side impact protection (L.S.P. system), the energy-absorbing shell body and tested according to i-Size standards, the shell meets the highest safety standards. In this way, your child can safely enjoy their first trips and short journeys in the most ergonomic and comfortable position possible.

The 360 ° rotation mechanism (only works in combination with the Base Z base station not included in the scope of delivery) is innovative and protects your back and nerves. It allows the bowl to be turned towards the car door, making it easier to lift your child in and out of the bowl. The almost completely flat reclining position, which can be adjusted outside the car, makes longer trips in the car, visits to the doctor or short shopping trips easier. In this way, you can let your child sleep ergonomically correctly without waking them up by lifting them out of the shell.  

The removable newborn insert (seat reduction) is supplied with the Cloud Z. It enables the shell to be used from birth and can simply be removed from the shell as the growth progresses. In addition, with the 11-way adjustable headrest, the Cloud Z grows individually with your child and can be used up to a height and weight of 87 cm and 13 kg.

The Cloud Z baby seat is made up of different cover fabrics. A combination of materials that make the bowl unique. The fabric on the inside of the seat can be purchased in two fabric qualities. On the one hand the comfort fabric. This is soft and available in three different colors (black, gray, red). On the other hand, the plus fabric. This consists of a coarser material and is therefore more robust and durable. The Plus fabrics can be purchased in many different colors (e.g. mountain blue, autum gold, mustard yellow etc.). The outer fabric of the shell is made of a firm and hard-wearing twill fabric, adapts perfectly to the interior of modern vehicles and is very durable.

Safety elements such as the belt system and the sun canopy with 50+ UV protection ensure additional safety for your child. You can also find out more about the SensorSafe security system. This is not included in the set offer, but can be purchased additionally. It cannot be retrofitted afterwards, but has to be installed in the shell when it is purchased. 

The Cloud Z can be summarized as a modern shell that meets the highest safety requirements and gives children and parents a feeling of security on the journey.


Features in detail


The energy-absorbing body of the baby seat

The shell body absorbs the impact forces generated in the accident.


The XXL convertible sun canopy

Thanks to 50+ UV protection, it offers protection against strong sunlight and weather.


The removable newborn inlay

Makes the seat comfortable and safe for your baby from birth.


The linear side impact protection (L.S.P. system)

Also protects the shell in the event of a side impact.


The 11-way height adjustable headrest

Adapts to the individual growth of your child.


The travel system

Allows the shell (with adapters) to be used on different stroller frames.


The flat lying position

Can be used outside the car and enables an ergonomically correct sleeping position.


The 360 ° rotating mechanism

Allows you to rotate the bowl towards the door for easy lifting in and out of the bowl.

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