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Cybex Priam stroller 2021

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Why should you choose the Cybex Priam stroller? The Cybex Priam sports stroller.... more

Why should you choose the Cybex Priam stroller?


The Cybex Priam sports stroller. A stroller without a tub and only with a seat unit. Does that even make sense? And in which situations can this car be exactly the right model for you?

You can use the Priam sports stroller from the age of 6 months up to approx. 4 years. What is special about the Lux sports seat is that it can be used ergonomically and, by adjusting the head and foot sections, completely flat. So you can push your child lying flat even without a carrycot. Another advantage is that the seat can be used both in and against the direction of travel.

Many parents decide to use a carrier system instead of a stroller right from the birth of their child. In this case, the tub can be completely dispensed with. At some point, however, your child will noticeably gain weight and it will become increasingly difficult to carry. Now is the time to choose a stroller so that you can push the child in a relaxed manner. However, you no longer need a pram with a carrycot and seat unit. A pushchair is perfectly adequate. The Cybex Priam sports stroller can be folded up small, is easy to transport and is therefore the ideal stroller when it comes to buying a stroller that can be used as a buggy. However, since the frame and wheels are a stroller and not a buggy, you achieve maximum comfort for you and your child. The Cybex Priam can be used on many different surfaces without any problems.

The trolley offers plenty of space in the lower basket for everything that has to be with you in everyday life. Its adjustable push bar easily adapts to different body sizes. Thanks to the flat tires, you don't have to worry about getting flat on trips. If a second child is still in the planning stage, you have the option of purchasing a suitable tub for the frame at a later date and converting the sports stroller into a multi-purpose stroller. The Priam stroller can be purchased in many different patterns and designs.

The different fabrics and designs

The Lux sports seat can be purchased in many different designs and color samples. The three classic plus fabrics, the seven new premium fabrics and the 2 variants of the Spring Blossom special collection. The fabrics differ in appearance but have one thing in common. All of them are robust, water- and dirt-repellent and durable. They can be removed from the seat and are machine-safe at up to 30 °. All fabrics also have 50+ UV protection and thus optimally protect your child from strong sunlight. The ventilation window with mosquito net built into the hood ensures excellent air circulation in the interior of the seat.


The plus fabrics

The plus fabrics can be distinguished from the premium fabrics by their mottled design. Due to the double-woven structure, the fabrics are even more robust and hard-wearing than the premium fabrics. The Plus fabrics are breathable and feel comfortable. If you are looking for durable fabrics, consider the Plus fabrics.


The classic premium fabrics

The classic premium fabrics have a rather smooth surface. This makes the fabrics very soft. The premium fabrics differ in seven beautiful and expressive color samples. They also have small decorative seams on the backrest and foot part, so you stand out visually from the Plus fabrics.

The Spring Blossom special collection

The Spring Blossom special collection impresses with a bright floral print. You can choose from two different basic colors (black and cream-beige). The floral prints are particularly bright and effective on both basic colors and bring spring and summer with them. Unfortunately we do not have this color collection in stock, but you can of course order it for you at any time if you are interested.

The Cybex Priam stroller in detail

In this video you will find all the functions and details of the Cybex Priam stroller practically explained and summarized. You can also see the use, structure and much more using the example of the Cybex Priam pram. 

ATTENTION! Not all parts shown are included in this offer. If you opt for this offer, you will only acquire the Cybex Priam stroller frame and the Lux sports seat unit. The tub and other parts shown in the video are not included.

The first part of the video (up to min. 04:09) deals with the assembly of the stroller. Step by step, you can see how every single part of the wheels is assembled over the seat unit. Then the video turns to the 4 in 1 travel system (from min. 04:10). In this video section you will see the four possible elements of the travel system and explain how they are used. The system consists of the baby seat, carrycot, seat and the Lite Cot. You are free to decide when and whether you want to purchase all parts. The next thing is the use of the sports seat unit (from min. 09:40). All important and noteworthy details are shown here quickly. Now all other special features of the Priam are summarized, e.g. the 2-wheel driving mode, the brake, the lower basket and much more (from min. 10:37). The penultimate video section deals with the Lux bathtub for the Priam (this is not included here, but can be purchased separately) and how it can be set up and dismantled (from min. 12:26). In the last section of the video (from min. 16:19) you will learn all the important information about the right accessories and how they can be attached to the preinstalled attachment points on the car. We have summarized all information about the Cybex Priam accessories in one of the following sections for you.


