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Joolz Hub + combi stroller

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  Why should you choose the Hub + combi stroller? The additional Hub... more


Why should you choose the Hub + combi stroller?


The additional Hub tub turns the Hub + into a pram. A compact, light, manoeuvrable and flexible stroller from birth until the child is 3 years old. Ideal for families with little space in the trunk or in the car and for everyone who wants to save space but want to offer their child the best possible comfort. The baby lies securely and comfortably in the Hub tub for the first few months of its life. The large tub with the firm fabric edge has an integrated mesh window in the head area, which, when open in summer, ensures good air circulation and enables the child who is still lying down to look out into the world. From about 7 months, you change to the seat unit, which can be turned in or against the direction of travel and which can be adjusted from sitting to lying flat. Both the bathtub and the seat unit have a large, adjustable sun canopy with opening ventilation windows. The Hub + can also be folded compactly with the seat unit and can even be carried with a shoulder strap. Four-wheel suspension, narrow wheelbase, movable front wheels, large lower basket and the integrated LED lights for better visibility in the dark make the Hub + a city-friendly pram that is also a reliable companion on trips to the park or the country.

The Hub + carrycot

The Hub + tub is a large and spacious tub with an ergonomic and breathable mattress. The bathtub is normally used from birth, for the first six months. When the child can pull themselves up on the edge of the bathtub, it is time to switch to the seat unit and strap the child in there. The tub has a fabric cover and offers protection and comfort for the child. The Hub + carrycot is available in the same colors as the Hub + itself. With the Brilliant Black Design, reflective elements have also been incorporated in the carrycot's top, which improve the visibility of the stroller in the dark. The fabric cover can be opened in the head area of ​​the tubs and at the lower cover end so that large mesh windows are visible. These ensure optimal air circulation even on hot days and allow the child to look out into the world while they are still in the tub. This type of tub ventilation is new for the Hub + tub and provides fresh air and a panoramic window. The carry handle of the carrycot can be rotated 360 degrees so that the child can be put in and taken out more easily. The tub has four support legs and can also be placed on the floor with the child - always make sure that the surface is level and firm.

The new Hub + combi stroller

The new Hub + combi stroller has all the good features and advantages that its predecessor already had and a few more improvements. What has remained is the compact folded size with or without the seat unit and the compatibility with numerous Joolz accessories. The safety bar on the seat and cot can be rotated completely (360 °). Depending on the color design, several additional reflector strips are integrated into the design and all new Hub + frames have LED lights integrated on the front and back of the frame, which can be individually turned on and off and above all. provide visible service when walking at dusk or at night. The suspension of the wheels has been improved, the shopping basket has been enlarged and access for loading and unloading has been made easier thanks to a folding basket frame. A viewing and ventilation window is hidden in the expandable hood, which enables improved ventilation. The belt system on the seat itself has been improved, a new fastener allows the child to buckle up and adjust the belt to the required size of the child easily and conveniently. The tub has also got a large panorama window that can be covered windtight in winter and also allows the air to circulate well in the tub in summer.

Pleasant driving comfort - ideal for the city

Compact 53 cm width, maneuverable with one hand, large rear wheels, movable and lockable front wheels, narrow wheelbase, four-wheel suspension, manoeuvrable, light, enlarged lower basket, space for diaper bag or XL shopping net, integrated LED lights, telescopic push handle.

Small when folded and easy to store - ideal for little space

Fold up with or without a seat / cocoon, easily folded in a few simple steps, can stand upright when folded up, fits in small cars or behind doors, shoulder straps, brakes and locking mechanism for the front wheels can be easily operated with the foot.

Particularly comfortable seat - ideal for the child

Seat unit can be used in both directions of travel, three-way adjustable backrest and footrest, upright sitting and lying flat possible, water-repellent XL hood with UVP 50+ and coverable mesh windows, breathable upholstery, easy-to-use belts.

Delivery colors Hub +

The Hub + is available in four stylish colors: Classic Blue, Gorgeous Gray, Marvelous Green and Brilliant Black. The colors blue, gray and green were combined with a matt silver frame. The Brilliant Black design is a completely black stroller with lots of reflective elements. The wheels of all designs are black and have built-in reflective strips. With the Brilliant Black, the rims are also reflective and reflective strips of different widths have been incorporated into the backrest, the hood, the tub and the seat, which cannot be seen in daylight. The cover for the gripping surfaces on the slider and carrying / belly bar is made of padded synthetic leather.

  Classic Blue Gorgeous Grey Marvellous Green
Brilliant Black Awesome Anthracite Timeless Taupe
Frame color Silver Silver Silver Black Black Grey
Synthetic leather on the handle and bracket Brown Brown Dark brown  Black Black Black
Fabric color seat Dark blue Grey Dark green Black, reflective stripes on the hood, seat and backrest  Mottled gray and black Taupe
Fabric color carrycot Dark blue Grey Dark green Black, reflective stripes on the hood, seat and backrest Mottled gray and black Taupe

