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Joolz Day+ Set offer stroller + footmuff model 2021

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Why is the Day + Set with the footmuff recommended? The set of Day + combination... more

Why is the Day + Set with the footmuff recommended?


The set of Day + combination strollers with footmuff is ideal for everyone who likes to go for a walk. The Day + has a spacious tub in which the child can be comfortably embedded with blankets and pillows on winter walks or on cool spring and autumn days, so that the daily walk remains warm and comfortable for the child. In summer or when the temperature is warm, you can open a large viewing and ventilation window on the tub so that the baby can also see out into the world. When the child grows up and can sit, the footmuff comes into play. The Joolz footmuff is perfectly adapted to the ergonomic Day + seat and protects the child from wind and weather. The material is water-repellent and cuddly soft on the inside. Depending on the temperature, the top cover can be opened or removed completely. This turns the footmuff into a cozy seat cover in summer. With the footmuff, the child in Day + is comfortably stored on every walk in the city or in the country, regardless of wind and weather. The four-wheel suspension, the integrated LED lights and the maneuverability of the Day + make the ride a pleasant driving experience for adults too. Every child grows at different speeds and learns to sit at different speeds, so it is an advantage to buy the footmuff together with the stroller so that it is ready to hand as soon as it is needed, and with this set offer it is guaranteed to have the right design for the Day + combi stroller.



Joolz Day+ Seat unit

Regardless of whether the child wants to look forward or look at mom and dad, the seat unit can be used for walking in three sitting and lying positions.


Joolz Day+ whir carrycot

A large tub with a breathable mattress and a large viewing and ventilation window make every trip with the stroller pleasant and comfortable for the child.


Joolz footmuff for Day +

The Joolz footmuff is not only a cozy and cozy accessory for the child in winter, but can also be used as a seat cover on cool summer days.

Individual complet set

We have combined common colors for you with our set offers. If you want a different color scheme, that's no problem. Please create a customer account and add the desired individual products to the shopping cart. You can then request an offer using this combination. Please let us know which set you are referring to when preparing your offer. Please note that the price can also be adjusted by different products.

Delivery colors according to the manufacturer

The colors and details of the patterns (e.g. seams in the handle) cannot always be clearly shown on the pictures. If you have any questions about the color and pattern, please write to [email protected] The design of the footmuff corresponds to that of the stroller - the same fabric color and the same accents through the synthetic leather or canvas. We have compiled the most important design features below.

  Classic Blue Gorgeous Grey Marvellous Green Radiant Grey Brilliant Black Gentle Blue Awesome Anthracite
Day + Frame   Silver Silver  Silver Silver  Black Silver Black
Wheels  Black Black  Black with a white ring Black  Black with a white ring Black with a white ring Black with a white ring
Fabric color Dark Blue Grey Dark green Grey melange Jet black Light Blue Dark grey melange
Accents / grip Brown synthetic leather, smooth Brown synthetic leather, carbon look Medium brown synthetic leather, carbon look Brown synthetic leather, double cross seam Black synthetic leather, carbon look Natural canvas Black synthetic leather, carbon look
Logo  Black Black  Black Silver  Black Silver Black
Footmuff colour Classic Blue Gorgeous Grey Marvellous Green Radiant Grey Brilliant Black Gentle Blue Awesome Anthracite

The Day + combi stroller in detail


With the perfectly thought-out Day +, Joolz presents the latest model of the Day family. With a carrycot and seat unit, the Day + is a convertible and agile combi stroller. A baby seat can also be put on with adapters or a second child can be taken with the ride-on board. The Day + combines many practical functions that have been tried out on a day or have been adopted by other strollers from Joolz. Embedded in an elegant and elegant design, the Day + has a fold-out sun visor in the hood and integrated mesh windows for better ventilation and an all-round view of the baby from the bath. The lower basket has been enlarged and two additional flat pockets on the back of the seat and the wind cover of the bath fit invisibly into the design. The breathable mattress and the ergonomically shaped seat with soft padding are comfortable and convenient for the child. When the babies get bigger and more curious, the upholstery in the head area of ​​the mattress can be moved to the foot end, so that the child can look out unhindered through the viewing and ventilation window. The footrest grows with the seat unit and can be adjusted to the length of the leg. On the Day + frame, two LED lights are integrated at the front and rear, which can be switched on at dusk or at night and make the stroller more visible. With the four-wheel suspension, every walk becomes a pleasant ride.


Almost everything on Day + can be operated with one hand. The seat unit can be adjusted forwards and backwards with one hand in three positions, as can the footrest, the convertible top and the safety bar that can be rotated through 360 °. Pushing and steering is also child's play thanks to the swiveling front wheels and the overall structure of the frame. In the field and with the wheels locked, pushing with both hands is recommended, but then you usually have no child who wants to walk alongside the hand or no shopping bag that you want to carry in addition. These are all setting options that you have to use from time to time on the go and it is therefore very convenient to be able to do them with just one hand. The individual adjustment of the push handle height (up to approx. 110 cm) before starting and the improved and simplified folding mechanism are still operated with two hands. You can fold the Day + with or without a seat unit into a compact, upright position (94 x 59.5 x 35 cm) and stow it away in the car or at home to save space. Joolz offers a lifetime guarantee for the Day +. This can be registered at together with the serial number and proof of purchase. The Day + is elegant in design, practical in functions and sustainable in use.

  More details

Maximum driving comfort

For the child, the driving comfort lies in the bathtub or in the ergonomic seat unit - for the parents it is the four-wheel suspension, the adjustable push handle and the easy maneuverability.

One-handed operation

Change the seating position on the go, realign the sunroof or hug the child in between - this is child's play with the ease of use with just one hand.

Refined design

The elegant design of the Day + integrates many practical and technical details such as the simplified folding mechanism, the LED lights or the large viewing and ventilation window on the tub.

The Joolz footmuff in detail

The Joolz footmuff is a small all-rounder and can be used all year round. In summer too? Yes, because without the top cover, the footmuff becomes a cozy seat cover. Particularly pleasant on cold summer evenings or when the child can and wants to sit but still looks a little lost in the large seating unit. In wind and cold, the footmuff keeps the child warm and dry in the seat unit. The outer material is water-repellent, but you should use additional rain protection for the Day + for walks in the rain. The child is strapped into the footmuff with the seat belt. The footmuff itself can be installed non-slip in the seat. The windproof zips can either be opened from above to cover the top cover piece by piece depending on the outside temperature and kept open with sewn-in magnets, or from below to keep wet or dirty shoes away from the footmuff or to ventilate them. If the shoes still come into the footmuff after a walk in the woods or the playground, no problem: the footmuff is machine washable and has a dirt-repellent fabric on the inside of the foot. The rest of the interior is fitted with a supple, soft fleece and has a small secret compartment in the lining, just big enough for a pacifier or a small toy. If it gets particularly cold and windy, or the child wants to sleep comfortably, the head area can be pulled together like a mummy sleeping bag to form a cocoon. Whether as a footmuff in winter or just the underside as a seat cover on cold summer days, the child always feels safe in the Joolz footmuff. The perfect companion for every walk or excursion in all weather conditions.



Classic Blue


Gorgeous Grey


Marvellous Green


Radiant Grey


Brilliant Black


Gentle Blue


Awesome Anthracite

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