Details in detail


The sun canopy

The hood has a built-in ventilation window with a mosquito net that can be opened with a zipper if necessary.


The shopping basket

The large shopping basket is located under the seat unit. This can be used for everyday things or for small purchases.


The wheels

The wheels are flat-less PE wheels. So you never have to worry about getting a flat tire on an outing.


The handle

The handles in a noble leather look give the car a chic design. They are also comfortable to hold.


The two positions of the seat unit

The seat unit can be used in two positions, facing forward and facing the parents, as required.


The flat and ergonomic seat unit

The sports seat can be used both as an ergonomic seat and in a completely flat lying position.


The folding mechanism

The folding mechanism is easy to use and makes the trolley small and handy. So you can stow and transport it well.

The delivery colors

The Cybex Priam sports stroller can be put together as desired. The colors of the frame and the upholstery fabrics of the seat unit can be selected. So you have the option to put together a stroller according to your taste. The unique pieces created in this way are eye-catchers and that with lasting comfort. Choose your favorites from the four frame colors and the different color patterns.

The Priam frame and Lux seat attachment (without cover)

The Priam frames have wheels with reflective strips on the side. Like the straps and the frame design, these are adapted to the leather-look details. The hand strap is made of black fabric on each frame and does not vary. The plastic parts of all frames are matt black.



The rose gold is a noble, slightly pink shimmering bronze tone, which is combined with dark brown leather-look elements.



The chrome frame looks elegant and stylish. It is combined with the brown handles and classic whitewall wheels.


Matt Black

The matt and completely black frame with black details can be perfectly combined with any fabric color.


Chrome Black

The chrome frame with the classic whitewall wheels and black accents looks sporty and modern.

The plus fabrics

The plus fabrics appear in a slightly mottled look. The black belts set accents. The washable foot section is also made of black synthetic leather and is therefore robust and dirt-repellent. The inner fabrics are slightly glossy and stand out from the outer fabrics.


Stardust Black Plus

The mottled black fabric looks very classy and is combined with gray-black shimmering interior fabrics.


Manhattan Grey Plus

A gender-neutral mottled gray. Easily adapts and has a light gray shiny inner fabric.


Midnight Blue Plus

An elegant dark blue with a slightly shiny inner fabric that can be combined with the frame in rose gold.

The classic colors

The classic premium color samples have the same fabric inside and outside. The beautiful colors are particularly impressive thanks to the decorative stitching on the back and foot part. The footrest in black leather look is easy to clean and extra dirt-repellent. Both belts and belt pads are adapted to the fabric colors.


Deep Black

A dark, elegant black with shiny black accents.


Soho Grey

A modern and neutral light gray that can be easily combined.


Nautical Blue

In addition to the dark navy blue, there is a matching sea-blue shimmering inner fabric.


Mountain Blue

The petrol-blue fabric combined with classic beige create a real retro look.


Khaki Green

Brown fabric with a lime green inner fabric together form the khaki green.


Autumn Gold

The well-known Cybex red-orange combined with beige elements.


Mustard Yellow

A mixture of different shades of yellow creates a summery look.

The Spring Blossom special collection

The Spring Blossom special collection impresses with black as the basic color and 3D flowers on the hood as well as other green leaves and flowers. You can now choose between black or beige as the basic color of the top and the belt pads. The straps and the lower part of the footrest are always black and add beautiful accents.


Spring Blossom Dark

Roses in soft pink and purple to deep red on a black background.


