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Joolz Day Set offer + Cybex Aton 5 model 2021

Joolz Setangebot

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Tree for your child

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  Why is the Day + Set with the Aton 5 baby car seat recommended? In... more


Why is the Day + Set with the Aton 5 baby car seat recommended?


In the first weeks and months after birth, the child is taken for a walk or taken in the car. You need a good stroller and a good baby seat for safe transport in the car. The set of Day + and Aton5 offers both. With the Day + you have a reliable combination stroller that is flexible in use and the Aton5 from Cybex is a simple but safe baby seat for the first few months. The Day + grows with the child until it is about 3 years old. First, the baby lies on the breathable mattress in the spacious Day + tub with a large viewing and ventilation window, later it sits in the adjustable, ergonomically padded seat unit with a view in or against the direction of travel. The Aton5 can also be adjusted to the size of the growing baby thanks to the adjustable headrest and seat insert and can be used up to 13 kg or approx. Especially in the early months, it is practical to put the baby seat with an adapter on the Day + frame, for example to make it easier to get from the car to the pediatrician or to the apartment. The Day + is suspended on its four wheels, agile and can be operated with one hand. The settings on the convertible top, the seat unit, the footrest and the rotating safety bar can also be operated with just one hand. The Day + has built-in LED lights that make the stroller more visible at night. With the Cybex Aton5 baby car seat and the Day + combi stroller, the child travels safely and comfortably from the start - regardless of whether they are driving or pushing the stroller, or combine both on a trip.



Joolz carrycot for Day +

Comfortable lying on the breathable mattress and good ventilation and view of the world through coverable mesh windows.


Joolz seating unit for Day+

Discovering the world while sitting or having a look at mom and dad is possible in three sitting or lying positions.


Cybex Aton 5

From birth up to the age of approx. 18 months or a weight up to 13 kg, you can comfortably and safely travel in the car.


Joolz Day+ adapter for baby car seats

The baby car seat can be transferred from the car to the stroller in just a few steps using the adapter set.

Individual complet set

We have combined common colors for you with our set offers. If you want a different color scheme, that's no problem. Please create a customer account and add the desired individual products to the shopping cart. You can then request an offer using this combination. Please let us know which set you are referring to when preparing your offer. Please note that the price can also be adjusted by different products.

Delivery colors according to the manufacturer

If you have any questions about the color and pattern, please write to [email protected] The colors and details of the patterns (e.g. seams in the handle) cannot always be clearly shown on the pictures. Under Joolz - Joolz Day + - “Joolz Day + combi stroller” you will find more details (wheels, belt, logo) on the appearance of the Day +. The adapter to put the Aton 5 bowl on the Day + is always black. Below we have put together the most important design features and colors.

  Classic Blue Gorgeous Grey Marvellous Green Radiant Grey Brilliant Black Gentle Blue Awesome Anthracite
Stroller frame  Silver Silver  Silver Silver  Black Silver Black
Design color  Dark blue Grey  Dark green Grey melange  Jet black Light Blue Dark grey melange
Color accents and handles  Brown synthetic leather, smooth Brown synthetic leather, carbon look  Medium brown synthetic leather, carbon look Brown synthetic leather, double cross seam  Black synthetic leather, carbon look Natural canvas Black synthetic leather, carbon look
Aton 5 Navy Blue Soho Grey Autumn Gold Soho Grey Deep Black Soho Grey Deep Black

Details about the Day + stroller


The Joolz Day + is the result of the consistent further development of the Day models. With the improved suspension and new tires, the Day + invites you to take long walks or stroll through the city. Regardless of whether you steer the Day + with one hand or two hands, the individually height-adjustable push bar (up to approx. 110 cm) adapts optimally to every pusher. On the new Day +, all settings relating to the seat and bath unit can be operated with one hand - adjusting the three sitting / lying positions, the length of the footrest, the convertible top and the fold-out sun visor and the completely rotatable safety bar. The Day + also offers the child a comfortable driving experience. In the bath unit with a large view and ventilation and the breathable mattress with head cushion, the baby lies just as comfortably and comfortably as it later sits in the ergonomically padded seat unit. The Day + grows with the child. The head cushion on the mattress can be turned to the foot end to create more space in the head area or to allow a better view through the mesh window, and the foot rest of the seat unit can be extended parallel to the growing children's legs. In order to enjoy Day + for as long as possible, the stroller can be registered via for a lifetime guarantee by Joolz. Comfortable and beautiful design combined with practical functions and sustainable use, that's the new Day + from Joolz.