Black with reflective stripes

Black with reflective stripes Black with reflective stripes

Black, reflective rims

Black Black

Technical data and scope of delivery

    • Time of use as a pram: babies from birth (approx. 6 months in the bath) - 3 years
    • Hub + set up: 86-98 x 53 x 95-105 cm 
    • Folded size with seat, standing (L / W / H): 31 cm / 53 cm / 63 cm
    • Folded dimensions only frame with wheels, standing (L / W / H): 27 cm / 53 cm / 63 cm
    • External dimensions tub: 82 x 34 x 40 cm
    • Inner dimensions tub: 76 x 32 x 17 cm
    • Mattress size carrycot: 76 x 32 x 3 cm
    • Weight carrycot: 4.1 kg
    • Seat: 24.5 x 29 cm
    • Seat back: 55 x 30.5 cm
    • Weight seat unit: 4.3 kg
    • Weight with seat unit: 11 kg
    • Lower basket: 18 l / max. 5 kg
    • Load carrycot: 9 kg
    • Load capacity stroke +: max. 22 kg
    • Rear wheels: 10.4 inches
    • Front wheels: 6.3 inches
    • Scope of delivery (some parts pre-assembled): Frame including wheels, seat unit, lower basket, hood for seat unit, safety bar, shoulder strap, instructions for use for Hub +, mattress, wind cover for tub, hood for tub, tub frame, tub clothing, tub tensioner, operating instructions for Hub + tub


The Hub + as a combination stroller is delivered including the Hub + cot. As an alternative to the tub, or for the transition from tub to seat unit, the cocoon / footmuff hub can also be mounted on the flat seat. This is particularly suitable for longer trips or excursions where the child should lie down, but still want to save space. The accessories that are specifically intended for the Joolz Hub + are the matching rain cover and the matching adapters for baby seats. With the rain cover you can go for a walk in wind and weather and the adapters are practical if you have to put the car seat on the stroller frame. Instead of the safety bar, a hub snack compartment can be attached to the seat so that the child always has small snacks such as biscuits and pieces of fruit or even their toys to hand. The universal accessories from Joolz are also suitable for the Hub + pram. First and foremost, the diaper bag for everything you need on the go, and the footmuff so that it remains pleasantly warm and cozy for the sitting child in autumn and winter. The Joolz parasol can also be attached to the Hub + tub, thus offering the lying child good UV protection in summer. For everything that doesn't fit in the lower basket, there is the XL shopping bag from Joolz, which also fits on the push handle of the Hub +.


Footmuff (cocoon) for Hub +

When you don't want to use the large tub, but a foldable bed unit.


Rain cover for Hub +

The rain cover for the Hub + also keeps wind and snow out and fits over the tub and seat.


Adapter for baby seats on Hub +

Not only the Joolz baby car seats can be quickly and easily attached to the Hub +.


Joolz mosquito net

With the insect net, for example, annoying mosquitoes and wasps are kept away from the child.


Changing bag

The Joolz diaper bag rounds off the combination package and you have everything to hand for changing.


Changing mat

The changing mat with flat compartments for diapers, wet wipes, etc. is helpful when you are out and about.



Small items, such as pacifiers or cell phones, can be neatly stowed away in the Joolz organizer.


XL shopping bag

If the lower basket is too small for shopping, the XL shopping bag creates more storage space.


Cup holder

Whether a bottle for the child or coffee to go, everything up to approx. 500 ml fits into the Joolz cup holder.


Traveler travel bag

All Joolz strollers can be taken with you on your travels in the practical case bag.


Ride-on board

Standing on the board and being pushed is not only exciting for siblings.



A lifetime guarantee on the stroller? Yes, there is from Joolz. On all production and manufacturing defects, not on use and wear-related damage. Simply register with your serial number and proof of purchase within six months of purchase at and you will then receive your personal Joolz warranty certificate from Joolz. Joolz wants to make everyday life easier for parents and families with its strollers and accessories, contribute to a positive attitude to life and attaches great importance to sustainability, safety, functionality and all of this packaged in a beautiful, appealing and timeless design. For every stroller that Joolz sells, a tree is planted in the forest of life. Individual designs such as the Classic Blue or the Essentials collection are made from sustainable and organic materials. Joolz strollers are suitable for everyday use and are ergonomically designed for the lying or sitting child and for those who push the stroller. With its products, Joolz would like to contribute to a positive everyday life and a happy parenthood and thereby allows experience, new technology and safety knowledge to flow into the constant further development and improvement of its strollers.

We, the baby garage


We try to give as many answers as possible to your questions in our product descriptions. Even if we have a lot of concerns, one or the other question could remain open. If this is the case, we offer you three options: Write to us by email, give us a call, or visit us in our store in Kiel. There we can not only advise you individually and respond to your questions and requests, you can also touch the strollers, carrycots and car seats directly, try them out and even pack them in your own car trunk for a test. We also have a workshop in our specialist shop where we can quickly solve minor problems. For larger or time-consuming solutions, we can also offer you a rental stroller there so that you always remain mobile. For a workshop appointment or for a consultation, we ask you either to plan a little waiting time or to arrange an appointment with us beforehand. Don't just contact us if you have problems within or outside of the warranty period, we are also the point of contact for follow-up items and accessories. You can conveniently reserve a consultation appointment online - simply scroll to the bottom of the page and select the desired appointment under “Appointment booking”.

Where does it go next?


If you have decided on this combi stroller, click here for the color selection.


Accessories suitable for the Hub + can be found via this link.


You can find other Joolz strollers vie Day+ or Geo 2 in our Joolz brand shop.


We will be happy to answer your questions or help you choose - just write to us.

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