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Cybex Priam Combi Stroller Set Offer

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Seat package + carrycot

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  Why do you choose the Priam as a combi stroller? Das Priam... more


Why do you choose the Priam as a combi stroller?

Das Priam Setangebot ist ein kompletter Kombikinderwagen. Jeder kann sich seinem Priam Kinderwagen selbst zusammenstellen. Man wählt eins der vier Gestelle und Rahmen Designs aus und kombiniert dies mit dem passenden Sportsitz- beug und der passenden Liegewanne in den Farben Grau, Blau oder Schwarz. Mit dem Cybex Priam kann man dank seiner Leichtigkeit und Wendigkeit überall spazieren fahren oder bequem einen Einkaufsbummel machen, denn im großen Unterkorb finden nicht nur die Einkäufe Platz. Die Lux Wanne ist ein geräumige und komfortable Liegeeinheit für die ersten Monate eines Babys. in der Lux Wanne kann es komfortabel schlafen, Features wie Lüftungsfenster ermöglichen eine gute Luftzirkulation auch an warmen Tagen. Der Sportsitz kann in jeder Fahrtrichtung aufgesetzt werden und in eine sitzende oder liegende Position - und vielen Varianten dazwischen - gestellt werden. Im Komplettset Priam ist auch ein Adapter für die Cybex Babyschalen enthalten und der Regenschutz für die Wanne und die Sitzeinheit. Mit dem Priam Setangebot ist man für die Spaziergänge und Ausflüge in den ersten drei Lebensjahren gut ausgerüstet.




Different combinations of frames

Practical shopping basket and play bar


Seat insert can be placed in two directions

Freely selectable viewing direction for the child


Large space

Enough freedom for child, 15% more space

Individual complet set

We have combined common colors for you with our set offers. If you want a different color scheme, that's no problem. Please create a customer account and add the desired individual products to the shopping cart. You can then request an offer using this combination. Please let us know which set you are referring to when preparing your offer. Please note that the price can also be adjusted by different products.

Delivery colors according to the manufacturer

Here the current Priam is offered with the fabric colors Indigo Blue, Manhattan Gray and Premium Black. These color designs are from 2019. The tub and seat of the blue and gray designs are uniform from the 2019 model year. For the black combination, the 2019 Seat Pack in Premium Black was combined with the 2020 tub in Deep Black, so the black combination is in Less reduced compared to the others. Between 2019 and 2020, only the design differed, all functions and features remained the same. 

  Cybex frame Cybex seat unit Cybex carrycot
Rose Gold, Black-Deep Black Rose Gold Premium Black Deep Black
Rose Gold, Manhattan grey Rose Gold Manhattan Grey Manhattan Grey
Rose Gold, Indigo Blue Rose Gold Indigo Blue Indigo Blue
Chrome, Black- Deep Black Chrome Brown Premium Black Deep Black
Chrome, Manhattan Grey Chrome Brown Manhattan Grey Manhattan Grey
Chrome, Indigo Blue Chrome Brown Indigo Blue Indigo Blue
Matt Black, Black- Deep Black Matt Black Premium Black Deep Black
Matt Black, Manhattan Grey Matt Black Manhattan Grey Manhattan Grey
Matt Black, Indigo Blue Matt Black Indigo Blue Indigo Blue
Chrome Black, Black- deep Black Chrome Black Premium Black Deep Black
Chrome Black, Manhattan Grey Chrome Black Manhattan Grey Manhattan Grey
Chrome Black, Indigo Blue Chrome Black Indigo Blue Indigo Blue

Cybex Priam combi stroller product description

The Priam stroller from Cybex is an excellent and pleasant companion for every day life. Its practical 4 in 1 travel system with the rotating seat unit, the all-wheel suspension and the possibility to switch between the carrycot and the sports seat make it a reliable and flexible stroller. The Priam stands out visually modern and chic from other strollers and can be easily put together according to your own wishes. The charming design, the simple lines and the noble look in combination with the high-quality and well-made materials also make it stand out qualitatively. The extra small and compact folding size, which is ingenious for traveling by car, bus or train, is also particularly practical.

The Priam will simplify your everyday life and always accompany you in style.


Large amount of space including panoramic window

Thanks to 15% more space, freedom of movement


Viewing direction of the seat can be adjusted twice

Child can look to parents or look at the environment


Ergonomically flat lying position

The healthiest sleeping and lying position for the child


Practical one-hand folding mechanism

Fold it quickly and conveniently into a compact size

Frame details

The frame is available in 4 different aesthetic colors. It contains the four wheels, the play and push bar and also the XXL shopping basket.


Rose Gold frame


Chrome Brown frame


Matt Black frame


Chrome Black frame

Details of the carrycot

The spacious bath impresses with maximum comfort. Thanks to the integrated panorama window in the head area and on the hood, the baby can enjoy good all-round visibility on warm and hot days and is still well protected. The mesh window is covered by the tub cover and the convertible top, which can be opened for ventilation with zippers. This creates good air circulation in the tub, which can prevent heat build-up. With a total of 15% more space, the bathtub offers significantly more space than its predecessor. The soft foam mattress enables a deep and relaxed sleep and a lot of comfort and relaxation.


Deep Black


Manhatan Grey


Indigo Blue

Sports seat details

The color of the sports seat included in the set can be configured with a tub and frame. The ergonomic seat unit can be used both in and against the direction of travel. So you have the choice to give your child a view of the wide world or to enjoy the valuable eye contact. Thanks to the toy bar and five-point belt system, your child is well protected and cannot climb out of the seat unit independently.


Premium Black seat


Manhatan Grey seat


Indigo Blue seat

Design differences in 2019 and 2020


The difference between the tubs from 2020 and those from 2019 is only in the design and the fabric colors. Some colors are only available in the 2019 model, other colors only in the 2020 collection. With the same colors of the outer fabrics, the colors of the inner fabrics and the decorative seams can be different - for example, Indigo Blue (2019) has a darker shiny blue than the lining and the comparable Nautical Blue (2020) has a lighter shiny blue as the inner fabric and decorative stitching on the outside of the tub and on the wind cover. 2020 models have decorative stitching, especially on the wind cover and the fabrics of the 2019 collection appear rather “smooth”, since no decorative seams interrupt the fabric surface. The zippers on both models are wind-protected and water-repellent, so that the child can always lie safely inside.

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