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Joolz Geo 2 set offer 7 in 1

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Tree for your child

  • 008.001.069.Marvellous-Green

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Why do we want to suggest this set offer to you? The set with the Geo2 stroller 7 in... more

Why do we want to suggest this set offer to you?

The set with the Geo2 stroller 7 in 1 is the optimal equipment for all kinds of excursions. An innovative stroller that can be folded up quickly and can be expanded to a two-seater for families that are still growing. Not only that, it is also comfortable for you and your child. With the ergonomic sitting position, the telescopic push handle and also numerous other useful features and functions, the Geo2 offers practical everyday help, no matter whether it's a city trip or a walk in the forest. And in this set, you are prepared for cold days, in case you need to wrap on the go or store your shopping things. The adapters keep you flexible and you can quickly and easily switch between tub, seat and shell at any time. So you are always on the go carefree - you save with this set but remain fully equipped!




Geo 2 sitting position

The ergonomic seat unit can be placed in any direction of travel in a sitting, resting or lying position.


Geo 2 lying position

The baby lies on a breathable mattress in the spacious and comfortable Geo-tub.


Joolz MC Pebble Pro

An i-Size baby seat for a comfortable and safe car journey right from the start.


Geo 2 adapter for above

With the adapter, you can quickly put the baby seat from the car onto the stroller.


Joolz footmuff

The cuddly and cozy inner lining warms you on trips, even on cold days.


Joolz changing bag

The diaper bag has different compartments for all your things that you always need to be with you.


Joolz parasol

Large parasol for individual shade and protection from direct sunlight.

Individual complet set

We have combined common colors for you with our set offers. If you want a different color scheme, that's no problem. Please create a customer account and add the desired individual products to the shopping cart. You can then request an offer using this combination. Please let us know which set you are referring to when preparing your offer. Please note that the price can also be adjusted by different products.

Delivery colors according to the manufacturer

Every Geo 2 design is a specific combination of frame and frame color, fabric color and matching synthetic leather elements. The covers of the push handles and the safety / carrying handle and individual highlights in the fabric design are made of synthetic leather in black or various shades of brown, depending on the overall design. All wheels and the adapters for the baby seat are black. The colors and details of the patterns (e.g. seams in the handle) cannot always be clearly shown in the pictures. Please write to [email protected] if you have any questions about the color and pattern.

  Classic Blue Gorgeous Grey Marvellous Green Radiant Grey Brilliant Black Awesome Anthracite
Geo 2 frame Silver Silver Silver Silver Black Black
Pushchair push handle + carry handle Brown Brown Dark brown Brown with decorative stitching Black Black
Fabric from the cot and seat Classic Blue Gorgeous Grey Marvellous Green Radiant Grey Brilliant Black Awesome Anthracite
Pebble Pro i-Size Black Grey Green Grey Black Black
Joolz  adapter for Geo2 Black Black Black Black Black Black
Footmuff from Joolz Classic Blue Gorgeous Grey  Marvellous Green Radiant Grey  Brilliant Black Awesome Anthracite
Changing bag model  Classic Blue Gorgeous Grey  Marvellous Green Radiant Grey  Brilliant Black Awesome Anthracite
Parasol from Joolz  Classic Blue Gorgeous Grey  Marvellous Green Radiant Grey  Brilliant Black Awesome Anthracite

More about the Geo 2

Its design is award-winning and it is equipped with numerous useful features and functions. With its ergonomics for the driver and the child, too, the Geo2 is a useful companion and helper. Whether on the terrain, on the beach, in the forest or in the city, you can ride smoothly and in full comfort thanks to the lockable swivel wheels Four-wheel suspension and flat tires. If your family grows, the Geo2 grows too. Since you can easily upgrade it from a mono to a duo in the event that a second child is added, simply replace the large XL shopping basket with another seat or a carrycot. With the large sun canopy with UPF 50+ and the ventilation window, the child is well protected from radiation and heat. Above all, the Geo2 makes it easy for you to transport and store, after all, the XL basket can be removed and folded in one movement - and the very best - with the Classic blue model you contribute to environmental protection.

The Classic blue model is sustainable and environmentally conscious. The plastic bottles that are collected from the sea are made with covers. Its brown imitation leather details such as the pushchair handle, the push handle cover and the zipper flaps including the beautiful modern frame are made of silver aluminum and the completely black wheels make it a trendy stroller. So you are fully equipped with a first-class buggy!


Ergonomic seat

Lie healthy and comfortable in the stroller


Easy to fold up

Folded with one movement, transport it quickly


Large removable basket

More space and quickly stowed away


Expandable for a second child

Grows with the family

Pebble Pro i-Size von Maxi Cosi im Joolz Design


In the Pebble Pro i-Size, the child is always well protected when you are out and about with your child in the car or with the stroller. The padding is soft and comfortable so that the child can always lie comfortably in it, both when sleeping and when they are awake. The cover of the Pebble Pro i-Size is removable and machine washable. You can choose between the fabric colors Black, Green and Gray, which correspond to the Joolz stroller fabrics.At the beginning, the newborn lies double-protected in the seat reducer. This Baby Hugg insert supports the child's head and increases the side protection by giving the baby additional support on the sides. If it gets too tight and the child gets bigger, this insert is taken out. The Y-belt system of the baby seat rests on the child at three points and can be put aside for easier insertion and removal.With the Geo 2 adapter for baby seats and the Pebble Pro i-Size, the combi stroller becomes a flexible travel system and you can easily switch from the car to the stroller, even if the child has just fallen asleep and you do not want to wake them up to transfer to the stroller - In the baby seat, it can continue to sleep on the stroller.

The Group 0 shell has a Side Protection System (SPS, side impact protection), which can absorb the energy of an impact and divert it from the child. In addition, the interior of the Pebble shell is padded with memory foam, which keeps the child safe in the car seat.The Pebble Pro i-Size was designed, tested and approved according to the latest standards of the i-Size norm (ECE R129). In the car you can fasten it with the 3-point belt of the car or click on the Isofix station FamilyFix3 base, which is also available. The use of Isofix is ​​recommended, since the correct installation is indicated by optical signals and operating errors can be avoided. Overall, the Pebble Pro i-Size infant carrier can be used from 45 to 75 cm and up to 12 kg. This corresponds to a useful life of around one year from birth.

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