The Day + was thought through perfectly by Joolz. The combi stroller with a bath unit for the first few months and a seating unit for children up to 3 years of age quickly becomes a 3-in-1 stroller or travel set with the adapter for baby car seats. The sliding height of up to approx. 110 cm, the width of approx. 60 cm and the compact folding size (94 x 59.5 x 35 cm) make the Day + an agile and flexible companion for excursions, walks and car trips. Folded with or without the seat unit, the Day + can stand upright and takes up little space in the car or apartment. All innovations on Day + have been tried and tested and in part adopted from the previous models and other Joolz strollers. The lower basket has been enlarged and, together with the two small flat pockets on the backrest and the wind cover, offers more storage space. The large net window that can be opened in the head area of ​​the tub and on the hood forms a large viewing and ventilation window for optimal air circulation in summer and for an all-round view of the baby from the tub. A folding sun visor is built into the hood itself, so that the child gets enough shade not only in the tub, but also in the seat unit. The folding mechanism has been simplified and is now intuitive to use. For those who like to go for a walk in the evening or at night, Joolz has integrated LED lights on the frame of the Day that can be switched on or off as required.

The Day + in short films

Smart design

Viewing and ventilation windows, folding mechanism, LED lights and other technical details and practical functions have been combined into an elegant design.

Comfortable driving

The breathable mattress and the ergonomic seat are comfortable for the child, the suspension and the height-adjustable push handle are comfortable for the parents.

One-handed operation

Pushing with two hands may be more convenient, but sometimes you only have one free hand to maneuver the stroller or adjust the seating position.

Details of the Aton 5 baby car seat by Cybex

The baby car seat Cybex Aton5 is a safe and simple car seat for babies from birth to approx. 18 months or 13 kg. Various consumer tests such as ADAC or Stiftung Warentest confirm the quality and safety for the child in this baby car seat. The design of the Aton5 is simple and simple, which distinguishes it from the Group 0 shells of the other Cybex product lines. A padded newborn insert grows with the seat insert for the larger babies. The Y-belt system is also coupled to the 8-way adjustable headrest. If the child's head is always held in the center of the headrest, the seat insert and the belt system automatically adjust in the correct position. With the Aton5 you have everything you need for a comfortable and safe car ride. When the highest headrest position is reached, or the upper body grows faster than the legs, a styrofoam insert can be removed from under the seat cover so that the child slides even deeper into the seat and this gives you more back height. With the energy-absorbing shell and the linear side impact protection (L.S.P.), the Aton5 is state-of-the-art in terms of safety. The combination of these two techniques not only absorb and reduce the effects of force in the event of a side impact and the child is always well protected in the Aton5. The cover of the baby seat is removable and washable. The large XXL convertible sun canopy not only protects the child from external stimuli and prying eyes, but also offers protection from the sun when driving or on a stroller with a sun protection factor of 50+. For the Cybex Aton5 there is a belted base station and one that can be fastened in the car with Isofix or belt (Base 2-fix) - at both stations the baby seat only has to be snapped into place. But you can only buckle the Aton5 in the car with the 3-point belt.


Removable seat insert under the fabric cover

For usability up to 18 months and 13 kg, you can remove a white polystyrene insert under the padded cover, then the child sinks deeper into the seat.



With the linear side impact protection, the forces of the impact can be weakened and deflected if you always open the protector towards the outside of the car.


Shell absorbs the impact energy

Together with the L.S.P. System, the energy-absorbing plastic shell of the Aton5 reduces the forces of an impact and directs them away from the child.


Sun canopy

The XXL convertible sunroof has an SPF 50+ and can be placed in several stages to provide shade for the child or to protect it from prying eyes.

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