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Bugaboo Donkey 5 Duo Mineral sibling stroller

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The Bugaboo Donkey 5 Duo: a combi pram for all circumstances If you have two... more

The Bugaboo Donkey 5 Duo: a combi pram for all circumstances


If you have two children or are just expecting your second child, the Donkey 5 Duo is a perfect fit for you because it adapts to all the changes in your family. For example, you can use one seat unit for the older child and the carrycot for your baby. Or you can use two seat units at the same time when your children grow too big for the carrycot. While you are still expecting your second child, or when your older child is no longer in the pushchair, the Donkey 5 can easily be pushed together and used as a mono pushchair with only one seat unit or only one carrycot. However you want to use the Donkey 5 Duo, it will delight you with flexible solutions and excellent quality. You can rely on it for years and use it later for a third and fourth sibling. You can always rely on the high-quality fabrics and enjoy the timeless design. When you order the Bugaboo Donkey 5 Duo, you will receive a frame, a frame for the carrycot with a matching fabric cover and two frames for seat units with matching covers. In addition, both a lower basket and a side basket are included. The side basket is used if you are only using one seat unit.

The Donkey 5 Duo is special

In the following we will show you what makes the Donkey 5 Duo so special. We are fascinated by the great quality and the clever solutions that Bugaboo has found.


Always comfortable on the road

Not only your children will be comfortable in the ergonomic seat unit and carrycot. Bugaboo has also thought of you. The push handle is height adjustable so that you can adapt it perfectly to your height. The canopy includes a ventilation window with mesh, so you can stay in touch with your children at all times. When your children get tired, you can also easily extend the canopy with the help of a zip.


The Donkey 5 Duo adapts to you

With the Donkey 5 Duo, you are always prepared for the future. You can push it together as a mono pushchair for just one child, use it as a combination pushchair with a seat unit and a carrycot or with two seat units, or if you are expecting twins in the future, you can transport two newborns in it with an additional carrycot. Even if you have three children, you can take one along with the separately available ride-on board.


Unpaved on any surface

The Donkey 5 is suitable for any terrain thanks to the non-marking PE wheels. The movable front wheels make for a tight turning circle, which keeps you nice and nimble even with two children. For uneven surfaces, you can lock the front wheels so that you can also explore woods and meadows. In two-wheel mode, which is possible with two seat units, you can pull the Donkey over snow, sand and pebbles behind you.


Compact and quickly stored away

Even if you have a small flat or a small boot, that's no problem for the Donkey 5 Duo. It can be folded in just a few easy steps, even if the carrycot or seat unit are still mounted on it. Alternatively, you can stow it upright. If a very small pack size is required, for example for a flight, you can remove the side basket, wheels, seat unit and carrycot.

What is the difference between the Donkey 5 and its predecessor?


Better air circulation

The net in the Donkey 5's carrycot is now even better. It is permeable to air, which means that there is always a very good exchange of air. As it is not opaque, babies can explore the environment and older siblings can make contact with you.


Seat unit and carrycot now even higher

Both the carrycot and seat unit are now even higher on the frame of the Donkey 5. This protects your back and gives the children a greater distance from the harmful exhaust fumes. The seat unit is now 57 cm high and the carrycot is now 51 cm above the ground.


Quick and intuitive stowage

The revised folding mechanism of the Donkey 5 now makes your everyday life with children even easier. Because the pram is now even easier and quicker to assemble and fold, you have more time for the other important things in everyday life.


Better attachment

The attachment points on the frame of the Donkey 5 are another new feature. They have been revised and now offer space for all kinds of accessories that you can get separately from us. These include things like the ride-on board or the cup holder.


Clever harness system

The new 5-point harness in the Bugaboo Donkey 5 is fascinating. It allows you to buckle and unbuckle your children with just one hand. This is possible thanks to the quick-click function, which now makes buckling up your children even more comfortable.