Springblossom Light

Beige as the basic color on the top with roses in bright, bright red and purple tones.

Technical data and scope of delivery

  • Duration of use: from 6 months to 22 kg approx. 4 years
  • Width: 60 cm
  • Height of push bars (variable): approx. 98 - 108 cm
  • Total length: approx. 70 cm
  • Canopy height: 115 cm
  • Length x width x height (with sports seat): 95 x 60 x 115 cm
  • Length x width x height (folded without seat and wheels): 80 x 51 x 21 cm
  • Weight: 12.6 kg
  • Fabrics: hard-wearing, dirt- and water-repellent and machine-safe at 30 °

Scope of delivery: a Priam frame and a cover set (Seat Pack) in the colors you want, suitable adapter for a baby seat, a rain cover for the seat unit and the lower basket.


The right accessories for the Priam


The Lite Cot

Particularly suitable for staying in warm regions as a replacement for the tub.


The cup holder

The cup holder is a must-have for parents and offers space for the bottle and the coffee to-go.


The insect net

The perfect protection from the sun and insects for hot days.


The footmuff

The warm and cuddly soft footmuff protects against wind and weather on cold days.


The diaper bag

The changing bag can be attached to the frame and offers plenty of space for changing utensils.


The parasol

With 50+ UV protection, it offers shade from strong sunlight.


The hand warmer

Can be stretched over the handle and keeps your hands nice and warm even in the cold.


The tray

Is attached to the safety bar for serving food and drinks on the go.


The kidboard

For the older sibling. For bridging long distances on foot.

Shipping, advance payment discount and warranty


When you have decided to order the Cybex Priam stroller, the final order is placed. We always try to send all products to you as quickly as possible and in a climate-neutral way (e.g. with GLS). As soon as we have received your payment, we will start packing and shipping all products. If you decide to pay in advance for your payment, you also have the option to save 5% on the total value of your order. 

In addition, when you order, you get a statutory warranty of 2 years from the date of purchase. In warranty cases you can contact us directly, we are in direct contact with the manufacturers and take care of possible damage. 

If you have any problems or questions, please contact us by phone or email. Our friendly and competent staff will be happy to advise and support you!

The Cybex ideology


“For all tomorrow’s people”. The slogan of the German company says it all. Strollers, child seats and baby carriers that meet the highest demands in terms of safety and comfort and are suitable for the urban lifestyle.

The combination of design, particularly high security, quality and functionality: the so-called CYBEX D.S.F. The principle of innovation makes Cybex products unique and sets them apart from other products. This perfectly coordinated triad has led to the development of award-winning products and is always a constant companion in the development and research of new products. 

Through constant further development and the questioning of the tried and tested, the manufacturer Cybex has become a leader in both safety and design. The fresh and unconventional approach makes the manufacturer a solid rock on the market and allows him to break the boundaries between function, safety and design. Many products are unique in their technology and are true flagships on the market. The e-Priam in particular is a pioneer here. 

The e-Priam - empowering parents

Cybex's e-Priam is a modern, intelligent and intuitive stroller. It combines the latest and smart technology with a modern and functional design. The first e-stroller from Cybex makes everyday life easier for parents. It supports you effortlessly when things go uphill and slows down when things go downhill. Thanks to its integrated motor, it helps on uneven surfaces such as gravel, sand and off-road. 

Save strength and energy for the valuable and exciting time with your child.

Interesting facts about us


In addition to our online shop, we also have a shop in Kiel. We can always recommend personal advice when it comes to a large purchase like a stroller. With us in Kiel you also have the option of loading the stroller (as well as child seats and base stations) into your car in order to see in advance how much space is left 

Our in-house workshop takes care of all types of damage and always has sufficient spare parts in stock. As a Cybex dealer, we are in direct contact with the manufacturer and can therefore deal with your inquiries and any problems and damage particularly quickly and easily. 

If you have any questions and if you are not from Kiel or the surrounding area, you can reach us by phone at 0431-64083184 or by email at [email protected] 

We are happy to help!

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