Beautifully designed

In addition to all the clever functions, the design is now even more beautiful. For example, the seams on the wind cover have been removed. The frame was previously silver and now comes in graphite. Overall, the design has become calmer. For example, the logo is now also embroidered and the wrist strap has been revised.

The Donkey 5 as part of the Bugaboo Mineral Collection

Bugaboo has a Mineral collection, which is characterised by high-quality fabrics and natural colours. The inside of the canopy here is light grey, which makes it stand out in colour and surrounds your child with a bright colour.


Bugaboo Donkey 5 Mono Mineral in Taupe

While the frame stands out with its black colour, black handles and matt black hubcaps, the covers of the seat unit and the carrycot as well as the sun canopy stand out in taupe.


Bugaboo Donkey 5 Mono Mineral in washed-out black

Here, too, the frame with the handles is black and the hubcaps are matt black. However, the seat unit, the carrycot and the sun canopy are in a washed-out black.

Technical data of the Donkey 5 Duo


  • built up

    • width: 74 cm x length: 80 cm x height: 111 cm / 118 cm

  • folded

    • with wheels and seat units: W x L x H: 74 x 90 x 52 cm

    • compact, without wheels and seat units: W x L x H: 60 x 65 x 35 cm

  • Wheels

    • front wheels: 10 inch

    • rear wheels: 12 inch

  • Height of seat unit from floor: 57 cm

  • Height of carrycot from floor: 51 cm

  • Height of push bar: 86 - 106 cm

Load capacity

  • per seat: 22 kg

  • Lower basket: 10 kg / 30 litres

  • Side pannier: 10 kg


  • Weight: 12.5 kg

    • (with frame, wheels and seat)

  • Weight: 14.7 kg

    • (with frame, wheels, seat, lower basket, side basket, carrying handle and sun canopy)


  • Covers (inside and outside): 100% polyester

  • Handles of push handles: PU leather

Useful life

  • from birth to approx. 4 years


  • The covers are washable at 30°C. The handles can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Further care instructions can be found on the labels.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 frame with wheels

  • 2 frames for the covers of the seat units and carrycot

  • 2 covers for the seat units, upholstered

  • 1 cover for the carrycot, with wind cover

  • 1 sun canopy

  • Canopy braces for the sun canopy

  • 1 lower basket

  • 1 side luggage bag

  • 2 rain covers

Accessories for the Donkey 5 Duo


Adapter for your baby car seat

If you want to use your baby car seat on the Donkey 5, you can use these adapters for it.


Changing bag

The inside and outside pockets in this changing bag make it easy to keep everything tidy.


Mosquito net

When the insects get annoying, you can simply install the air-permeable mosquito net.


Cup holder

The cup holder allows you to always have a fresh drink to hand.



With the smartphone holder, you can always have your smartphone at hand.


Ride-on board

If you want to transport three children or if one child does not want to walk or sit, the ride-on board is suitable.



The footmuff protects your child from wind and weather and keeps them nice and warm even in cold temperatures.


High Performance Rain Cover

When it rains and storms, you can rely on the reliable protection of the rain cover.

The Baby Garage is a Bugaboo Service Point


We are proud to be a Bugaboo Service Centre. This means that we can repair your Bugaboo pushchair professionally and in Bugaboo quality. We offer this even if your pram's warranty has already expired. In addition, we can help you with questions about the warranty. You are given a two-year warranty by the manufacturer when you buy a Bugaboo pram from us. If you register your Donkey 5 with Bugaboo within three months of purchase, Bugaboo will give you an additional two years warranty. All you need is the proof of purchase, the serial number and your personal details.

We will be happy to advise you by phone, email or in person in our shop in Schwentinental near Kiel. Because our service goes beyond the purchase. We also offer a wide range of spare parts for the Donkey 5 so that it can accompany you for as long as possible, even if something does break or you simply want to make it fit for the next child. Let us know if you can't find a spare part in our range. We will take care of it and contact the manufacturer. If you need a repair, we will be happy to take care of that too. If the repair takes longer, you can get a loaner pram from us.

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